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First a reminder—the Jews started the war in 1933


The Jewish Hand in the

World Wars Parts 1 & 2

By Thomas Dalton, PhD




The Jewish Hand in

World War Three

By Thomas Dalton, PhD






Jewish crimes against humanity during

and after World War 2



crimes against humanity during the Jewish “good war”


Dresden Was a Civilian Town With No Military Significance. Why Did We Burn its People?

by Dominic Selwood, The Telegraph (Britain)



... From 13 to 15 February 1945, British (and some American) heavy bombers dropped 2,400 tons of high explosives and 1,500 tons of incendiary bombs onto the ancient cathedral city of Dresden. In just a few hours, around 25,000 to 35,000 civilians were blown up or incinerated ... Churchill wrote that he wanted "absolutely devastating, exterminating attacks by very heavy bombers from this country upon the Nazi homeland". In another letter he called it "terror bombing". His aim was to demoralise the Germans to catalyse regime change  ... Records show that the first intentional "area bombing" of civilians in the Second World War took place at Monchengladbach on 11 May 1940 at Churchill's orders ...


aftermath of Dresden fire bombing


a tiny fraction of the 25,000-30,000 victims of the Allies fire bombing of Dresden




Vivid Color Film of 1943 Firebombing of Hamburg air raid shelter victims of Operation Gomorrah

Feuerwehr Hamburg - Video


Remarkable color film, with graphic images -- made by firefighter Hans Brunswig -- of the devastating summer 1943 bombing of Hamburg. In this ferocious aerial attack, some 3,000 British and American aircraft dropped 9,000 tons of bombs, killing 42,600 civilians and wounding 37,000. Many were burned to death or killed by poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Only about half the dead bodies could be identified. This “firestorm” bombing -- the first ever-- incinerated eight square miles of the city with flames of up to 800 degrees Celsius fanned by winds of 150 mph.  More than 250,000 homes and houses were destroyed, as well as 24 hospitals, 277 schools and 58 churches. Runtime: 6:06 mins.


Fire devastation of Hamburg in 1943 by British Air Force

“Operation Gomorrah”

disappeared from https://youtu.be/WKWyK9rtRtA


fireman and another victim of Operation Gomorrah


“Lira Walter was here. Mother lives. Father dead.”



“Operation Gomorrah” • the Bombing of Hamburg July 24-31, 1943





Fr. Hewko, “Operation Gomorrah • A Living Hell”





Hellstorm: The Untold Story of the Genocide of Germany









Secret WWII Document Reveals Hushed-Up Allied Use of Phosphorus Bombs Against Germans



Issued by the “Supreme Headquarters” of Allied forces in Europe, this secret World War II “guidance” letter instructs US and other Allied military officials to make “every effort” to suppress information about Allied use of “white phosphorus bombs as anti-personnel weapons.” Such use is contrary to the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, the document notes, and is therefore a war crime. Other aspects of Allied policy that must be kept secret are cited. The paper was issued in the aftermath of the infamous British-American fire-bombing of Dresden, which even British leader Winston Churchill in a secret memo called an act of “terror and wanton destruction.”




multiple offers of surrender by Japan starting in 1943


Whitewashing Hiroshima: The Uncritical Glorification of American Militarism

by Gary G. Kohls, MD, August 6, 2004



The historians did have a gun to their heads, of course, but in the mêlée, the media and therefore the public ignored a vital historical point. And that is this: The war would have ended soon without the atomic bombs, and thus there wouldn't have been a bloody American invasion of Japan. American intelligence, with the full knowledge of President Truman, was fully aware of Japan's desperate search for ways to honorably surrender weeks before the order was given for the Holocaust that was Hiroshima.


American intelligence data, revealed in the 1980s, shows that a large-scale US invasion (planned for no sooner than November 1, 1945) would have been unnecessary. Japan was working on peace negotiations with the Allies through its Moscow ambassador in July of 1945. Truman knew of these developments, the US having broken the Japanese code years earlier, and all of Japan's military and diplomatic messages were being intercepted. On July 13, 1945, Foreign Minister Togo said: "Unconditional surrender (giving up all sovereignty) is the only obstacle to peace." Truman knew this, and the war could have ended by simply conceding a post-war figurehead position for the emperor ­ a leader regarded as a deity in Japan. That concession was refused by the US, the Japanese continued negotiating for peace, and the bombs were dropped. And after the war, the emperor remained in place. So what were the real reasons for 1) the refusal to accept Japan's offer of surrender and 2) the decision to proceed with the bombings?


