Who is human? • Abortion is from the Jews

adapted from the Bible Deuteronomy 18:9-12; Jeremias 32:26-35; Jeremias 7:31; Psalms 105 (106) :35-39; 4 Kings (2 Kings) 16:3; 2 Paralipomenon (2 Chronicles) 28:3; 4 Kings (2 Kings) 17:16-17; 4 Kings (2 Kings) 21:6; 2 Paralipomenon (2 Chronicles) 33:6; Isaias 57:5; Ezechiel 16:20-21; Ezechiel 20:26





CANAAN—In a somber press release outside the burning gates of torment and suffering, the fire god Moloch warned of looming supply chain issues regarding child sacrifices.


Moloch added that human sacrifices, purifications, ordeals by fire, mutilations, etc., would cease until the supply chain shortages were sorted out through democratically violent means.


"My demon logistics department is reporting a supply chain shortage of children to sacrifice upon burning idols and in fiery pits," said the god of brazen gratification and hedonism. "The scarcity of innocent young lives to be brutally murdered at my feet is mostly due to the US Supreme Court's upcoming reversal of Roe v. Wade, led by white supremacist Clarence Thomas."


An uncomfortably large percentage of the US population cried out in fear and terror at the prospects of not being able to sacrifice children of a loving Heavenly Father for their own, selfish desires. Eyes rolled back in their sockets and blood-curdling screams pierced the air in the name of egomaniacal convenience.


"What about my career as a corporate drone who loves binge-drinking on the weekends!" cried one woman at the steps of the Supreme Court building while holding a protest sign reading "My Body, My Choice, My Vanity, My Career, My Parties, My Barren, Loveless Life."


At publishing time, Moloch was considering the allowance of back alley child sacrifices using common household objects and horse medication.



“Hashem [God] for abortion”



Reform & Conservative Jews Back Liberalization of Abortion Law JTA 2-27-67





Jewish Abortion Ritual

by Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael, Ritual Well



Florida synagogue challenges new state abortion limits with religious freedom lawsuit

by Caleb Guedes-Reed, Jewish Telegraph Agency, June 14, 2022



The Satanic Temple: Satanic Abortions are Protected by Religious Liberty Law






Israel loosens abortion restrictions following Roe overturn



theology, pilpul legalisms


Judaism excuses abortion through the pilpul that the baby is a rodef (Hebrew: רודף‎, plural רודפים, rodfim) a pursuer, an aggressor, whose life the mother may take. (among many, see “Jewish Law Favors Stem Cell Research,” Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, July 30, 2004) Judaism teaches that the baby is not “nefesh,” a person, until it is born, specifically not until the baby’s head emerges—a pilpul allowing the rabbis to nullify the commandment against murder even allowing the brains to be sucked from a full-term infant while the head is still in the birth canal.


 “Before the baby is born, it is not considered a living soul, and it is therefore not subject to the halakhot (law) of murder.”

Koren Talmud Bavli: Sanhedrin Part Two (Jerusalem, 2017), p. 155.




“Rashi, the venerated twelfth century Judaic interpreter of the Bible and Talmud, says of the fetus, ‘lav nefesh hu’ - ‘it is not a person.’ Rabbi Meir Abulafia decreed, ‘So long as the fetus is inside the womb, it is not a nefesh and the Torah has no pity on it.’ The noted Judaic legal scholar Rabbi Isaac Schorr stated: ‘The sense of the Talmud is that a fetus is not a person’ (Responsa Koah Schorr, no. 20 [responsa are authoritative in Judaism and supersede the plain text of the Bible.]). The Talmud contains the expression ‘ubar yerech imo’ -the fetus is the thigh of its mother, i.e., the fetus is deemed to be part of the pregnant woman’s body. The Greek philosopher Aristotle regarded the unborn child in its first seven days as a ‘secretion’ (ekrysis). In rabbinic law the status of ‘secretion’ lasts for the first forty days of gestation. In Judaism the woman is not regarded as pregnant until the baby in her womb is more than forty days old.


“Contrary to these traditions of Judaism, God did not say in the bible that He recognized the unborn baby only after forty days. He said He recognized it as a being before the child had even formed in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5) As usual, the rabbis go God one better and establish a term of forty days before recognition can be conferred, and that rabbinic recognition is only of the pregnancy itself, not of the humanity of the child.


“The matter does not rest at the forty day limit, however. In the familiar pattern of rabbinic modification, supplementation, and emendation, enough of these are generated to allow abortion at any time during the pregnancy for almost any reason, however fanciful or arbitrary. For example, if it is decided that an aborted baby does not look like a baby after it has been aborted, then it is not considered to have been an aborted child. [Tosefta Niddah 4:5-6]


“Since the 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, the standard American abortion procedure is considerably Talmudic in nature, since the Talmud specifically states that if the unborn baby is adduced to be a rodef the rabbis authorize that it can be chopped up at any time: ‘They chop up the child in her womb.’ [Mishnah Ohalot 7:6]” -

Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit, ISBN 13: 9780970378453, pp. 878-879.






