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The Pope was Jewish says Historian

A Manchester historian claims that he has proof that the late Pope John Paul II was Jewish.

Yaakov Wise says his study into the the maternal ancestry of Karol Josez Wojtyla (John Paul II's real name) has revealed startling conclusions. Mr Wise, a researcher in orthodox Jewish history and philosophy, said the late Pope's mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all probably Jewish and came from a small town not far from Krakow.…“I’m not making any firm conclusions, but what I'm saying is that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence to say that he was Jewish.…”



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John Paul II & the Mark of Shiva







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What You Need To Know About the Man who Claimed to be the Pope from 1963-1978



Paul VI Beatified?

by Fr. Luigi Villa , Chiesa Viva, download here


Beatification of Paul VI? • Letter to Cardinals

by Fr. Luigi Villa



See: The New Montinian Church, by Fr. Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga, translated and published by Edgar A. Lucidi. MD, La Habra CA; 1st edition (August 15, 1985), ISBN-13: 978-0692298251. https://archive.org/stream/TheNewMontinianChurchSaenzYArriagaRev.Joaquin4129.o/The%20New%20Montinian%20Church%20-%20Saenz%20y%20Arriaga%2C%20Rev.%20Joaquin%2C_4129.o#mode/2up


See also “Fr. Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga on L'abbé Roca's (also known as “Canon Roca” and Paul Roca) writings” https://callmejorgebergoglio.blogspot.com/2015/01/fr-joaquin-saenz-y-arriaga-on-labbe.html


Accusations against Paul VI


It is especially painful to report that the moral integrity of one of the Sovereign Pontiffs was marred by serious reports of homosexuality. For Catholics who love and defend the Papacy, the revelation that homosexuality could have penetrated the highest cupola of the Church is particularly sorrowful. Nonetheless, given the credibility of the source and the importance of facing the truth in this grave matter, it seemed a requisite of honesty to offer the following data to the reader to allow him to form his own judgment.


In April 1976, an important statement regarding Paul VI was made. In an interview with the Italian magazine Tempo, French author Roger Peyrefitte, a professed homosexual, commented on a homily (January 1976) in which Paul VI had spoken against homosexuality. The French writer alleged that the Pontiff’s words were hypocritical and made this revelation:


“The second sin from which I feel I have been freed, after this grotesque papal speech is my homosexuality …. In my last book, Hunting Scenes, and in another, About the French People, I stated with all the respect due a Pope (especially when he is still alive) that he is homosexual. It is amazing that the papal speech [against homosexuality] was published at the same time as my book. Was Paul VI moved by a guilt complex? But why should he feel guilty? It is known that a boyfriend of Paul VI was a certain movie star, whose name I will not give, although I remember him very well. He was an unknown actor when our friend Paul was Cardinal Montini, Archbishop of Milan." (1)


These grave accusations (which some might consider open to discussion, given the scandalous character of Peyrefitte) were confirmed by another author, a serious professor and journalist who had worked at the Vatican in the papal quarters.


There are serious accusations of homosexuality against Paul VI


Serious accusations against Paul VI - 30 Giorni, July/August 2001

The details he reported corroborate Peyrefitte’s affirmations and seem quite worthy of credit. His name is Franco Bellegrandi, camariero di spada e cappa (honor chamberlain) of His Holiness from the end of Pius XII’s pontificate into Paul VI’s reign. He was a member of the Vatican Noble Guard, the most distinguished corps of the papal military service. The Noble Guard – done away with by Paul VI – was an elite military honor corps made up of members of the Roman nobility that would assist the Pontiff at ceremonies and solemn acts, as well as at day-to-day diplomatic functions with Heads of States or important foreign representatives.


With reliable credentials – professor of Modern History at Innsbruck University (Austria), a correspondent for L’Osservatore Romano, author of two other books on the Vatican, and decorated with the Golden Cross of Merit of the Austrian Republic – he utilized sources and was sure of his facts. In 1994, when his book Nichitaroncalli – Controvita di un Papa (Nikita Krushev and Roncalli – Unknown Aspects of a Pope) was launched in Rome, among those present was Cardinal Silvio Oddi, who came to lend his prestige to the work and to indirectly endorse its contents.


In this book Bellegrandi described the situation in the papal quarters:

“In Rome and throughout Italy the rumor is out that Paul VI is a homosexual …. When he was Archbishop of Milan, he was caught by the police one night wearing civilian clothes and in not so laudable company. Actually, for many years he has been said to have a special friendship with a red-haired actor. This man did not make any secret of his relationship with the future Pope. The relationship continued and became closer in the years ahead. [After Montini was elected Pope] an official of the Vatican security forces told me that this favorite of Montini was allowed to come and go freely in the pontifical apartments, and that he had often been seen taking the papal elevator at night.


“The ‘banana peel’ that Paul VI stepped on and that put an end to the confident nature of his weakness was the homily on sexual ethics he delivered in January 1976, dealing with some points on homosexuality. This homily provoked a reaction from the writer Roger Peyrefitte. On April 13, 1976, the weekly Tempo published an interview with this author (with a reputation for very good documentation), ... who accused the Pope of being a homosexual and denied his right to be a censor on the topic. Paul VI officially acknowledged the blow.


“A ‘day of reparation for the offense received by the Pope’ was called for. All of Italy, however, was laughing about the incident. British TV broadcast made an interview with Peyrefitte, who confirmed his accusations and expressed surprise over the publicity he was receiving.


“The first blackmail against Montini was made as soon as he mounted the steps of the throne of Peter by Freemasonry, which pressured him to do away with the Church’s condemnation of those who ask to be cremated after death (which he did). What it threatened was to reveal the secret meetings between the Archbishop of Milan and ‘his’ actor in a hotel in Sion, in the Valais Canton in Switzerland. In Paris, sometime later, the story behind this change made by Paul VI surfaced, with the indisputable evidence patiently amassed by a gendarme (policeman).” (2)

Some pages later, Bellegrandi described what he had personally witnessed:

“Another change observed by those in that narrow circle who, because of their position in the Hierarchy or their posts, used to pass a large amount of time inside the Apostolic Palace, was the sudden appointment of homosexuals to positions of prestige and responsibility close to the Papacy. This plague infested, transformed, and devastated the Vatican during the time of Paul VI. It had already begun then [in the pontificate of John XXIII], well hidden in the baroque curtain folds of the Pontifical Court, but, unfortunately, alive and real. But it was the distant hand of the Archbishop of Milan, himself a victim of such weaknesses, that discretely placed one after another on the State chessboard …. the pieces of his game dear to his heart.


“Those highly situated new personages, who were contaminated by the same ‘sickness,’ naturally brought with them other less highly placed people of the same ilk. Therefore, slowly but continuously, rumors and indiscretions began to flow in the Vatican, and grave facts began to occur as a matter-of-course.


“Because of their functions, these people were often seen by us [the Noble Guard]. … They also had their favorites, who were the effeminate young men wearing elegant uniforms and make-up on their faces to dissimulate their beards. We (the camarieri di spada e cappa and noble guards) carefully kept our distance from their smiles and courtesies. We limited ourselves to greeting them at distance with the military salute of the heels.


“‘Favorites’ of the Archbishop of Milan also began to appear at the level of functionary, and both small and large scandals at times would erupt. The Gendarmeria Pontificia [the Vatican police] had to steer carefully .… along those floating mines and keep one eye closed – and sometimes both eyes – to keep reports from leaking and to discourage some sharp journalists …. Honorable old employees who relied on the Governatorato [the administration of the Vatican State] were suddenly fired or removed to other posts, and these newcomers were installed in their empty chairs, all them carrying in their pockets letters of recommendation from Cardinal Montini.” (3

Guimarães ends his chapter by presenting the testimony of Spanish author Pepe Rodrigues, who openly states what would seem to be common knowledge in the inner circles of the European Hierarchy and elites, that there were not only many homosexual Bishops but also a “great homosexual Pope.” (4).


The former claim, at least, can be affirmed without hesitation in face of the continuing crisis of homosexuality the Church is experiencing because of the involvement or complicity of her Prelates with these crimes. The second claim, if true, would explain in part the immense complacency from the highest cupola regarding homosexuality among ecclesiastics.


1. Roger Peyrefitte, “Mea culpa? Ma fatemi il santo piacere,” Tempo, April 4, 1976.

2. Franco Bellegrandi, Nichitaroncalli – Controvita di un Papa (Rome: Ed. Internazionale di Letteratura e Scienze, 1994), pp. 85-86.

3. Ibid., pp. 91-2.

4. Pepe Rodrigues, “Espana no es diferente,” El Mundo, March 19, 1995, p. 3.


Paul VI's Homosexuality: Rumor or Reality?

by Marian Horvat


excerpted from Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia

by Atila S. Guimarães, pp. 157-162. https://www.traditioninaction.org/tiabkHomo.htm


Was Paul VI Homosexual? • Testimony of Prof. Bellegrandi



Paul VI and the Church’s Paradigm Shift on Homosexuality

by Randy Engel




the Freemasonic Communist anti-Pope


What You Need To Know About the Man who Claimed to be the Pope from 1958-1963



Some highlights of his modernist associations and statements:

  • Was influenced by the excommunicated modernist Loisy and by modernist writer Duschene. (The Destruction of the Christian Tradition, updated and revised, 2006, Rama P. Coomaraswamy  p. 134)

  • Was involved in the youth organization “Opera Dei Congress” that was dissolved by Pope St. Pius X for modernism. (The Destruction of the Christian Tradition, updated and revised, 2006, Rama P. Coomaraswamy  p. 134)

  • Was associated with notorious modernists such as Bishop Radini Tedeschi, Bishop Carlo Ferrara of Milan, Bishop Bonomello of Cremona, and Lamberdo Beauduin. (The Destruction of the Christian Tradition, updated and revised, 2006, Rama P. Coomaraswamy  p. 134 cited Giancarlo Zizola’s, The Utopia of Pope John XXIII (Orbis: N.Y., 1978)

  • His closest seminary friends including roommate (later Bishop of Bergamo) who assisted at his ordination were excommunicated for modernism. (The Destruction of the Christian Tradition, updated and revised, 2006, Rama P. Coomaraswamy  p. 134 cited E. Poulat (Integrisme et Catholicisme integral)

  • Was a Professor of Patristics at the Lateran University, and removed several months “on suspicion of modernism” and for teaching the theories of Rudolf Steiner, an illuminati member and originator of “The Science of the Spirit known as Anthroposophy.” A file dated to 1925, the Holy Office had maintained a dossier on Angelo Roncalli which read “suspected of Modernism.”

  • Roncalli continued a close association with the defrocked priest, Ernesto Buonaiuti, who was excommunicated for heresy in 1926. (Lawrence Elliott, I Will Be Called John, 1973, pp. 9092)

  • When Roncalli was Nuncio to France, he was appointed Observer for the Holy See to the United Nations cultural agency, UNESCO. In July 1951, he gave a speech “lavishly praising UNESCO…” Roncalli called UNESCO “this great international organization…” (Alden Hatch, A Man Named John, p. 117 118)

  • During his Nunciature in Paris, “Cardinal Roncalli attended in civilian clothes the Great Lodge where he found again the Jesuit Riquet. His adviser was Maurice Bredet, author of ‘Mystic and Magic,’ who boasted that he had prophesied the Tiara to Cardinal Roncalli.” (The Hidden, But Victorious Way Of The Freemasonry, Rev. Fr. Henri Mouraux)

  • “When necessary he simply contradicted previous Popes. He rejected in toto Gregory XVI’s Mirari Vos and Singulari Nos, and the Quanta Cura of Pius IX, to which was attached, as appendix, The Syllabus of Errors. John was ruthless in dismissing the views of his predecessors.” When asked about following in the footsteps of so great a man as Pius XII, John XXIII responded, “I try to imagine what my predecessor would have done, and then I do just the opposite.”(‘Pope John XXIII’ Catholic Writer Paul Johnson)

  • Again Johnson, “If we take Mater et Magistraand Pacem in Terris together, they effectively demolish most of the internationalist, social, economic, and political teachings of the Popes for the previous hundred years with the one exception of Leo XIII’s Rerum Novarum.”

  • Was greatly influenced by super modernist heretic Teilhard de Chardin.