Shortly after WWII, military analyst Hanson Baldwin wrote: "The Japanese, in a military sense, were in a hopeless strategic situation by the time the Potsdam demand for unconditional surrender was made on July 26, 1945." Admiral William Leahy, top military aide to President Truman, said in his war memoirs, I Was There: "It is my opinion that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional weapons. My own feeling is that in being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages." And General Dwight Eisenhower agreed.


Truman proceeded with the plans to use the bombs, but he never officially ordered the Nagasaki bomb that followed Hiroshima only three days later. There are a number of factors that helped Truman make his decision.


1 The US had made a huge investment in time, mind and money ($2,000,000,000 in 1940 dollars) to produce the bombs, and there was no inclination ­ and no guts ­ to stop the momentum.


2 The US military ­ as did its citizens ­ had a bloodthirsty appetite for revenge because of Pearl Harbor. Mercy wasn't the mind-set of these professed Christians, and the missions were accomplished ­ with glee.


3 The Nagasaki bomb was a plutonium bomb and Hiroshima's was uranium. Scientific curiosity certainly was a major factor for the mass slaughter of the Nagasaki community. The decision to use both bombs had obviously been made well in advance. The three day interval was unconscionably inadequate ­ Japan being in shambles in its communications and transportation capabilities ­ and besides, no one, not even the Japanese high command, fully understood what had happened at Hiroshima.


4 The Russians had proclaimed their intent to enter the war with Japan 90 days after V- Day, which would have been Aug. 8, two days after Hiroshima. Indeed, Russia did declare war on August 8 and was marching across Manchuria when Nagasaki was incinerated. The US didn't want Japan surrendering to anybody else, especially a future enemy, so the first nuclear "messages" of the infantile Cold War were sent. Russia indeed received less of the spoils of war, and the two superpowers were mired in mutual moral bankruptcy and economic near-bankruptcy for the rest of the century.


An estimated 80,000 innocent civilians ­ plus 20,000 young essentially weaponless Japanese conscripts ­ died instantly in the Hiroshima bombing. Hundreds of thousands suffered agonizing burns, leukemia and infections for the rest of their shortened lives, and generations of the survivor's progeny inherited horrible radiation-induced illnesses, cancers and premature death. What has been covered up is the fact that 12 American Navy pilots, their existence well known to the US command, were incinerated in the Hiroshima jail on Aug. 6.


The 75,000 Nagasaki victims were virtually all innocent civilians, except for the inhabitants of an allied POW camp near Nagasaki's ground zero. They were incinerated, carbonized, then evaporated, by a scientific experiment carried out by obedient, unaware soldiers. The War Dept. knew of the existence of the POWs but, when informed, simply replied: "Targets previously assigned for Centerboard (atomic bomb mission code name) remain unchanged."


So the end of the war in the Pacific was just one more myth in a long list of myths Americans have been fed by our military and civilian leaders, war being glorified in the process. A short list of some of the others includes the censored-out military invasions of (and usually CIA-orchestrated atrocities in) Korea, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Granada, Panama, Iraq, the Philippines, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, Colombia, etc, etc. But somehow we still hang on to our shaky "my country right or wrong" patriotism, desperately wanting to believe that our nation only works for peace, justice and democracy and not mainly for capitalism. While it is true that the US military has faced down a few despots, with natural heroism and sacrifice from the dead and now dying American soldiers, more often than not our methods of rationalizing the atrocities of war are identical to those of the "godless communists" or "evil empire" on the other side of the battle line. August 6 and 9, 1945 are just two more examples of the brutalization of innocent civilians in "total war," whether it is called "regretful collateral damage" or "friendly fire."


The time has come for Americans to stand up for real justice and peace (rather than the unaffordable "armed truces" we have all over the world) by acknowledging the whole truth of history and owning up to the numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated by American militarism in the last half-century. And then we need to start accepting the consequences of our leadership's actions, like the courageous and honorable people we claim to be. Doing what is right for the whole of humanity for a change, rather than just what is advantageous for us over-privileged Americans, would be real honor, real patriotism and an essential start toward real peace.


Japan Tried To Surrender After Midway Defeat

by J Bruce Campbell, August 2, 2006


Responding to Kohl’s article above:



Dear Gary,


Your essay reveals that the Japanese were attempting to surrender before the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were dropped on unsuspecting civilians.  However ... it was much worse than that.