Reverend Isaac Klein, a Conservative Rabbi wrote in a responsa [a formal and dispositive rabbinical opinion equivalent to “Torah”] that the unborn child is a “pursuer” [rodef] and since the child is “regarded as one pursuing her and trying to kill her” it may be aborted. [Abortion by Lawrence Lader (Bobbs-Merrill

1966) p. 98.] Rabbi Elizer Deutsch in the Nineteenth Century approved the taking of a drug to induce miscarriage if a woman spit blood early in a pregnancy, and if the woman took the drug herself, it was a matter of self-preservation. [Id.] Rabbi Solomon B. Freehof wrote that “if it is within the first forty days of the pregnancy, there is no possible objection to an abortion; but even if it is older, the danger to the mother’s life and health determines if an abortion may be performed.” [Id.] Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ben Zion Uziel “`decided that since the fetus is not an independent nefesh but is only a part of the mother, there is no sin in destroying it for her sake’.” [Id.]4 And, quoting again to Rabbi Freehof, Lader wrote that “In the case of German measles, `since there is strong preponderance of medical opinion that the child will be born imperfect physically, and even mentally, then for the mother’s sake (i.e., her mental anguish now and in the future), she may sacrifice this part of herself.’” [Id.] Rabbi Armond F. Cohen wrote that “`To the psychiatrically orientated [sic] Jewish authority of our time...a definitely established suicidal tendency relating to pregnancy would warrant a therapeutic abortion.’” [Id.] …

Abortion, Organs, and “Dialogue” by David Wemhoff

Culture Wars, October 2009 Vol. 28 #10, pp. 12-31. available here




Since non-Jews are non-humans, it is unsurprising that baby-killing Jews would support abortion for the goyim, but what of the Jewish master race?


Shortly after calling goyim spiritual foreskin (47a), their “holy” book, the Zohar, indicates that childless Jews inherit hell. Yet another Jewish double-standard.







politics and money


A properly ordered society follows God’s Law, not the pilpul of the rabbis in their never-ending efforts to “defeat” God.


“Let every soul be subject to higher powers: for there is no power but from God: and those that are, are ordained of God.” Romans 13:1


“…every body politic must have a ruling authority, and this authority, no less than society itself, has its source in nature, and has, consequently, God for its Author. Hence, it follows that all public power must proceed from  God. For God Alone is the true and supreme Lord of the world. Everything, without exception, must be subject to Him, and must serve Him so that whosoever holds the right to govern holds it from one sole and single source, namely, God, the sovereign Ruler of all.”

Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei (“On the Christian Constitution of

States”), 1885, §3, https://www.papalencyclicals.net/leo13/l13sta.htm


See also: A Catechism of the Social Reign of Christ the King

by Thomas A. Droleskey




But here is what actually happened.


The Pro-Life Reservation


How Mr. Smith Got to Go to Washington

by David Wemhoff

Culture Wars, September Vol. 28 #9, pp. 14-33. available here


Abortion, Organs, and “Dialogue”

by David Wemhoff

Culture Wars, October 2009 Vol. 28 #10, pp. 12-31. available here


The Jewish Roots and the Catholic Failure on Abortion

by Robert Sungenis


archived here



September 10, 1998, Over 700 rabbis support abortion, specifically “partial birth abortion,” as American as apple pie:

The debate surrounding reproductive choice speaks to one of the basic foundations upon which our country was established — the freedom of religion. It speaks to the right of individuals to be respected as moral decision makers, making choices based on their religious beliefs and traditions as well their consciences. ...

Abortion is a deeply personal issue. Women are capable of making moral decisions, often in consultation with their clergy, families and physicians, on whether or not to have an abortion. We believe that religious matters are best left to religious communities, not politicians.

http://rac.org/articles/index.cfm?id=933&pge_prg_id=4368 “disappeared”


April 29, 2016, Another Jewish monster specializes in murdering goyische children, especially Catholic children, using off-shore abortion ships and internet-ordered pills.

Abortion in Europe: Dr. Rebecca Gomperts Takes Entrepreneurial Approach by Cassandra Vinograd



March 11, 2020, Jacob Frey, the Jewish mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota declared March 10 to be “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day” in recognition of a local abortion facility that he called “an essential part of our community”: https://christiannews.net/2020/03/11/cities-of-minneapolis-and-saint-paul-minnesota-proclaim-abortion-provider-appreciation-day/



Why is abortion the ‘Law of the land’ in America?