  • Greatly admired super modernist Maritain. (Giancarlo Zizola’s, The Utopia of Pope John XXIII, Orbis: N.Y., 1978)

  • Calls on a Council and invites everybody, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox and Communists. He thought up the event 2 days from his election..

  • Revolutionized the mass in 1962 and eliminated many traditional prayers such as the St. Michael Prayer of Pope Leo from the low masses.

  • He refused to read the 3rd Secret of Fatima and called the Fatima seers “Prophets of Doom.” (Malachi Martin)

  • Removed the Patron Saint of St. John Vianney off the Calendar, St. Philomena. (Pope Gregory XVI had given her the titles of: “Great Wonder Worker of the 19th century” and “Patroness of the Living Rosary, and then canonized her in 1837.) He, also, removed other great saints.

    Some highlights involving associations with enemies of the Church:

  • When elevated to the College of Cardinals, Roncalli insisted upon receiving the red hat from the notoriously anticlerical Vincent Auriol, President of the Masonic “Fourth Republic” of France, kneeling before him to have the red hat placed upon his head.  John XXIII said of Vincent Auriol that he was “an honest socialist.” (Alden Hatch, A Man Named John, p. 121)

  • John XXIII was also known as a “good friend and confidant” of Edouard Herriot, Secretary of the Anticatholic Radical Socialists (of France). “Perhaps Roncalli’s greatest friend was the grand old socialist and anticlerical, Edouard Herriot.” (Rev. Francis Murphy, John XXIII Comes To The Vatican, 1959, p. 139. Alden Hatch, A Man Named John, p. 114)

  • One of John XXIII’s good friends was the Communist and Lenin Peace Prize winner Giacomo Manzu. (Curtis Bill Pepper, An Artist and the Pope, London, England: Grosset & Dunlap, Inc. Front cover & inside slip cover of book; also look at p. 5)

  • John XXIII said: “I see no reason why a Christian could not vote for a Marxist if he finds the latter to be more fit to follow such a political line and historical destiny.” (Fr. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriaga, The New Montinian Church, Brea, Ca., p. 570)

  • At social functions in Paris Roncalli was frequently seen fraternizing with the Soviet Ambassador, M. Bogomolov, even though the Soviet Union had resumed its prewar policy of brutal extermination of Catholics in Russia. Also a good friend of Edouard Herriot, Secretary of the anticatholic Radical Socialists (of France) (John XXIII Comes To The Vatican, by Rev. Francis X. Murphy, C.SS.R., 1959, p. 139)

    Some highlights involving Freemasonry:

  • Cardinal Angelo Roncalli was a documented Freemason seated next to Edouard Herriot, Secretary of the Radical Socialists whom Roncalli hosted, along with other officials of the Masonic “Fourth Republic” of France, in 1953

  • Was Papal Nuncio in Paris and would visit the Grand Lodge of that city in civilian clothes every Thursday evening as testified by several members of the French police appointed to guard him. (This information can be substantiated by Commandant Rouchette, the retired French police at B.P. 151, 18105 Cognac Cedex. France. Also noted in Mary Ball Martinez, The Undermining of the Catholic Church, Hillmac, Mexico, 1999, p. 117)

  • Yves Marsaudon, 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason: “The sense of universalism that is rampant in Rome these days is very close to our purpose for existence… with all our hearts we support the revolution of John XXIII.” (Yves Marsaudon in his book Ecumenism Viewed by a Traditional Freemason, Paris: Ed. Vitiano; quoted by Dr. Rama Coomaraswamy, The Destruction of the Christian Tradition, p. 144.)

  • Yves Marsaudon, the aforementioned French Freemason and author, also claims that Roncalli [John XXIII] became a thirty-third degree Mason while a nuncio at France.

  • The Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy of Italian Fɾҽҽmasonry told 30 Days Magazine: “As for that, it seems that John XXIII was initiated (into a Masonic Lodge) in Paris and participated in the work of the Istanbul Workshops.” (Giovanni Cubeddu, 30 Days, Issue No. 21994 p. 25)

  • From 30 Days magazine, Nov. 2, 1994 edition entitled “A John XXIII Update”: “Our readers will remember that in our June 1994 newsletter (Nuclear Horizons) we published a sensational statement by the Grand Master of the Italian Grand Orient Order of Freemasons to the effect that ‘Pope’ John XXIII had been initiated into the Freemasons when he was Nuncio in Paris in the late forties. We pointed out, that if this statement were true, Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII) could not possibly have been validly elected to the Supreme Pontificate. He would have been intrinsically ineligible by reason of his automatic excommunication under Canon Law (No. 2335). Not being a Catholic, it was not possible for him to be head of the Catholic Church.”

  • When Angelo Roncalli was the nuncio to France, he appointed a thirty-third degree Freemason and close friend, the Baron Yves Marsaudon, as head of the French branch of the Knights of Malta, a Catholic lay order, causing a major scandal for the Pius XII papacy. (Paul I. Murphy and R. Rene Arlington, La Popessa, 1983, pp. 332333)

  • “If there are still some remnants of thought, reminiscent of the Inquisition, they will be drowned in a rising flood of ecumenism and liberalism. One of the most tangible consequences will be the lowering of spiritual barriers that divide the world. With all our hearts we wish for the success of John XXIII’s Revolution.” (L’oecumenisme vu par un Franc Macon de Tradition, Yves Marsaudon, 1964, Paris, p. 26)

  • The dedication and preface for Marsaudon’s book was written by Charles Riandley, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of France (Scottish Rite). Riandley wrote: “To the memory of Angelo Roncalli,… Pope under the Name of John XXIII, Who Has Deigned to Give Us His Benediction, His Understanding and His Protection,… [and] To His August Continuer, His Holiness Pope Paul VI.” Riandley confidently predicted how the policies of Roncalli and Montini would advance the Masonic agenda: “We are convinced of the narrowness of the spiritual, cultural, scientific, social and economic structures which up to our own time, have hindered the actions and the thoughts of man… But these structures have already been shattered in part. Some pontifical decisions have contributed to this. We feel sure that they will be all destroyed eventually… True, not everything is to be rejected; but what cannot be saved will not be saved unless it is renovated.” (L’oecumenisme vu par un Franc Macon de Tradition, Yves Marsaudon, 1964, Paris, pp. 15, 16)

  • John XXIII wrote a Masonic type of encyclical Pacem et Terris and was praised by General Secretary of the British Communist Party, John Gollan, before television cameras on April 21, 1963, said the “encyclical (Pacem in Terris) [of John XXIII] had surprised and gladdened” him and, therefore, he had externalized his “most sincere satisfaction at the recent 28th Party Congress.” (Fr. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriaga, The New Montinian Church, Brea, CA., p. 170)

  • John XXIII, Pacem in terris #14, April 11, 1963: “Also among man’s rights is that of being able to worship God in accordance with the right dictates of his own conscience, and to profess his religion both in private and in public.”
    When the theologian of the Holy Office, Fr. Ciappi, told John XXIII that his encyclical Pacem in Terris contradicted the teaching of Popes Gregory XVI and Pius IX on religious liberty, John XXIII responded: “I won’t be offended by a few spots if most of it shines.” (Catholic Restoration, March-April 1992, Madison Heights, MI, p. 29)

  • The Masonic Bulletin, the official organ of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Masons, for the Masonic District of the United States of Mexico, located at 56 Lucerna St., Mexico, D.F. (Year 18, No. 220, May 1963):
    “Generally speaking, the encyclical Pacem in Terris, addressed to all men of goodwill, has inspired comfort and hope. Both in democratic and Communist countries it has been universally praised. Only the Catholic dictatorships have frowned upon it and distorted its spirit. “To us many concepts and doctrines it contains are familiar. We have heard them from illustrious rationalist, liberal, and socialist brothers. After having carefully weighed the meaning of each word, we might say that, the proverbial and typical Vatican literary rubbish notwithstanding, the encyclical Pacem in Terris is a vigorous statement of Masonic doctrine… we do not hesitate to recommend its thoughtful reading.” (Fr. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriaga, The New Montinian Church, pp. 147148)

  •  “The direction of our action: Continuation of the Work of John XXIII and all those who have followed him on the way to Templar Universalism.” (Resurgence du Temple, published and edited by the Knights Templar (Freemasons), 1975   A.D.O. Datus, “Ab Initio,” p. 60)

  • From the June 4, 1963, edition of The Reporter (El Informador):
    “The Great Western Mexican Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, on the occasion of the death of John XXIII, makes known its sorrow for the disappearance of this great man who revolutionized the ideas, thoughts, and forms of the Roman Catholic liturgy. His encyclicals Mater et Magistra and Pacem in Terris have revolutionized the concepts favoring human rights and liberty. Mankind has lost a great man, and we Masons acknowledge his high principles, his humanitarianism, and his being a great liberal. Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico, June 3, 1963 Dr. Jose Guadalupe Zuno Hernandez” (Fr. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriaga, The New Montinian Church, p. 147)

  • Charles Riandey, a sovereign Grand Master of secret societies, in his preface to a book by Yves Marsaudon (State Minister of the Supreme Council of French secret societies), stated: “To the memory of Angelo Roncalli, priest, Archbishop of Messamaris, Apostolic Nuncio in Paris, Cardinal of the Roman Church, Patriarch of Venice, Pope under the name of John XXIII, who has deigned to give us his benediction, his understanding, and his protection.” (Piers Compton, The Broken Cross, Cranbrook, Western Australia: Veritas Pub. Co. Ptd Ltd, 1984, p. 50)

  •  “I know Cardinal Roncalli very well. He was a Deist and a Rationalist whose strength did not lie in the ability to believe in miracles and to venerate the sacred.” (Journal de Geneve, by Freemason Carl Jacob Burckhardt, A.D.O Datus, “AB INITIO,” p. 60)

  • John XXIII made a notorious Freemason, Umberto Ortolani, a “Gentleman of His Holiness.”

  • Cardinal Heenan, who was present at the 1958 conclave which gave us John XXIII, once mentioned: “There was no great mystery about Pope John’s election. He was chosen because he was a very old man. His chief duty was to make Msgr. Montini (later Paul VI), the Archbishop of Milan, a cardinal so that he could be elected in the next conclave. That was the policy and it was carried out precisely.” (Cardinal Heenan’s biography, Crown of Thorns)

  • After 1958 conclave, he summoned the conclavists back for an unusual overnight post-election. session: “John XXIII asked the cardinals to remain in the conclave another night instead of leaving immediately as was customary…to caution them again against revealing the secrets of his election. to outsiders…” (Alden Hatch, A Man Named John, Hawthorn Books, 1963, p. 163)

  • “After greeting and blessing the cheering throng in St. Peter’s Square . . . John XXIII ordered the Cardinals not to disperse. He wished to meet with them in secret. This was a burden on several of the Cardinals who were in their nineties and in failing health, but in deference to the new Pope they all stayed. It must have been a very sensitive meeting, for when Secretary of State Tardini tried to enter, mistakenly believing the conclave was over, he was promptly excommunicated by France’s Cardinal Tisserant.” (Mark Fellows, Fatima in Twilight, p. 154)




Not that anything the Synagogue if Satan and their accomplices in Freemasonry say can be taken at face value, but here is an Italian Freemasonic site on Roncalli:


Matteo Zuppi appena creato Cardinale cita significativamente San Giovanni XXIII (il Fratello Angelo Roncalli) a proposito di paternità e fraternità spirituale



Nel rinnovare le congratulazioni al nuovo Cardinale Presbitero di Sant’Egidio già esternate in




ci dichiariamo particolarmente compiaciuti che il non-massone Matteo Zuppi, freschissimo di nomina cardinalizia, abbia voluto menzionare significativamente un Santo della Chiesa come Papa Giovanni XXIII (al secolo il Fratello massone Angelo Roncalli) per suggellare la sua nuova missione pastorale, per ringraziare la vicinanza affettuosa dei bolognesi alla sua opera e alla sua persona e per sottolineare il significato spiritualmente inclusivo della recente Festa patronale bolognese di San Petronio.

Come riportato in




Matteo Zuppi ha detto:


“Direi che uno dei momenti più emozionanti di venerdì, oltre alla Basilica di San Petronio piena e alla vicinanza delle persone, è stata la benedizione della gente che era in piazza Maggiore. La fraternità e la paternità insieme, come indicava San Giovanni XXIII, sono l’espressione di una comunità che prega per un suo fratello e questa è sia una cosa molto bella sia una cosa molto importante».