The US Strategic Bombing Survey reveals that the Japanese began peace feelers shortly after their defeat at Midway in April, '42.  The Japanese figured they had 16 months from Pearl Harbor to beat the US, without one setback.  Midway was the setback that guaranteed their eventual surrender.


George Marshall, Roosevelt's army chief of staff, would not hear of any peace attempts.  As we now can see, the whole purpose of Pearl Harbor, from the Roosevelt POV, was to get us into a war with Germany.  A secondary purpose was to install Mao Tse-tung in China, which demanded the annihilation of the Japanese and the selling out of Chiang Kai-shek.  We can see now the idea behind the Communization of China - the transfer of US jobs to Chinese slavers.


Peace feelers continued through '42, '43 and '44, when the blood was really flowing in the Pacific.  They tried through the Soviets, the British and the Siamese.  Marshall would not consider anything but Unconditional Surrender, knowing the Japanese would not give up Hirohito to the hangman, which didn't happen anyway.  But this was always threatened, deliberately driving the Japanese to desperate acts to protect their god-leader.  All well understood by the psychiatrists in FDR's gang.  Even after Okinawa, Marshall said the desperate attempts at surrender were "premature."  Going through the list of terrible battles in the Pacific while the Japanese were frantically attempting to end the war is mind-numbing.


Marshall was taking his orders from Harry Hopkins, who has been revealed as Stalin's most important agent in the US.  Stalin never declared war on the Japanese and wanted the fighting to continue so that he could occupy Manchuria when he was ready, and when the Japanese were no longer able to resist.  He didn't declare war on Japan until the Hiroshima bomb was dropped.  Marshall still wouldn't accept surrender until the second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.  The anticipated effects of atom bombing were too interesting to forego.


Meanwhile, Hopkins had arranged for the transfer of the atom bomb plans and an entire bomb-manufacturing industry from Oak Ridge to Moscow via the airlift command at Great Falls, Montana (see Major George Racey Jordan's Diaries).


There has to be greater understanding of the reasons behind the military partnership between the US and the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1945, when the New World Order was established.  Soviet Communism was saved and then spread around the world, and this was the main purpose of FDR, which was why he desperately needed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor, because Hitler would not fall for his provocations in the Atlantic, as the Japanese did in the Pacific.  But few Americans understand how revolting and outrageous were FDR's provocations against the Japanese, which reached a crescendo in his attempts to get them to attack.  He and his psychiatrists knew that this was the only way Americans could be tricked into supporting another world war in twenty years.


This is exactly what the Zionists behind Bush did when they came up with their "Project for a New American Century," in which they wrote that the American people would not support their aggression against Islam without a second Pearl Harbor.  It is clear that they engineered the WTC attack, just as their uncles engineered the Hawaiian attack.  Only the modern guys actually did the WTC because they couldn't take any chances on their stooges blowing it, as they did in '93.


George Marshall forced Mao Tse-tung on the Chinese in 1949.  He gave Ho Chi Minh the northern half of Indochina in1945. Millions of Chinese and Vietnamese and thousands of Americans perished as a result.  But this was exactly what our government wanted, just as the carnage in the Middle East is exactly what is wanted now.


How low will we go?


J. B. Campbell



fire bombing of civilian targets preceded the nuclear attacks


The Astonishing Casualty Count Of The Firebombing Of Tokyo • 80,000-200,000 dead



“It’s important to remember that death estimates range from 80,000 to 200,000 dead Japanese citizens, and most of them were innocent bystanders in the war effort. The raid resulted in 243 dead US aircrew.”


Aftermath of the US fire bombing of Tokyo

The Operation Meetinghouse firebombing of Tokyo on the night of 9–10 March 1945, was the single deadliest air raid in history; with a greater area of fire damage and loss of life than either of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima or Nagasaki.


then the nukes…



Atomic bomb mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right)


Hiroshima aftermath


bomb sight views of Hiroshima before (right) and after (left) the nuclear attack


Nagasaki cathedral • Ground Zero


views of Nagasaki before (above) and after (below) the nuclear attack


Note: the Ground Zero target was the Nagasaki Cathedral



Urakami Tenshudo (Catholic Church in Nagasaki) destroyed by the bomb,

the dome/bell of the church, at right, having toppled off


The Immaculate Conception Cathedral (無原罪の聖母司教座聖堂) also St. Mary's Cathedral, often known as Urakami Cathedral (Japanese: 浦上天主堂, romanized: Urakami Tenshudō) after its location Urakami, is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in Motoomachi, Nagasaki, Japan.In 1865, the French priest Bernard Petitjean discovered that almost all the Urakami villagers were Christian. Between 1869 and 1873, over 3,600 villagers were banished.[by whom?] During their exile, 650 died. The persecuted Kakure Kirishitan (Hidden Christians) came back to their home village after 7 years exile in 1873, and decided to construct their own church.