Michael A. Hoffman II writes in, America is under Talmudic law, not Sharia law:


“Pursuers come in all shapes and sizes. They can even be Judaic children. Americans have often expressed dismay and amazement at how, in 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court did not only legalize abortion at 12 or 16 weeks gestation. The Court, in conformity with the Talmud, legalized abortion on demand at any time during the pregnancy, including a few minutes before the baby is born. This abominable crime is permissible in those lands where the Talmud exerts dominion.


“The relevant halacha is found in the uncensored text of the Talmud Bavli (‘Bavli’ denotes Babylon), in Sanhedrin 72b, where a mother believes her unborn baby is endangering her life by ‘pursuing’ her. According to the Talmud, this unborn infant rodef [pursuer] can be eliminated at any time during the pregnancy, except when the mother is actually giving birth and the head of the child becomes visible.


“‘Before the baby is born, it is not considered a living soul, and it is therefore not subject to the halakhot (law) of murder.’ — Koren Talmud Bavli: Sanhedrin Part Two (Jerusalem, 2017), p. 155.


“Right wing campaigners against the alleged imminent imposition of Sharia law announce that they are defending the ‘Constitution against Islam.’ We have never seen a case where Islamic law profoundly influenced members of the Supreme Court. We have, however, observed repeated Talmudic influence over how the court interprets the Constitution in the modern era. Roe v. Wade is one example. Another is the ‘discovery’ of a Constitutional right to legalize the marriage of sodomites. It goes without saying that the Founders envisioned no such right, just as the Bible made no allowance for a usurping Talmud.


“In the religion that is directed by the Talmud, there is no legislature. All laws are made by judicial decision. It just so happens that this is how much of the supreme law of the land is made in America. Another name for ‘activist judge’ is Talmudic judge.


“Our nation is under Talmudic law, not Sharia, though immense troops of Protestant and Catholic ignoramuses display their cluelessness as they crusade with intense fervor against a non-existent menace, while oblivious to the cancer eating at the bowels of our nation.


“One wants to be charitable. One hesitates to overtax rhetoric and apply the word idiocy to the victims of what is a constantly mutating virus of deception that has hoodwinked them and 99% of the conservative movement. In lieu of such rhetoric, an observation of C. Wright Mills comes to mind, ‘We are at a curious juncture in the history of human insanity.’”


source: On the Contrary, America is under Talmudic law, not Sharia law




source: Sefaria, Shooting Down a Hijacked Plane: Killing a few to save the lives of many


For additional information see, Life and Potential Life: Abortion in Jewish Tradition.


Large majority of Jews favor abortion—for non-Jews

by Kevin MacDonald, November 17, 2013








source: Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics, Volume 1, *



*Keep in mind that the editor of the Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics, Rabbi Avraham Steinberg, M.D., was appointed personally by Francis to the Pontifical Academy Of Life on 13 June 2017. This appointment of a Talmudist and Francis’ near silence on abortion tells one all they need to know about the direction the Novus Ordo is heading.


…and when the baby killing is banned, who complains that their beliefs are not respected?


Damn hypocrites!






…and this Jew thinks Jews don’t get enough credit for abortion


The Unsung Jewish Woman Who Helped Found Planned Parenthood

by Yona Zeldis McDonough, Lilith, AUgust 29, 2017






…about Jews molesting children: http://judaism.is/pedophilia-and-sodomy.html




…and from apostate “Catholics”


dishonorable mention

Pelosi Invokes Catholic Faith to Defend Illegals, But Not to Protect Unborn, Nuns

by Craig Bannister, February 7, 2018




Wednesday, during her House filibuster in support of protecting people illegally in the U.S., particular minors (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or “DACA”), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) invoked her Catholic faith:


“Maybe I should bring my rosary blessed by the pope... his holiness, Pope Francis, or the one before that, Benedict," she added. "I have the honor and privilege of receiving rosaries blessed by several popes in my lifetime.”


She goes on to quote Pope Benedict and Saint Augustine on just government and the dangers of power. But, Pelosi has a long history of rejecting Catholic Church doctrine when it comes to issues like abortion and protection of the unborn.


Pelosi has been repeatedly rebuked by bishops, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Catholic groups like the Catholic League for her pro-abortion stance. She has returned fire, calling bishops “lobbyists” – because they opposed an Obamacare mandate that violates Catholic teaching – and she has taken on nuns (The Little Sisters of the Poor) who sued to protect their religious freedom:



Pelosi isn't the only professed Catholic member of Congress to be publicly rebuked by Catholic clergy for supporting abortion. After 14 senators claiming to be Catholic voted against a bill to ban late-term abortion, Father Dwight Longnecker called on bishops across the nation to publicly inform those senators that they have excommunicated themselves.