Ebbene, in queste parole riecheggia proprio l’importantissimo Discorso alla Luna dell’11 ottobre 1962 con cui Papa Giovanni XXIII aveva inaugurato il Concilio Vaticano II.

Un Discorso adeguatamente interpretato nei suoi significati spirituali essoterici ed esoterici, religiosi ed iniziatici, cattolici e massonici, nel capitolo IV del libro “Massoni. Società a responsabilità illimitata. La scoperta delle Ur-Lodges”, Chiarelettere, alle pagine 160-162.


Tutto di buon auspicio, ci sembra, affinché la Chiesa Apostolica Romana si incammini- anche sotto la guida di Principi del Cattolicesimo come Matteo Zuppi- verso un Concilio Vaticano III che dia adeguate risposte alle aspettative spirituali dei cristiani del Terzo Millennio.


NOTA BENE: I circuiti massonici sovranazionali progressisti cui Grande Oriente Democratico e il Rito Europeo Universale fanno capo non praticano il proselitismo (attività legittima per organizzazioni religiose e/o politiche, ma improprie per Fratellanze di natura liberomuratoria). Tuttavia, chi si ritenesse pronto e appropriato per un percorso di perfezionamento esistenziale (materiale e spirituale) di natura iniziatica e volesse rafforzare le fila dei circuiti latomistici progressisti, potrà presentare la propria candidatura scrivendo a: info@grandeoriente-democratico.com.




I FRATELLI DI GRANDE ORIENTE DEMOCRATICO. (www.grandeoriente-democratico.com)


[ Articolo del 6 ottobre 2019 ]


machine translation:


Matteo Zuppi, newly created Cardinal, significantly quotes St. John XXIII (Brother Angelo Roncalli) about paternity and spiritual fraternity


In renewing the congratulations to the new Cardinal Presbyter of Sant’Egidio already expressed in




we declare ourselves particularly pleased that the non-Freemason Matteo Zuppi, very fresh from the cardinalate nomination, wanted to significantly mention a Saint of the Church such as Pope John XXIII (in the century the Mason Brother Angelo Roncalli) to seal his new pastoral mission, to thank the closeness affectionate of the Bolognese to his work and to his person and to underline the spiritually inclusive meaning of the recent Bolognese patronal feast of San Petronio.

As reported in




Matteo Zuppi said:


“I would say that one of the most exciting moments on Friday, in addition to the full Basilica of San Petronio and the proximity of the people, was the blessing of the people who were in Piazza Maggiore. Fraternity and paternity together, as Saint John XXIII indicated, are the expression of a community that prays for one of his brothers and this is both a very beautiful thing and a very important thing ".


Well, in these words echoes the very important Speech to the Moon of 11 October 1962 with which Pope John XXIII inaugurated the Second Vatican Council.

A Discourse adequately interpreted in its exoteric and esoteric, religious and initiatory, Catholic and Masonic spiritual meanings, in chapter IV of the book “Freemasons. Unlimited liability company. The discovery of the Ur-Lodges ”, Chiarelettere, pages 160-162.


All of a good omen, it seems to us, for the Roman Apostolic Church to set out - even under the guidance of Princes of Catholicism such as Matteo Zuppi - towards a Third Vatican Council that will give adequate responses to the spiritual expectations of Christians in the Third Millennium.


PLEASE NOTE: The progressive supranational Masonic circuits to which the Great Democratic East and the Universal European Rite refer do not practice proselytism (legitimate activity for religious and / or political organizations, but improper for brotherhoods of a liberal masonry nature). However, those who consider themselves ready and appropriate for a path of existential (material and spiritual) improvement of an initiatory nature and would like to strengthen the ranks of progressive latomistic circuits, can submit their candidacy by writing to: info@grandeoriente-democratico.com.




THE BROTHERS OF THE DEMOCRATIC GREAT EAST. (www.grandeoriente-democratico.com)


[Article of 6 October 2019]




the Novus Ordo “Mass”


The Novus Ordo’s Offertory was lifted from the same “Torah” that blasphemes the Holy Family:




Opus Judei has its own page

Escriv(b)a, Marrano, Kabbalist, homosexual, servant of the synagogue


Heartbreaking—gaslighting, fratricide, Judaizing, enabling.

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Michael Voris’ Church Militant promotes the 620 noahide laws



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‘Holocaust’ Huckster Brings His Travelin’ Show to Kiev



Fraud in Commemoration of Fraud




Michael Voris • Noahide pimp,  HoloHoaxer, Opus JuDei tool, and former homosexual


Michael Voris’ Church Militant promotes the 620 noahide laws



The Nazis and Hell



“All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain”




Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex





Community of Sant’ Egidio


The Story of Sant’ Egidio. The Great Bluff

“…they are like the legendary group Opus Dei: impenetrable. Not even the Vatican knows much about what they do among themselves. Not even the Pope knows them, although he is friendly toward them. If he knew that the members of Sant’ Egidio have practically abolished the sacrament of Penance, practicing general confession instead in their group meetings, he would rebuke them severely. If he knew about their abuses in matters of matrimony and procreation, he would leap up into the cathedra. If he knew that during their Masses the homily is always given by their founder and head, Andrea Riccardi, who is not a priest and is therefore not permitted to preach the homily (an absolute prohibition just recently restated in a Vatican instruction), he would immediately recall them to obedience. [Editor: an utter fantasy on the part of the author to imagine that the man “subsisting in” the Chair of Peter in 1998, the date of the article, would discipline any heretic]… The members of Sant´Egidio were the ones who organized the interreligious meeting in Assisi in 1986,* with the Pope praying side by side with the Dalai Lama, Orthodox metropolitans, Buddhist monks, Jewish rabbis, Muslim muftis, and gurus and shamans of every creed. Since then, Sant´Egidio has recreated the model of Assisi each year: the last time in Padua and Venice; on other occasions in Rome, Florence, Milan, Bari, Warsaw, Brussels, Malta, and Jerusalem. …the monastic phase came to an end quickly. During the summer of 1978, at a group retreat in the hermitage of Macereto in the Marches, everyone began to open up and admit to having a rather too animated sex life among themselves. …”



partnering with Chabad! …at Auschwitz!




*Such inter-religious worship is forbidden to Catholics. See: Mortalium animos by Pope Pius XI, January 6, 1928






Antonin Scalia


the late talmudic “Conservative Catholic” Supreme Court Justice,

March 11, 1936 – February 13, 2016


“Conservative Catholic” Justice Antonin Scalia to be Keynote Speaker at Meeting Sponsored by Extremist, Ultra-Racist, Talmudic Group



“Conservative Catholic” Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Studies Talmud with Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

“The Jewish Week reported that Scalia is fascinated with Talmudic law and is involved in the launch of a Talmudic law institute in Washington D.C. with Nathan Lewin, Alan Dershowitz and Noson Gurary, a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi.”



Jewish Law Comes to D.C.

James D. Besser, The Jewish Week, 12/6/2002



Justice Challenges Privacy Rights at Talmudic Conference

by Yosef Lewis, Chabad.org News 1/30/09



Justice Scalia: A man of “true faith and allegiance”

by Louie Verrecchio, February 15, 2016



and then there is his son, the Novus Ordo presider: Scalia ‘Traditionalism’



Scalia’s submission to the Chabad Lubavitchers

was an outrage against Catholicism.



“Hebrew Catholics” • the new Marranos and their accomplices have their own page


Cardinal Burke’s tranny “nun,” Judaizing, and sex abuse scandals


tranny “nun”


““Julie Green is living a lie!’ writes Mary Therese Helmueller in an October 25, 2002, letter to Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, Papal Nuncio to the United States. ‘[She] is a transsexual, a biological male. He is really Joel Green, who had a sex operation to make him physically appear as a woman.... I fear that The Church in America will suffer another ‘sex scandal’ if Julie Green continues to be recognized as a Catholic Religious Sister, and if Bishop Raymond L. Burke receives his final vows, as a religious sister, on November 23rd, 2002.’


“Montalvo forwarded the letter to Burke, who on November 20, 2002, replied to Helmueller. ‘With regard to Sister Julie Green, F.S.J., the recognition of the association of the faithful which she and Sister Anne LeBlanc founded was granted only after consultation with the Holy See,’ he writes. ‘These are matters which are confidential and do not admit of any further comment.... I can assure you that Sister Julie Green in no way espouses a sex change operation as right or good. In fact, she holds it to be seriously disordered. Therefore, I caution you very much about the rash judgments which you made in your letter to the Apostolic Nuncio.’

Adds Burke: ‘I express my surprise that, when you had questions about Sister Julie Green, you did not, in accord with the teaching of our Lord, address the matter to me directly.’


“Green and the Franciscan Servants weren’t the only controversial religious order with which Burke allied himself. In the late 1990s, the bishop combined the parishes of St. Mary and St. James in Wausau, Wisconsin. The two parishes formed the Resurrection Parish at what was formerly St. James’ Parish.


“St. Mary's was sold. Burke then asked the conservative Latin-rite religious order, Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, to perform the Tridentine Mass at what was formerly St. Mary's. In February 2002, the order's superior, Monsignor Timothy Svea, pleaded guilty to exposing himself to and molesting teenage boys.”


Bishop Takes Queen

Raymond Burke is highly traditional. That's why he received the final vows of a transgendered nun.

By Malcolm Gay, Riverfront Times, August 25, 2004


See also: Good news Bruce Jenner, Cardinal Burke would accept you as a nun!


Catholic World News News Feature

Sex- Change Operations Ruled Invalid by Vatican January 31, 2003





“Conservative” Cardinal Raymond Burke promotes talmudic agitprop

Raymond the Rabbi attends Seder Meal

Cardinal Raymond Burke & the Association of Hebrew Catholics




privileged”??? When and where has the Church ever taught that any race is “privileged”?

The entire true Church is the New Israel, so to which “Israelites” is
Burke according such unprecedented “privileged” status?

fidelity of the Association to the Magisterium”??? Where has the Magisterium ever presented the Talmud as salutary? Quite the contrary, the Popes have condemned the Talmud and damned the very same talmudic rites, such as seders, that the “Hebrew Catholics” promote.


Delusional and subversive!!!




“…the matter pertaining to the law of the Old Testament…sacred rites, sacrifices, and sacraments…cannot be observed without the loss of eternal salvation. …alien to the Christian faith and not in the least fit to participate in eternal salvation…go into the eternal fire…”

Cantate Domino, from the infallible ecumenical Council of Florence under His Holiness Pope Eugene IV defining the Solemn Doctrine: Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (“Outside the Church, there is no salvation.”), promulgated by papal bull, February 4, 1444 [Florentine calendar] in Denziger, Enchiridion Symbolorum, The Sources of Catholic Dogma, § 712-714


Got it?  Damned!




In the spirit of "Opus Dei," David Moss' sister, Rosalind Moss is opening a neocon "convent" with the support of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke:


EWTN TV and radio host announces formation of new religious community




SACRAMENTO, CA (CNS) - Rosalind Moss, an author who is an Eternal Word Television Network TV host and one of the network's radio hosts, announced Feb. 13 that she is starting a new community of sisters in the Archdiocese of St. Louis with the permission of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke.


The new group will be called the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope, she told an audience of more than 200 at the Catholic Breakfast Club of Sacramento.


Moss, 65, said she hopes to move to St. Louis within a few months, intends to fulfill as many of her scheduled speaking engagements in the coming year as possible, and plans to continue her radio program from St. Louis.


She is working now on designing a floor-length habit ...



excerpted from: https://web.archive.org/web/20220516051305/https://mauricepinay.blogspot.com/2008/02/opus-dei-hebrew-catholic-connection.html



sex scandals


Immaculate Deception

Some dirty little secrets followed Archbishop Raymond Burke from Wisconsin to St. Louis

by Malcolm Gay



Cardinal Burke's sex abuse analysis woefully inadequate

by Thomas C. Fox, National Catholic Reporter, Sep 3, 2012



modernist in trad drag


Traduttore, Traditore

by Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

“Card. Burke also envisages the merge into one single rite of the Novus Ordo such as approved by Paul VI and the Tridentine Mass, as allowed by Benedict XVI in the Summorum Pontificum. He said: ‘It seems to me that what he [the Pope] has in mind is that this mutual enrichment would seen to naturally produce a new form of the Roman rite - the reform of the reform, if we may - all of which I would welcome and look forward to its advent.’”




