perpetrators • a Catholic action plan

  • educate the world about the fundamentally genocidal Master Race tenets of Judaism and the history inspired by that Jewish supremacism
  • apprehend all perpetrators and accomplices of crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity—accomplices, enablers, agitators, enforcers, mouthpieces, talking heads, puppets, middle management, political prostitutes, change agents, and other shabbos goyim
  • prosecute the perpetrators and accomplices in fair and open trials
  • punish the guilty
  • repatriate all ill-gotten gains, especially what has been stolen by usury, bribery, and other fraud by dynastic looters
  • leave the innocent alone!


“For it is the day of the

vengeance of the Lord,

the year of recompenses

of the judgment of Sion.”

Isaias 34:8





Archbishop Vigano Appeals for a Worldwide

Anti-Globalist Alliance







Isaias 34:8










Does anyone wonder why B’nai B’rith scrubbed this from their website and from Google's archive?




















A reminder to Catholics


A just war requires:


(1) just authority,

(2) a just cause, and

(3) a rightful intention.


As a last resort only the necessary amount of force may be used until the just cause is accomplished—no disproportionate force, “scorched earth,” perpetual war, or atrocities against non-combatants.


Summa Theologiae: War (Secunda Secundae Partis, Question 40)


Saint Thomas Aquinas, O.P.

1225-1274 A.D.