Construction of the original Urakami Cathedral, a brick Neo-Romanesque building, began in 1895, after a long-standing ban on Christianity was lifted. They purchased the land of the village chief where the humiliating interrogations had taken place for two centuries. The annual "fumi-e" interrogations required those present to tread upon an icon of the Virgin Mary or Jesus. They thought the place was appropriate considering their memory of the long persecution. Construction of the building was started by Father Francine and was completed under the direction of Father Regani. The frontal twin spires stood 64 meters high were constructed in 1875. When completed in 1925 (Taishō 14), until its destruction in 1945, it was the largest Christian structure in the Asia-Pacific region.[4]


The atomic bomb that fell on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 detonated in Urakami only 500 m (1640 ft) from the cathedral, completely destroying it. As the Feast of the Assumption of Mary (August 15) was near, Mass was held on the day and was well attended. The resultant collapse and heat-wave cindered and buried all those present in the Cathedral.[5] The destruction of the cathedral hit the religious community of Nagasaki the hardest, as they viewed it as a loss of spirituality. It had such an impact, that noted playwright Tanaka Chikao wrote his most successful play, Head of Mary, about the efforts of Christians in Nagasaki to reconstitute their faith by rebuilding the Virgin Mary.[citation needed]


The plans to replace the cathedral led to a prolonged debate between the city government and the congregation. The city government had suggested preserving the destroyed cathedral as a heritage site, and offered an alternate site for a new church. However, Christians in Nagasaki strongly wanted to rebuild their cathedral on the original site, as a symbol of their persecution and suffering. In January of 1958 the Catholic community announced their intent to build a new, larger cathedral of reinforced concrete on the original site and following the plan of the original cathedral. After further debate the city government accepted this proposal and the new cathedral was finished by October 1959.[6] In 1980 the cathedral was remodeled using brick tiles to more closely resemble the original French style.[7]


Statues and artifacts damaged in the bombing, including a French Angelus bell, are now displayed on the grounds. The nearby Peace Park contains remnants of the original cathedral's walls. What remained of the cathedral is now on display in the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.




Partially incinerated child in Nagasaki. Photo from Japanese photographer Yōsuke Yamahata, one day after the blast and building fires had subsided. Once the American forces had Japan under their military control, they imposed censorship on all such images including those from the conventional bombing of Tokyo; this prevented the distribution of Yamahata's photographs. These restrictions were lifted in 1952.



crimes against humanity after the Jewish “good war”


A book that fell victim to Jewish book-burning:


The Bad War: The Truth NEVER taught about World War 2

by M.S. King

download here
















Morgenthau Plan • Eisenhower’s Death Camps

“A Forgotten Genocide”

9-15 Million Germans Killed 1945 – 1953 after WW2









By order of the American commander, General Dwight Eisenhower, German civilians were forbidden on pain of being shot to take food to the prisoners.


Maj. Merrit P Drucker, USA, retired has apologized to the German army for the deaths of German prisoners in US army camps after World War II. Following extensive private investigations in the US and Germany, Drucker has sent an e-mail to Lt. Col. Max Klaar (Bundeswehr retired) head of the Verband Deutscher Soldaten (German Veterans’ Association) regretting the lethal conditions in the US camps where according to Col. Ernest F. Fisher of the US army (retired) some 750,000 Germans died because they were denied available food and shelter.

U.S. Major Apologizes for Mistreatment & Murder of A Million German Soldiers AFTER the End of WW II • Press Release by the Germany-United States-Canada Reconciliation Committee







Eisenhower’s Death Camps

atrocities ordered by “the terrible Swedish Jew” Eisenhower at the behest of Morgenthau



Peace for Germany (synopsis of the book "Other Losses")

another chronicle of atrocities ordered by “the terrible Swedish Jew” Eisenhower



Peace for Germany: 'Other Losses' - Mod DB



Does the Nuremberg Code apply to Jews today?


Not yet. See the list of unpunished atrocities perpetrated by Jews against children, pregnant women, and unarmed men, women, and children. Some of those crimes against humanity have been perpetrated for the profitable trade in human organs and some of those crimes are ritual murders.





crimes against humanity in the Holy Land