Cardinal Schonborn


[Cardinal] Schonborn and B'nai B'rith Ancestors, Together Cruelly Exploiting Common People for Centuries




“Catholic” apologists


“Catholic” Answers,

Jimmy Akin,

Scott Hahn,

Karl Keating,

Jim Staples,

and their ilk






Malachi Martin


The Malachi Martin Dossier



Fr. Malachi Martin’s writing was subsidized by the American Jewish Committee.[1] Fr. Martin served as intermediary (arguably, “double agent”) working hand-in-glove with the Judaizing Cardinal Agustin Bea, Jules Isaac, the American Jewish Committee, and rest of the Jewish pressure group attending and influencing “Vatican 2,”[2], [3], [4], [5]. Fr. Martin boasted of blackmailing his enemies to achieve his and Bea’s Judaizing goals.[6] Especially aware of Church history, Vatican archivists, including Fr. Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga,[7] became alarmed at how influential the Jews were becoming in a nominally Catholic “Council.”  In response, the Vatican Archivists reviewed and assembled 2 millennia of Vatican documents on Jewish subversion of the Church. The resultant book The Plot Against the Church (710 pages) was published in German, Spanish, and English under the group’s chosen pseudonym “Maurice Pinay.“[8] The Plot Against the Church was a history referencing thousands of Vatican documents. It is available online. [9] Heroic laity funded the publication and distribution of The Plot Against the Church to every V2 attendee. The assembled historical documents so awakened the Council to the subversion in play that the Jews’ wish list, though in an advanced state of acceptance, was stopped nearly dead in its tracks. I say “nearly,” because the Jews were able to coerce the smarmy and, as even the weakened post-Williamson SSPX described, “shameful diplomatic pirouette” called Nostra Aetate §4, a document of the arguably invalid V2[10] that addressed the Jews in nauseatingly sweet language, but changed nothing in Catholic doctrine, fact acknowledged even by the modernists themselves.[11] These events and players are of key importance in understanding how the rampant Judaizing (I offer in evidence the Chasid[12] “subsisting in”[13] the Chair of Peter) observed in the Novus Ordo[14] church today.


[1] preserved at https://archive.is/DIA1g  and https://web.archive.org/web/20220702103559/https://mauricepinay.blogspot.com/2007/06/malachi-martin-american-jewish.html

[2] https://web.archive.org/web/20220122143629/https://mauricepinay.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-file-on-malachi-martin.html

[3] Here is a self-serving article penned by Fr. Martin under one of his pen names, F. E. Cartus, writing in the house organ of the notoriously subversive U.S. Jesuits: https://www.commentarymagazine.com/articles/f-cartus/vatican-ii-the-jews/

[4] The Jesuit Operative Malachi “Maimonides” Martin Reconsidered https://www.revisionisthistory.org/occultcatholic.html

[5] “Vatican II and Malachi Martin” in  The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History  by Dr. E. Michael Jones,  Chapter 24, The Second Vatican Council Begins, pp. 883-902, 1140-1141, ISBN 9780929891071, available at https://www.fidelitypress.org/book-products/the-jewish-revolutionary-spirit

[6] Before Malachi Martin was laicized, he relished shaking down conservative cardinals at Vatican II https://callmejorgebergoglio.blogspot.com/2019/04/before-malachi-martin-was-laicized-he.html

[7] Also the author of The New Montinian Church, translated and published by Edgar A. Lucidi. MD, La Habra CA; 1st edition (August 15, 1985), ISBN-13: 978-0692298251. https://archive.org/stream/TheNewMontinianChurchSaenzYArriagaRev.Joaquin4129.o/The%20New%20Montinian%20Church%20-%20Saenz%20y%20Arriaga%2C%20Rev.%20Joaquin%2C_4129.o#mode/2up See also “Fr. Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga on L'abbé Roca's writings” https://callmejorgebergoglio.blogspot.com/2015/01/fr-joaquin-saenz-y-arriaga-on-labbe.html

[8] A Twitter account https://twitter.com/MauricePinay is packed with documentation on Judaism and related current events uses the name Maurice Pinay in hommage to those archivists. We cite them frequently as research leads.

[9] http://holywar.org/txt/pinay/; http://www.catholicvoice.co.uk/pinay/ ;


[10] A fatal canonical legal problem is that, at the time of “Vatican 2,” Canon Law automatically excommunicated Freemasons. That invalidated the election of the Freemason Roncalli as “Pope John XXIII.” Perhaps it is only a cohencidence that Roncalli chose a name exactly that of a prior anti-Pope John XXIII (1410–1415). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antipope_John_XXIII

An anti-Pope has no authority or jurisdiction, so cannot call a valid Council, thus nullifying everything derivative of “Vatican 2,” including the smarmy <i>Nostra Aetate</i> §4 document that Jews, Judaizers, and even malcatechized Catholics consistently misrepresent as a “change.”

[11] Among many:

It [“Vatican 2”]] avoided issuing solemn dogmatic definitions backed by the Church’s infallible teaching authority. The answer is known by those who remember the conciliar declaration of March 6, 1964, repeated on November 16, 1964. In view of the pastoral nature of the Council, it avoided proclaiming in an extraordinary manner any dogmas carrying the mark of infallibility.” Giovanni Montini “Paul VI,” Weekly General Audience, January 12, 1966

“Certainly there is a mentality of narrow views that isolates Vatican II… which give the impression that from Vatican II onward, everything has been changed, and what preceded it has no value or, at best, has value only in the light of Vatican II... The truth is that this particular Council defined no dogma at all,  and deliberately chose to remain on a modest level, as a merely pastoral council.” -Josef Cardinal Ratzinger, later “Benedict XVI,”  Address to Chilean Bishops, Santiago, Chile, July 13, 1988

[12] http://judaism.is/st.-francis-on-francis.html#talmudicantipope

[13] Turning the studied ambiguity of Lumen Gentium §8 back on the subversives: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subsistit_in

[14] http://judaism.is/new-order-of-pharisees.html




Malachi Martin’s Pedigree — “Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish”


“Dr. Martin was born... into a family that was ‘half Protestant, half Catholic, with a strain of Jewish, and always fighting.’ ”

Malachi Martin interviewed by John F. Baker (16 February 1976), The Author Speaks: Selected PW Interviews 1967-1976 by Publishers Weekly Editors and Contributors, p. 372



Cardinal Bea, the Jews, and Nostra Aetatae

by Dr. E. Michael Jones, Culture Wars, July/August 2006.

download here



The American Jewish Committee's Letter and Memorandum, “Anti-Jewish Elements in Catholic Liturgy” • Full letter and memorandum here.





Of course these are layered lies. Jews admit that Jesus is denigrated in the their “Oral Torah” (Talmud and Kabbala) and Christians are singled out for malevolence and even genocide. See Jesus in the Talmud and Who is human?


The claim of Jewish kindness to “strangers” hinges entirely upon submission to Jewish narratives and domination.


Judaism defines a hierarchy with Jews as the only “humans” (adam) and a variety of lesser status Gentiles as non-humans:

  • ger tzedek (Hebrew: גר צדק‎, “righteous alien” ), a full convert to Judaism who can never have the same status as someone born of a Jew
  • ger toshav (Hebrew: גר תושב‎, ger: “foreigner” or “alien” + toshav: “resident,” lit. “resident alien,” conquered people, a Noahide
  • nokri (Hebrew: נָכְרִי, “stranger”)
  • sakir (Hebrew: שָׂכִיר, “hireling”)
  • amalek (Hebrew: עֲמָלֵק‎) originally a biblical tribe destroyed completely by the Israelites, but in contemporary usage refers to anyone the Jews want to exterminate now.

The indignities suffered—including not just usury, theft, deceit, but even murder and total extermination of gentiles—condoned and/or unpunished by Judaism is white-washed and rationalized in many sources. See “context.”



Malachi Martin schnorring***



***“SCHNORRER — Judæo-German term of reproach for a Jewish beggar having some pretensions to respectability. In contrast to the ordinary house-to-house beggar, whose business is known and easily recognized, the schnorrer assumes a gentlemanly appearance, disguises his purpose, gives evasive reasons for asking assistance, and is not satisfied with small favors, being indeed quite indignant when such are offered. He usually travels from city to city and even into foreign countries; but he must not be confounded with the tramp, whose counterpart is not to be found in Jewish beggary...The author who considers that the world owes him a living for his "great work" for "enlightening mankind" and who presses the acceptance of his book on the unappreciative rich in consideration of whatever sums they may be willing to contribute, is characterized as a literary schnorrer.” (emphasis added)

entry “Schnorrer,” Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 11, (1905). p. 106





Maximilian Krah


The File on Maximilian Krah


Since this blog was pulled down, each embedded link must be searched individually on https://archive.ph/ or https://archive.org/


SSPX Bishop Fellay's Lawyer/Business Partner is Fundraiser for Racial Supremacist State


This bit of information comes from an investigative work anonymously posted in a few places on the internet (and immediately censored from at least one of them [archived copies of http://angelqueen.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=34918 also disappeared!]). I copy the entire work below with the following caveats: I don't see that the author has proven his charge that Mr. Krah is of Judaic ancestry, as likely as it seems. It would be quite "traditional," after all for such a champion of 15th-century aristocrat Catholicism; such a temporally ambitious man as Bp. Bernard Fellay to have a "Court 'Jew'." Regardless of what his actual ethnic identity may be, it's clear Maximilian Krah fulfills that role for Bp. Fellay. Mr. Krah's documented Zionist fundraising is highly problematic for anyone that claims to oppose racial supremacy.


Maximilian Krah and Menzingen: A Cause for Serious Concern?



The Timeline -


January 2009

A Corporate Attorney by the name of Maximilian Krah became publicly linked with the affairs of the Society of Saint Pius X.


January 20, 2009

Fr. Franz Schmidberger, Superior of SSPX in Germany, issued a press release in which it was stated: “We have not seen the interview given by Bishop Williamson to Swedish television. As soon as we see it we will submit it to scrutiny and obtain the advice of attorneys.”


But, in fact, the attorney to whom Menzingen would turn had already been put into place.


It was none other than Maximilian Krah of the Dresden Corporate Law company, Fetsch Rechtsanwälte: the partners being Cornelius J. Fetsch, Maximilian Krah and Daniel Adler.


Link: Fetsch Rechtsanwälte



January 19, 2009

One day before Fr. Schmidberger’s press release, Maximilian Krah was appointed as delegate to the Board, and manager, of the company Dello Sarto AG. The Chairman of the company is Bishop Bernard Fellay and the Board Members are First Assistant, Fr. Niklaus Pfluger, and the SSPX Bursar General, Fr. Emeric Baudot.


The purpose of the company is stated as being (Google translation):

“Advice on asset management issues and the care and management of assets of domestic and foreign individuals, corporations, foundations and other bodies, in particular of natural or legal persons which the Catholic moral, religious and moral teaching in its traditional sense of obligation and see, and the execution of projects for the mentioned persons, as well as advising on the implementation of these projects; whole purpose of description according to statutes.”


In other words, Dello Sarto AG appears to be an investment company that speculates, one has to assume, with SSPX funds in financial and other markets in the search for profits for various SSPX projects. But is it possible to get involved in today’s financial markets without being exposed to the risk and/or practice of usury?


The company was commercially registered on January 13, 2009 and issued 100 shares at 1,000 Swiss francs, giving it an initial capital of 100,000 Swiss francs.


As far as the checkbook is concerned, Maximilian Krah and Bishop Fellay alone are enabled individually to issue a payment of funds, while Frs. Pfluger and Baudot are required to obtain a co-signature to do so. Krah is not a cleric, but exercises greater financial powers than the First Assistant or Bursar. Curious.


Link: Dello Sarto AG

http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl...D813%26prmd%3Db  [the archived version is a dead link]


Maximilian Krah is a Board Member of other associations that control SSPX funds.


In the September 2010 edition of a publication issued by EMBA-Global we read that the “EMBA-Global programme is designed for experienced managers, professionals and executives who seek to develop the skills, knowledge and networks to operate as successful Global leaders, anywhere in the world,” and that it “brings together an elite international network of business professionals.”


Link: EMBA-Global

http://www.emba-global.com/EMBA-Global_Cla...tember_2010.pdf  [the archived version is a dead link]


Maximilian Krah is pictured on page 6 of the September 2010 publication along with the following, accompanying text:

“Maximilian Krah. German. Lawyer. Jaidhofer Privatstiftung, Vienna, Austria. Lawyer with substantial international experience. Currently a Board Member of an Austrian foundation. Responsible for wealth and asset management of the settlement capital, and for the project development of non-profit projects all over the world, which are sponsored by using the achieved funds.”


The full name of the company mentioned above is Jaidhofer Privatstiftung St. Josef and Marcellus. Jaidof is the seat of the SSPX District headquarters in Austria.


The fact that the SSPX appears to be involved in international financial markets will worry many of their faithful who would, rightly, believe that such activity is both risky on the material plane, and questionable on the moral level. There may, of course, be those who are less concerned, feeling that it is acceptable practice in the modern world, and aimed at “a final good.” Are the latter right?


Krah first made his appearance in the international sphere, as far as rank-and-file traditionalists are concerned, in the wake of what has been dubbed by the mainstream media as “the Williamson Affair.” His comments on the bishop were less than flattering, exuded a liberal view of the world, and poured oil on the fire of controversy that raged across the world, and against both the bishop and the SSPX, for months on end. It has been plain for a long time now that the “interview” and the “ensuing controversy” were a set-up, but it was, and still is, a matter of conjecture as to which person(s) and/or agencies engineered the set-up. Perhaps subsequent information in this email will throw more light on this troubling question?


What is beyond conjecture, however, is that Bishop Fellay’s attitude towards Bishop Williamson changed dramatically. Even those who will hear nothing against Bishop Fellay have noticed this change. The change has been public and persistent, and has been both insulting and humiliating for Bishop Williamson. It has also been largely carried out in the mainstream media, and, in Germany, the notoriously anti-Catholic communist magazine, Der Spiegel, has found a favored place, much to the astonishment of traditionalists everywhere. It has been there that we heard the shocking references to Bishop Williamson as “an unexploded hand grenade,” “a dangerous lump of uranium,” etc, as well as the insulting insinuations that he is disturbed or suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. The question, let it be remembered, is not whether one agrees or disagrees with Williamson, whether one likes or dislikes either Bishop Williamson or Bishop Fellay, but whether or not a man has a right to express a personal opinion on a matter of secular history. The ambush of Williamson by the Swedish interviewer, Ali Fegan, said by some Swedes to be a Turkish Jew, left Williamson on the spot: to get up and walk out in silence, thereby providing the media with the hook “that his refusal to speak is proof of his revisionist beliefs” or simply to lie. Williamson made his choice. Whether we agree or not is neither here nor there.


In the past, nearly two decades earlier in Canada, Williamson made “controversial comments” on the same subject at what was understood to be a private meeting of Catholics. A journalist, however, found out and made a story out of it. The relevance of this episode is that the attitude of Archbishop Lefebvre contrasts remarkably with that of Bishop Fellay. The first just ignored the “controversy,” treating a secular and anti-Catholic media with total disdain, and the matter quickly became a dead issue. The latter played to the media gallery, broke corporate unity with his brother in the episcopacy (specifically warned against by Archbishop Lefebvre during the 1988 consecrations), and turned what should have been a molehill into a mountain.




Krah is instructed to find an attorney to defend Williamson. He opts for Matthias Lossmann as defense attorney, a strange choice. It is strange, because Lossmann is a member of the extremist Die Grünen party (The Greens), an organization that is well-known in Germany as a water melon: green on the outside, red on the inside. A party that is pro-feminist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion and harbors Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a member of the European Parliament in its ranks. Besides his frontline involvement in the 1968 Red turbulence in the universities in France, he is a known advocate of pedophilia, as his autobiography demonstrates. What was Krah thinking of, then, in choosing such an attorney to represent a Catholic bishop? Was Lossmann really the only attorney in Germany prepared to take this case?


Krah’s choice is strange for a second reason. Krah is a member of a political party, but not the Greens. Krah is a prominent political activist and officer in Dresden, in the east of Germany, of the liberal, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Christian Democratic Union, led by Angela Merkel. Chancellor Merkel also comes from the east of Germany and is commonly referred to in that country as “Stasi-Merkel” after revelations and photographic evidence came to light hinting that she was recruited and formed by the Stasi, the former East German State Secret Police; a common approach made to young people, particularly those seeking professional careers, in the former Communist State of the German Democratic Republic. The same Merkel that publicly reproached Benedict XVI for having lifted the so-called “excommunication” of “holocaust denier” Williamson, and demanded that the Pope reverse the decision.


Krah is pictured on the editorial page, page 3, of a CDU publication, of May 2006, in the link below:


Link: Die Dresdner Union, May 2006.

http://www.cdu-dresden.de/index.php?mo=mc_...40107b868a48%7D  [the archived version is a dead link]



He portrays himself in the journal as some kind of Christian (though we are informed via SSPX faithful that he attends the SSPX chapel in Dresden), yet chooses an attorney for Williamson that could not have been worse.


Remember, too, that after the first Der Spiegel hatchet job on Williamson, Krah turned up at the British HQ of the SSPX in London at short notice and sought to get Williamson to do a second interview with the disreputable magazine. Williamson refused to do so, in spite of the fact that Krah had come with these journalists with the express sanction of Bishop Fellay! How in God’s name could Mgr. Fellay have thought that a second bite at the apple by Der Spiegel journalists would help the cause of Williamson or the SSPX? Go figure.


Moreover, consider the approach of both Krah and Lossmann in Williamson’s first trial. There was no attempt to defend him, though it is plain that Williamson had not broken German law, contrary to public perceptions generated by the media. What occurred, according to non-Catholics who attended the trial, was a shocking parody of a defense: Krah, unctuous, smug and mocking in respect of the bishop; Lossmann, weak, hesitating, insipid. Both effectively “conceded” Williamson’s “guilt,” but nevertheless argued for “leniency.” At no time did they address the legal questions at hand, questions that did not relate directly to the “Holocaust” and its veracity or otherwise, but as to whether or not the provisions of the law actually applied to the Williamson case. In other words, a Caiphas defense.


It can, therefore, come as no surprise that Williamson decided to appeal the Court’s decision, and to engage an independent attorney who would address the actual legal questions of the case. That Bishop Fellay, on the basis of media reports, ordered him publicly to sack this attorney or face expulsion is a great surprise, one might even say a scandal, for such situations require knowledge of all the facts, serious reflection, and sagacity. The Press Communiqué demonstrated none of these requirements, and merely represented one more example of Bishop Fellay’s unexplained public hostility to Mgr. Williamson. It is significant that the DICI statement referred to Williamson’s new attorney as someone who was associated with “neo-nazis,” this being a reference to the German National Democrats, an organization that has been in existence for about 50 years and has elected members in some regional German parliaments. If it had been “Nazi” it would have been banned under the German Constitution a long time ago – as many such groups have found out over the years in Germany. Moreover, while DICI chose the term “neo-nazi,” the British Daily Telegraph chose “far right,” as did those well-known anti-semitic journals, The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz.


Did Krah have an input into this communiqué? We cannot know for sure, but we do know something about Krah that is not common knowledge. Maximilian Krah is Jewish. He presents himself as some sort of ‘Christian’ in the link provided above, yet we find a more revealing picture of Maximilian Krah, at this link below, in attendance at a fundraising event in New York during September 2010.


Link: American Friends of Tel Aviv University



The attendees of this fundraising party are alumni of Tel Aviv University. They are raising scholarship funds to assist diasporan Jews to travel to the Zionist State of Israel to receive a formation at Tel Aviv University. Look at the photographs. Every single person is identified and every single one is clearly Jewish. There is no problem whatever with this, Krah included.


However, Krah is at the financial center of the SSPX; he has done no favors to Williamson and his case by his statements and actions; and may be responsible for things yet unknown or unseen.


Since his arrival on the scene, traditionalists have witnessed


1) The abrupt disappearance of important theological articles from District websites regarding Judaism and the pivotal role played by our “elder brothers,” as Bishop Fellay referred to them this year, in Finance, Freemasonry and Communism, none of which could have been construed as “anti-semitic” by the time honored standards of the Catholic Church.


2) Bishop Williamson being continuously and publicly denigrated, humiliated and grossly insulted.


3) The communist journal, Der Spiegel, being favored with arranged interviews and stories to keep the “Williamson Affair” on-the-boil, thereby tending toward the “marginalization” of Williamson.


4) A scandalous and erroneous article being published in The Angelus, in which the faithful were taught that a Talmudic rabbi was a saint, and that the said rabbi was positively instrumental in preparing the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the conversion of St. Paul.



All these facts combined necessarily raise a whole series of questions. These questions can only be answered by those in a position to know all the facts. In this case that person is Bishop Fellay, since he is the Superior General, has unrestricted access to all aspects of the Society’s work, and obviously has taken Mr. Krah into his confidence on both the financial and legal levels.


This writer is making no accusations or insinuations against Bishop Fellay at any level. He is simply requesting that he make public reply to the following questions in order that the doubt and worry, which is widespread among the clergy and faithful since the events of last year, is allayed, and soothed by the balm of Truth.


Your Excellency,


1) Were you aware that Maximilian Krah, who currently has significant power and influence in important areas of the internal workings of the SSPX, was Jewish when he was taken into your confidence?


2) Who introduced, or recommended, Maximilian Krah in his professional capacity to the Society of Saint Pius X?


3) If you were not aware of Krah’s background and political connections, why was he not carefully investigated before being brought into the inner-circle and inner-workings of SSPX?


4) Why does Krah, who is not a cleric of the SSPX or even a longtime supporter of the Society, have such singular power to handle SSPX funds?


5) Who are the shareholders of Dello Sarto AG? Are they all clergy of the SSPX or related congregations? Are the shares transferable through purchase? In the event of the death, defection or resignation of a shareholder, how are the shares distributed? Who in any of these cases has the power to confer, designate, sell or otherwise dispose of these shares? You? The Bursar? The Manager? The Board Members? The General Council?


6) Why is the Society of Saint Pius X engaged in financial activities which may be common in modern society, but which are hardly likely to be in conformity with Church teaching pertaining to money, its nature, its use and its ends?


7) Why was Krah allowed to keep the pot boiling in the “Williamson Affair” by arranging interviews and providing stories for Der Spiegel magazine? How could an alleged Christian Democrat be the intermediary with a notorious communist journal?


8) Why was Krah permitted to impose upon your brother bishop an attorney belonging to the extreme left-wing Die Grünen?


9) Why was your brother bishop threatened with expulsion from SSPX for merely hiring an attorney who was actually interested in fighting the unjust and ridiculous charge of incitement? Is it not the case that those of the Household of the Faith must take precedence over those who are without?


10) Can you explain why your public attitude to Williamson has changed, why you have continuously belittled him in public – while he has not responded in kind at any time?


11) What do you intend to do about Mr. Krah given that his position within the Society is one of influence, but who cannot seriously be regarded as someone who has the best interests of Catholic Tradition at heart? Will you move as quickly to resolve this question as you have in respect of Williamson?


There is no malice meant or intended in this communication. There is quite simply a tremendous fear for the future of the SSPX and its direction




For those who think that the writer is muckraking, I would like to point out that it was me that made public the impending sell-out of the Transalpine Redemptorists several months before it took place. I received brickbats for the relevant post at the time, and some calumniated me – but I was shown to be correct after a short period. This writer has not posted anywhere since that time. He does so now because he possesses information, as he did in regard to the Redemptorists, which needed to be made known widely for the good of Catholic Tradition. Nothing would please me more than to have Bishop Fellay answer these serious questions and put Catholic minds everywhere at rest.



Krahgate Re-visited


See also: https://web.archive.org/web/20110317112004/http://z10.invisionfree.com/Ignis_Ardens/index.php?showtopic=6517


SSPX Superior Bp. Fellay's Lawyer/Business Partner's Visit to Israeli Military Special Forces Base Documented



In 2010 it was revealed that Bishop Fellay's lawyer and business partner, Maximilian Krah attended a fundraising event for Tel Aviv University. Another attendee at that event was a man named Oren Heiman. Oren Heiman is a classmate of Maximilian Krah at EMBA-Global which was analyzed HERE.


From Friends of the 'Israel' 'Defense' Forces we find that Zionist fanatic, Maximilian Krah accepted the invitation of Zionist fanatic Oren Heiman [archived dead link https://dorchadashusa.org/page.aspx?id=148012] to visit a base of the "Maglan*" special forces unit 212 of the Israeli military:

When Oren Heiman decided to get married in the desert in ... Israel, he wanted to celebrate with all of his friends. Oren, a lawyer at Shibboleth [boutique law firm] who spends much of his free time involved with Jewish philanthropies, is also studying in an executive MBA program at Columbia and he invited his classmates, many of whom had never been to Israel ...


His friends gathered from all across the world, and Oren invited them to join him on a base visit with the Maglan unit, a special forces unit of the IDF. The group met the Master Sargeant and several combat soldiers from the unit, and they had the opportunity to try on uniforms, practice climbing ropes, visit the firing range and the tanks and observe soldiers in training.


Oren’s guests ... came away with a clear understanding of the important work of [Friends of the 'Israel' 'Defense' Forces] and the need to support the soldiers.




*Maglan is Hebrew for Ibis, the bird of much occult significance, particularly for it's association with the Egyptian god Thoth who was depicted as having an Ibis head.


In the images below, dated Apr 14, 2011, we see Maximilian Krah, among other things, happily wearing the uniform and beret of the "Maglan" special forces unit of the 'Israel' 'Defense' Force and waving a 'victory' sign.


Maximilian Krah (left) at base of "Maglan" special forces unit of the 'Israel' 'Defense' Force





SSPX Superior Bp. Fellay's lawyer and business partner, Maximilian Krah (rear, waving a 'victory' sign) wearing the uniform and beret of the "Maglan" special forces unit of the 'Israel' 'Defense' Force






Maximilian Krah's Handler, Oren Heiman Co-Chairs Zionist Organization with Former Head of Mossad, Meir Dagan




This is a followup to yesterday's posting, SSPX Superior Bp. Fellay's Lawyer/Business Partner's Visit to Israeli Military Special Forces Base Documented.


In that posting documentation shows that Bishop Fellay's lawyer and business partner Maximilian Krah accepted the invitation of his friend Oren Heiman to visit a base of the "Maglan" special forces unit of the Israeli Military.


Oren Heiman is the U.S. Chairman of a Zionist organization, "Yesh Sikuy" ("Israel's" Hope) of which the Executive Chairman is the former head of Mossad, Meir Dagan.


See the screenshots below. Bishop Fellay's lawyer and business partner Maximilian Krah directly associated himself with this "Yesh Sikuy" organization by 'liking' it on 'Facebook.'




https://web.archive.org/web/20220620023205/http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:snNTg8F3YVcJ:www.facebook.com/SikuyUSA%3Ffilter%3D3+&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a [archivedlink is dead, only the screen shot survives]



The Rothschild-Gutmann Money Behind the SSPX Kosher Imperative


Traducción parcial al Español aquí: MAS DE LA FUNDACION JAIDHOF


(All images below may be enlarged by clicking on them) < disabled


'The Remnant' has published an 'interview' with SSPX lawyer and asset manager Maximillian Krah in which he makes a statement regarding his involvement with a Jaidhofer Foundation:


Siscoe:  Another company name that is mentioned is Jaidhofer Foundation. Can you discuss this company?

Krah:  Yes, this is linked with the SSPX ... There is a family in Austria which wanted to donate to the SSPX, but did not want to donate directly. They wanted to establish a foundation that would support the SSPX.  And in every foundation you need some trustees.  It’s a kind of trust, and I am one of the trustees.  I was chosen by the family who established the foundation ...  This foundation is supporting the SSPX and using the money which was donated by this family. As an example, it is supporting the new Seminary project in Virginia ...

Below is a picture of Maximillian Krah at Jaidhof with members of the Austrian Gutmann family he describes above as benefactors of the SSPX:





From the Rothschild family archive we find some background on the Gutmann family and how its wealth was amassed:


The steel heart of Czechoslovakia, as Frankova names it, was once owned by the Austrian Rothschilds, in partnership with the Gutmann brothers [Wilhelm and David] ... It is Salomon von Rothschild who, in 1844, bought the iron works, and founded the United Coal Mines of Vítkovice and Austro-Hungarian Blast Furnace Company ... Salomon’s English cousins helped fund the creation of De Beers in 1887.




The Jewish Encyclopedia gives us the proper name of the Gutmanns who partnered with Salomon Rothschild:


GUTMANN, WILHELM, RITTER VON: ...In 1853 he and his brother David established the firm which, during the war of 1859-60, despite the difficulties then surrounding business ventures, supplied coal for all the railroads, for all the great factories throughout the empire, and for the cities of Vienna, Budapest, and Brünn. Gutmann Bros. leased some coal-mines from the Rothschilds in 1865, and purchased outright other valuable carboniferous properties in Silesia, Galicia, and Hungary. The close connection between coal and the production of iron easily led the Gutmanns to combine their interests with the Witkowitz iron-works, which they afterward owned conjointly with the Rothschilds and the counts Larisch and Andrassy. With Kuffner they built (1871) the first sugar-factory in Austria ...





From the Jewish Encyclopedia we find that Wilhelm von Gutmann partnered with the Rothschilds in financing a rabbinical seminary in Vienna:


ISRAELITISCH-THEOLOGISCHE LEHRANSTALT: Rabbinical and teachers' seminary in Vienna, founded 1893 at the suggestion of Wilhelm and David von Guttmann and with the assistance of Albert von Rothschild and Freiherr von Königswarter, and opened Oct. 15 of that year. It is subventioned by the Austrian government, by the "Cultusgemeinden" of Vienna, Prague, and Lemberg, and by the "Landesjudenschaft" of Bohemia, and is governed by fifteen curators. The first president was Baron von Königswarter, who, at his death, was succeeded by Moritz Karpeles; the latter was followed by Moritz Edler von Kuffner.




From an obituary for one of Wilhelm von Gutmann's sons, Moritz, we find that he was a relative of the Rothschilds of Vienna:




Below is a historical overview of the Gutmann family and its ownership of the Jaidhof property, which the Austrian branch of the SSPX is based from, beginning with the Rothschild partner Wilhelm Ritter von Gutmann bringing us to the present heir Guntard Gutmann who is pictured above with Maximillian Krah at an SSPX chapel on the Jaidhof grounds:




Below is a brief history of the Jaidhof property and its ownership including how the Jaidhof castle was given to the SSPX by the Gutmann family:





Below is a webpage from a "Europa Institute" which Guntard Gutmann seems to serve as an advisor on matters including think tanks and economics. He's credited as working for many years as an international banker. This Europa Institute seems to be associated with the Acton Institute which serves to acclimate Catholics to predatory economics and 'neo-con' politics. It's figurehead, Fr. Sirico officiated at the first homosexual 'marriage' in the U.S:






Maximilian Krah's Zionist, Philo-Judaic, 'Neocon' bona fides




An Interview with Maximilian Krah

By Robert J. Siscoe [CAUTION!] POSTED: 10/27/12



Maximilian Krah


(www.RemnantNewspaper.com) Several years ago, internet rumors began to circulate about a scandal brewing inside the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX).  According to these rumors, in early 2009, a Jewish Freemason named Maximilian Krah was appointed to the board of a newly founded corporation.  This corporation was to serve as the financial vehicle for the investments of the SSPX.  The board included the Superior General of the SSPX, Bishop Fellay, his first assistant, Fr. Nicholas Pfluger, the SSPX Bursar General, Fr. Emeric Baudot, and the purported Jewish Freemason, Maximilian Krah, who had a general power of attorney and hence access to the funds.




As coincidence would have it, the founding of this corporation coincided with the airing of the now famous interview with Bishop Williamson, in which he provided his personal opinion regarding certain aspects of the Holocaust.  The interview was subsequently aired on television in Germany, a country that requires an absolute unthinking adherence to the purported facts associated with the Holocaust, the questioning or denial of which constitutes “holocaust denial” – a crime punishable by fines and up to five years in prison.  When Bishop Williamson dared to question several of the purported facts, during a television interview, quite literally all hell broke loose.  Dr. Krah, himself a lawyer, was entrusted with the task of locating a criminal attorney to defend Bishop Williamson.  Additional rumors began to circulate over Dr. Krah’s choice of an attorney to represent Bishop Williamson, and increased when Bishop Williamson decided to hire a different lawyer to defend himself.




More rumors concerning Dr. Krah have continued to spread across the internet ever since.  Message forums are filled with speculation, and websites and blogs have been set up in multiple languages to cover the latest events in what has come to be known as “Krahgate”.  But interestingly, as I performed an internet search of the rumors in order to prepare this opening commentary, I realized that the rumors, while heavy on speculation and insinuation, are light on specifics, and even lighter on evidence.  There is a lot of name-calling, but very little in the way of substantive accusations.  One recent rumor, which seems to be based on a picture that has surfaced, is that Dr. Krah is a Zionist and might even be a secret Mossad agent.  Although I did not follow the events of “Krahgate” very closely myself, I am aware that Dr. Krah’s reputation is less than revered among many SSPX faithful, and within certain circles ranks somewhere between that of Lucifer and Beelzebub.




With this brief background in mind, let us fast forward to The Angelus Press Conference, which was held at the Marriot Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, during the weekend of October 19th through the 21st – a  conference that I happened to attend.




On the first evening of the event, while on my way to cocktail hour, I struck up a conversation with a man in the elevator.  We continued our conversation as we made our way to the Pavilion, which was set up on the water behind the hotel, for the Conference attendees.  The gentleman and I continued our discussion as we proceeded to the bar for a glass of wine.  At some point, we realized that we had not formally introduced ourselves.  It was then that I learned the identity of the man I was speaking with, and it was none other than Maximilian Krah himself!  As he stated his now famous, or should we say infamous name, one could almost hear the screeching noise from the Psycho shower scene sounding in the background.




I spent the remainder of the evening, and indeed the entire weekend, getting to know Dr. Krah.  We discussed the Faith, the situation in the Church, the current events within the Society, and even our personal opinions on the best way of dealing with the present crisis of Faith that we are living through.  Of course, we also discussed the many rumors circulating on the internet about him.  Needless to say, he was well aware of them.  He was more than happy to discuss them, and even seemed somewhat relieved to be able to finally give his side of the story.




Dr Krah, was baptized Catholic as a baby and raised in the Faith, and his parents were married by his uncle, who was a Catholic Priest.  Dr. Krah, who is now 35 years old, found his way to Tradition in his early to mid- 20’s; and, after a brief pass through the Indult, has been a regular attendee of a Society chapel ever since.




Over the weekend I got to know Dr. Krah fairly well.  We ate together, spent the evenings socializing, and he rode with me to the Pontifical High Mass at St. Vincent’s Church, which was celebrated by Bishop Fellay.  During the course of the weekend, as he would meet new people, I would observe their reaction as he told them his name, and then the conversation would usually turn to the rumors.




Seeing how interested people were to hear his side of the story, which, I must say, differs dramatically from the internet rumors, I asked if he would allow me to interview him.  I then asked Michael Matt (also at the conference) if he would be interested in running the interview of Dr. Krah in The Remnant, and he said yes.  I purchased a tape recorder from the local Wal-Mart, did a quick internet search to familiarize myself with the rumors and get the latest news, and we made our way to the hotel’s “Nebraska Room” for the interview. The following is a transcript of the interview.




The Interview




Siscoe:  First off Dr. Krah, I would like to thank you for agreeing to this interview.  There is a lot of internet controversy surrounding you and your affiliation with the SSPX.  Since some of the controversy deals with your faith and ethnicity, would you begin by telling us about your personal background?


Krah:  Yes, of course, thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions.  I am German by nationality.  I was born and raised Catholic in the then-East Germany.  My parents were married by my uncle who was a priest.  East Germany had a Communist government until 1989, so we had the experience of living our Faith under an atheist regime.  This may explain the reason for my positions on some points we will talk about later, because I know what it means to have an atheist government, an atheist state.  I would not say that the East German government in the late 1980’s made a strong persecution of Christians but it was officially atheist.  Sometimes I smile a little bit when I hear from other faithful that they feel persecuted by the government, because they have never experienced it. I think we should always see things in a very rational way, and we should not exaggerate our own feelings.  This is why I am always an advocate of being moderate and very focused and detailed, even if we think things are worse.  We should just be balanced.  Later on in 1990, Germany was re-unificated, and it was the Catholics who came into charge because they were completely trustworthy since they were not linked to the Communist government.  So my father, who was an engineer by training, became a senior servant of the state government and then my mother, who is a teacher by training, became a vice-principal of her school.  I have 2 siblings.  The oldest is my sister who is a dentist.  My brother is a doctor.  I later studied law in Germany and made my MBA in London and New York.  I did some research and received a doctorate in law.  My wife and I married with the Latin Mass on the High Altar, in Dresden Cathedral, shortly before we went to the SSPX. We have four children who we are raising Catholic, and we attend the chapel of the SSPX.  There is absolutely nothing that should be considered suspicious to other people.  We try to live a clean and successful life.




Siscoe:  So you’re not Jewish?  No Jewish background?  You were baptized a Catholic as a child?


Krah:  Of course, I am a Catholic.  That’s it.  About these accusations of being Jewish, I´d like to tell a story about when Charles Chaplin came to Germany in the early 1930’s.  A lot of people from Berlin came to see him, and Hitler was jealous.  The Nazi newspapers wrote an article criticizing and shaming so many Germans for applauding a Jew.  When Chaplin came back to Hollywood, he was asked why he had not declared that he is not Jewish.   His answer was: if I would have denied it officially, I would have felt as if I was agreeing that there was something bad about being Jewish.  Given the mentality of the people at the time, he said it would have only contributed to the work of the Nazi’s, and this is why he didn’t say “I am not Jewish”. I had a quite similar reaction when I first read these accusations about myself.  I sent an email to a US priest of the SSPX and asked him what I should do, and he advised me to keep silent because there is definitely nothing bad about being of the same people as Jesus and Mary.  Moreover, in the early times of Christianity, the front rows in churches were reserved to the Christians with Jewish roots. That said, I do not think there is anything bad about people having Jewish roots.  I simply do not have it.




Siscoe:  Are you a Freemason?


Krah: No I am not a Freemason, and never have been.




Siscoe:  How did you find tradition?


Krah:  I think part of it has to do with my personal background.  Remember, I came from a country that was only 5% Catholic.  We were a minority.  It was considered brave to go to Mass every Sunday, and it was clear that Catholics had to stick together in opposition to the Communist government.  When the re-unification came, I very quickly joined the Young Christian Democrats, and the first action I took part in was in printing posters against a Communist radio channel.  And I was very proud of being a part of this; I was fourteen at the time.  We took part in this action, and then I came to Mass one Sunday, I noticed the chairman of the parish youth organization, who was the son of the pastoral assistant, and he was wearing a button in favor of this Communist channel.  And he wore it on his Yasser Arafat scarf.  This was at Mass.  [Chuckle]  When I saw this, I realized we live on different planets.  And for me I always asked myself, “is it possible, that with the things they teach and they do in the local parish, we could have built up Christendom, with its major impressive cathedrals?”  The answer was definitely “NO”!


During my military time I began to think about and to read more about my own faith.  I eventually came across the website of the SSPX and I found the Catechism of Fr. Gaudron. I then sought out a traditional Mass in my area, and found there was one 120 kilometers away.  It was an Indult but all the ministers were trained by the SSPX.




Siscoe:  What year was this?


Krah:   It was about 2003….




Siscoe:  Okay, so after a brief pass through the Indult, you came to be affiliated with the Society.  Can you tell us how that came about?


Krah:  Even when I attended the Indult, I considered myself an SSPX man.  I had found the SSPX homepage.  I knew about Archbishop Lefebvre.  It was a very short next step to contact the SSPX directly, and I met the then District Superior Fr. Heggenberger.  At this time I was becoming more zealous in my faith, and because of my political activities and the status of my family, who was quite well linked to the diocese, I had considered trying to arrange a new Motu Proprio Chapel.   Or, I could go the harder way and try to organize an SSPX Chapel.   After a talk I had with Fr. Heggenberger, I decided doing it the hard way was the right way.  It was clear that if you are interested in traditional Catholicism, the Latin Mass, etc. then there is one big player and it is the SSPX.


I have realized that not everyone who agrees with the SSPX attends the SSPX chapels.  I attended the Indult primarily because it was closer to where I live.  It wasn’t until later than I found out about the disagreements within the Traditional movement; between the different camps.  I think the agreement between the various camps is very great; and the disagreements are… I think … there is a Latin phrase “viribus unitis”, we are all Catholics and we have to try to fight together, as far as possible.  Of course, the SSPX is the anchor of the whole Traditional movement.  And the intellectual influence goes far, even into the Novus Ordo… even within the Novus Ordo people look at what the SSPX is doing.  They have them in their periphery.   So for me it was clear, if I go this step out of the diocese, there is only one place.




Siscoe:  Do you have a favorite saint or a patron saint?


Krah:  Yes, I have…  Maybe it is because I am thought of as quite an intellectual that I like the saints who are gifted intellectually; those who combine Faith and reason.  I very much like St. Robert Bellarmine who is quite close to the ideal of a balanced intellectual, combined with a strong faith.  What I am fascinated by is the historical meeting of St. Ambrose and St. Augustine.  I guess there are some such handshakes in history which change the world.  I consider this meeting of St. Ambrose and St. Augustine to be such an encounter.  It might be a little too simplistic to say but they met and they opened a new perspective for religion, for the whole world.  For me, this is a very impressive moment in history.  I guess you get an idea of what types of Saints impress me.  My 2nd son is named Pius because of Pius XII.  I consider Pius XII in some ways comparable to St. Robert Bellarmine … there is a balance.  I am very attracted to the intellectual side of the Faith.  This is something I very much appreciate about my Catholic Faith.




Siscoe:  Let’s discuss some of the internet rumors.  Can you tell us about the company, Dello Sarto AG?  What was your affiliation with that company, and the status of that company today?


Krah:  Yes, the first thing to realize is that a corporation prevents liability.  This is something that is widely known and is a common practice for the SSPX, especially in the US.  Dello Sarto was established to receive a large inheritance, which was expected to come but never did.  So now we have a completely empty corporation that we will shut down. The rumors were complete nonsense.  But maybe what are important to address are the rumors concerning my power of attorney.  They say I have too much power but lawyers always have a very wide power of attorney.  He can only use it if the client accepts it, but formally there is always a wide power of attorney.  This is absolutely business as usual, so all the rumors concerning Dello Sarto show that those who are spreading this campaign on the internet have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.




Siscoe:  And what was your affiliation with the company. You were on the board? …


Krah:  With Dello Sarto, I handled the incorporation, and I was the representative… you could say my position would be similar to a COO [Chief Operations Officer].




Siscoe:  So the company was set up in anticipation of receiving a large inheritance?...


Krah:  Exactly, which didn’t come.  The heritage didn’t come.




Siscoe:  There is another company that is mentioned as well, Laetitia AG.  Can you tell us about…


Krah:  This company has nothing to do with the SSPX or Dello Sarto.  It is just part of my own… it is part of my attorney work, my judicial work.  I have more clients than the SSPX. This is a completely unrelated client.




Siscoe:  Another company name that is mentioned is Jaidhofer Foundation. Can you discuss this company?


Krah:  Yes, this is linked with the SSPX, and it is absolutely no secret.  There is a family in Austria which wanted to donate to the SSPX, but did not want to donate directly.  They wanted to establish a foundation that would support the SSPX.  And in every foundation you need some trustees.  It’s a kind of trust, and I am one of the trustees.  I was chosen by the family who established the foundation, firstly because I am a Traditional Catholic attorney with links to the SSPX, and secondly because of my professional record.  This foundation is supporting the SSPX and using the money which was donated by this family. As an example, it is supporting the new Seminary project in Virginia.  It has nothing to do with individual donations people give to the SSPX.  Everything we do is completely transparent.  We are supervised both by the General House of the SSPX, and by the Austrian tax authority, because we are philanthropic, and that means we are tax free.  We must always open our books to the public authorities.  So we have two supervisors, so to say, and everything we do is completely transparent and clean.




Siscoe:  So, the inheritance was received into the trust, to be distributed, and no other funds go into it…


Krah:  Nothing.




Siscoe:  Okay…


Krah: …Except, if someone would like to do it.  For example, if they were to request that money be placed into the foundation.  And if someone did request that, the SSPX would have to agree.   That means, the donor would have to agree, and the SSPX would have to agree.  But we have had no case yet in which this has happened.




Siscoe:  So Sunday donations don’t go into it…


Krah:  Nothing.




Siscoe:  Okay…


Krah: …The Sunday donations are not our business, and I don’t want to make it our business.  It is completely foreign to anything we are interested in.




Siscoe:  Alright, moving on to another rumor, are you connected in any way with the Society’s School St. Theresa…


Krah:  The German district started a foundation to support this boarding school in Germany, and I am on the board of the supporting foundation.  But the only task we have is to collect money for the school, and that’s about it.  It is important to mention that the school is now constructing a new building.




Siscoe:  You say collecting funds…


Krah: …Only from the outside.  Not the Sunday donations.




Siscoe:  It is said that you are ‘a prominent political activist and officer in Dresden, Germany, and member of the ‘liberal, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, Christian Democratic Union, led by Angela Merkel’.  How would you respond to this accusation?


Krah:  [chuckle] Yes, of course.  I even ran for office this past summer.  I ran in the primary for the national parliament.  And I was quite successful too, although I lost at the end, 45 to 55 [chuckle], but this was quite okay for a newcomer challenging an incumbent.  But I disagree with the characterization.  Like in every country, in Germany you have two big parties.  In the US, you have the Democrats and the Republicans.  In Germany, you have the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats.  The CDU [Christian Democrats], you could say is the party of the Republicans, which is center right.




Siscoe:  So, the party you ran under, they would be considered the right in Germany?


Krah:  Yes, they would be considered the right.  And indeed, during my law studies I was employed by the then-member of parliament, Christa Reichard, who, for instance, is very strongly pro-life.  And she would be very angry if she heard a rumor that she is a member of a leftist party.  To make it understandable, when the unification came, the Catholics, and even the conservative Protestants, and anti-communists, joined the Christian Democrats.  And even now, all positions in the State of Saxony and in the City are held by Christian Democrats, so that the mayor of the city, and the governor and all local congressman on the State and national level, are from the Christian Democrats.  It is just the ruling party, and it is the party of the center right people.  And as a citizen of my city, since I am not a left-winger and have never been, it is clear that the Christian Democrat is my political home.




Siscoe:  So, the Christian Democrats would be comparable to the Republicans in America?


Krah:  Yes generally, but in Europe the political scene is a little more left wing than in America.  The left-wing Democrats in America are comparable to the Social Democrats in Germany, while the right wing Democrats and the moderate Republicans in America are comparable to the Christian Democrats in Germany.




Siscoe:  So everything is a little farther to the left.  The left is farther to the left, and the right is closer to the center?


Krah:  Yes, exactly.  And it is especially where I live and in my group, in my suburb.  It is comparable to, I would say, East Coast Republicans.




Siscoe:  It is said that you were charged with the responsibility of finding an attorney for Bishop Williamson in his holocaust trial, and you chose Matthias Lossmann, a member of the extreme left wing Die Grünen party [Green Party], a radical leftist party that favors everything from abortion to homosexuality.   Can you comment on this?


Krah: First, regarding the Williamson case.  It is obvious to me that the statement he made concerning the Holocaust is historically wrong, and he is not open to arguments of historical facts. But, as a lawyer, it was clear to me that he did not violate the German law because, in the moment he made his statement, his wrong statement, he had no idea that the interview would be broadcasted in Germany.  This is the whole reason why I believe he is not guilty of having violated the German law.  I am not a criminal lawyer, so I had to find one for him.  And in such a case I would always highly recommend to take a criminal lawyer, who was under no circumstances linked with, in any way, pro-Nazi movements.  To explain, the neo-Nazi movement in Germany is extremely small.  It is maybe 1% of the population.  It is absolutely small, and you usually don’t want to be linked with those persons, because they are exactly the persons you don’t want your kids to play with.  And so, to make his defense as successful as possible, I highly recommended him to choose an attorney which was more to the left side so that he can focus on the legal aspects, and was completely free of any political implications in his case.   I explained it to him and I introduced Lossmann to him.  Lossmann is a widely accepted criminal lawyer, who publishes in research journals on criminal law.  He is not as left as the rumors have presented him, because even the Greens [the Green Party], has two wings.  And he is definitely not from the left wing of the party.  He is, I would say, comparable to an East Coast Liberal.  That means he is definitely not a Communist or anything like that.  He is just a liberal citizen, interested in the fine arts, and maybe in the fine wine.  I introduced both to each other.  I explained the reason why I think we needed a more liberal person, than I am myself, and most of my colleagues, with whom I usually cooperate.  The Bishop absolutely was fine.  Lossmann was doing a great job, and then Bishop Williamson decided, without any explanation, to choose a different attorney…




Siscoe: …So when you initially presented Bishop Williamson with your recommendation, and the reasoning for your recommendation, he agreed?


Krah:  I explained everything and made it transparent.   And he understood and agreed.




Siscoe:  And then he at some point changed attorneys?


Krah:  Yes, and he changed to a completely unacceptable person, and he got a warning from the General House [of the SSPX] and changed lawyers once again.  Now he has chosen, once again, a completely un-political lawyer, who by the way is the president of the Association for Pop Music.  He is doing a brilliant job, just as Lossmann did.  They argue exactly the same way.  They don’t argue in any way politically or historically.  They say “look this is the law.  This is what he has done.  He had no idea at the time he gave the interview that it could be broadcasted in Germany, so the case will not have a successful prosecution”.  And it is the same argumentation, and the same style of defending.  It is a deduction to the legal problems, and does not involve bringing the historical and political matters into the court room.  And this is the only chance he has.  This is what Lossmann did, and this is what Edgar Weiler is now doing.  And in the middle, he had, for I guess one week, another approach, and I’m sure this other approach would have led to a catastrophe.




Siscoe: Can you explain your involvement with the Society when “the Williamson affair” first broke?  What was the Society facing in Germany, and what did you do to assist the SSPX in this matter?


Krah:  The interview was broadcast at the same time that the Pope lifted the so-called excommunications against the Bishops of the SSPX, including Bishop Williamson. So the headlines in Germany were “Pope rehabilitates holocaust-denier”, and the SSPX became seen as a neo-Nazi-group in the masquerade of religion. The Chancellor herself expressed her misunderstanding about the Papal decision in favor of Bishop Williamson. The German District made plenty of public declarations, expressing that Bishop Williamson is in no way speaking for the SSPX and pointing out that the SSPX has absolutely no acceptance for anti-Semitism and such wrong ideas on history.  But no one believed it, because no one trusted them.  Many of the Faithful, and even some priests, began to get nervous, and demanded clear action against Bishop Williamson.  Some even began attending the Fraternity of Saint Peter or Motu Proprio masses.


In this serious situation, I was asked if I could help quiet things down by using my network of associates, and especially my connection into the media. Like in all countries, only a few media outlets have national impact. The Church’s correspondent scene is very small, about 10 journalists for the whole of Germany. Most of them are aligned with the Novus Ordo, which means they are incurably hostile against the SSPX. One of the rare exceptions is Peter Wensierski of Der Spiegel – The Mirror – who is really independent, which also means he is equally distant, some say equally hostile, to everybody. But as he is equal toward everyone, he was honest enough to state that the SSPX might be ultra-conservative, old-fashioned, etc., but they are certainly not Nazis.  He is tough, but he is fair.  Whatever one thinks of the SSPX, they are not even close to fascism or the Nazis. And since Der Spiegel is the “must-read” of the whole German elite, within two weeks the other media accepted the distinction of: the position of the SSPX, and the opinion of the one bishop. It could be seen in the wording of the headlines: Whilst before there was written about “these holocaust-deniers”, then it was distinguished between the “conservative group SSPX” and “the Holocaust-denying Bishop Williamson”. We had just one shot, and it hit. Clearly a sign of grace. I sometimes wonder myself how we succeeded.




Siscoe: But this wasn´t the end of it.


Krah: No, it was just a step. But it brought us back on track. It gave us credibility. We then communicated that the Superior General has given Bishop Williamson one year to study the facts and ordered him to read a book on the issue, written by Jean-Claude Pressac, who himself had doubts about the existence of gas chambers in Auschwitz and later changed his mind after he started to look into the facts. This gave us a one year respite, and the media stopped it´s attacks, waiting for the year to pass by.  Bishop Williamson did not read the book. So when the year was over, we had to explain it. We just chose to be honest and transparent. We showed the efforts taken by the SSPX, but we also conceded that there was no influence on the Bishop, who has started to go his own way, unfortunately. In the end, we were able to successfully communicate that the SSPX in no way shared these views of Bishop Williamson.




Siscoe: How were you able to influence the media?


Krah: By plenty of behind-the-scene talks. I went to many distinguished journalists and explained to them the SSPX, its mission, its history.  Most of them were completely unaware.  Look, for us all of these issues are very present; we live them, and are familiar with them.  But for outsiders, the SSPX is something unknown; at least it was so in 2009. For a liberal journalist, who is not practicing religion at all, the idea of saying Mass in an ancient language like Latin is somehow curious. You have to explain it to him in a way he can understand.  You have to convince, instead of judge. This is what I did and what I still do. And as I am far away from every kind of political extremism, and always have been, they considered me to be trustworthy, which allowed me to influence them in favor of the SSPX. This is something I would like to point out in general; we should always take in consideration the background and the thinking of our counterparts. Most people are not hostile. They are just uninformed.  Instead of judging them, we should explain our views. In most cases we will see an acceptance, and in some cases, even support.




Siscoe:  If you don’t mind my asking, what impact did “the Williamson affair” have on the current developments concerning Bishop Williamson?


Krah:  I am not involved in these current events. As far as I know, the 2009 affair is unrelated to the current threat of expulsion. Look, the affair of 2009 was settled with the final article in “Der Spiegel” early in 2010. Since that time, the public has distinguished between the official position of the SSPX and the private opinion of Bishop Williamson. What has happened since then is that Bishop Williamson has openly undermined authority and hierarchy, which has caused division within the SSPX. This is an internal affair, for which my advice is neither required nor requested. This is the core business of the superiors. I am used to mediate between the SSPX and different sorts of secular players: judges, journalists, politicians, state officials, bankers. But I have no share in internal affairs. Here I am an ordinary faithful like all others. And I´m happy with that.




Siscoe:  There is another rumor claiming that you were fundraising for Tel Aviv University. Can you fill us in on that?


Krah:  Yes, of course.  I have a lot of friends, including many who are not Catholic.  And I have Jewish friends, which I appreciate very much.  They are wonderful people, and there is absolutely no reason for me to hide them, or to take their friendship into question.  So, with that said, I have no understanding for these accusations or insinuations.   They are my friends, and they can trust me as I trust them.  I was in New York one evening when I received a phone call asking if I had plans for the night, which I hadn’t.  But my friend had one, and we went to a reception in a gallery in Chelsea, and there were plenty of people, both Jewish and non-Jewish, from different countries, and it was hosted by the American Friends of Tel Aviv University, and of course they took pictures [chuckle], and they posted them on the internet, and this gave those people reason enough to attack me without asking me what happened.  It was just a nice evening, a gathering, in New York City. I´d attend it again, even if I knew about the rumors it caused.




Siscoe: To clarify, you are not a member of The American Friends of Tel Aviv University, and you did not organize this event?


Krah: No, to both questions.




Siscoe: There is another picture online as well that has caused some controversy.  It shows you attending an IDF military camp recruitment event.  Can you explain?


Krah: Yes, it was not a recruitment event.  One of my friends got married in the Negev Desert, and he invited friends from all over the world, including my wife and me.  He generously arranged a tour, which included both the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem and a visit into a military camp, so we could have a personal impression of what the Israeli army is doing.  It was, you could say, a tourist tour, on the way from Jerusalem to the Negev Desert, and included a luncheon.  We were able to visit them and talk to them, in order to get a personal impression of the military.  And as far as I know, it is widely common for groups that visit the State of Israel to arrange these kinds of tours.  I received an e-mail from a member of the city council in Dresden, who told me that he himself had taken part in similar events.  So, for me it was an interesting invitation.  And as I was a German soldier for one year after High School, I enjoyed the opportunity to see how things are done in the IDF.




Maybe a word about… it is common to read things on the internet about the State of Israel.  Let’s bring it back to history.  In the middle ages, Christianity made several Crusades to the Holy Land for one reason: to get the holy places open so we would have access to them for Pilgrimages.  We have, currently, more Pilgrimages to the Holy Land than ever in the past.  We had more in 2012 than in 2011, and more in 2011 than in 2010, and in 2010 we had more than ever since.  That means, the holy places are open; they get protected.  They are safe, and there is money invested.  And the Catholic Church gets tax benefits by the Israeli government in that country.  I don’t know anybody who believes that, if this country was under Islamic rule, we would have nearly as many Pilgrims there, and free access. And even the Pilgrim groups from the SSPX Germany, that go from Jerusalem and Nazareth to Bethlehem, always stay in a hotel on the other side of the wall – the Israeli side.   If you just see facts and reality, than we have to say it is hard to attack those authorities that provide open access to those holy places.  This is what I say:  just calm down and judge by facts.  We have to see the facts as they are, and we have to see that there are plenty of people living there.  They have police, everything is organized, and they do not harm the Christians there.  And there is also a rising group of so-called Hebrew Catholics, who are converted Israeli Citizens.  We have none of those in the Islamic countries.  I only can warn all those Christians who are so opposite, or hostile against the Israeli State, what would happen if that State would disappear.  We would have a lot of problems with our holy places.  And what would happen to the Christians in that country if we had a change on the political landscape?  And so I have absolutely no problem to say that I have a positive attitude towards the state of Israel. The world is not perfect. It never has been.  There are wars always.  There is a state of imperfection.  And if we see this, if we see the reality, we can say it could be much worse.  And this should lead us to a more distinguished position towards the political situation in the Holy Land.




Siscoe: Another rumor is that the Society paid for your MBA program.  Is there any truth to that?


Krah: Absolutely not!  I paid on my own.




Siscoe: Okay…


Krah: …I paid the fees on my own, the flights on my own and the hotel on my own.  The problem that lawyers usually have is that they are too nationally trained.  And especially in Europe, we see the world changing and a changing economic landscape, and only national training brings us very quickly to limits, and that is why I invested into further education, and spent my savings including some help from my parents for this MBA, and enjoyed it and benefited from it very much.




Siscoe: So the Society didn’t pay for any of your education.


Krah:  No.




Siscoe: Has it been difficult to deal with the rumors and accusations made against you?


Krah: It is never a pleasure to be the victim of a stalking campaign. But these attacks on me were used as an indirect attack against the Superior General and other Superiors like Fr. Rostand.   In 2010, when the attacks against me began, the stalkers were still too scrupulous to attack Bishop Fellay directly. Since then, they have lost all inhibitions.  And the more open they attacked the hierarchy itself, the less they focused on me – which reveals their true intention. When I see all the hate and malice against such a noble and decent prelate as Bishop Fellay, I can hardly think that those attacks against me are very serious. I try not to take myself as being too important, and so I don´t care too much about these attacks. Most people don´t take this nonsense seriously, and once people meet me and hear my side of the story they realize that the rumors are nonsense.   This gives me an inner peace. And, not to forget: Faith helps, especially in such situations of unjust attacks. We shall not fear the evil, as we can be sure to win at the end.




Siscoe: Is there something you have learned thru these attacks?


Krah: I learned a lot about how people act, but also about myself. What seems to me worth mentioning is that the most serious attacks against the SSPX are coming from inside. The self-declared “truest Catholics” slander, slur, and defame in a way which is intolerable and beyond everything we see even in the secular world. Without any respect for dignity and sacrality… even the Superior General is the victim of odious attacks. The forces of darkness are no longer restricted to external weapons, but have found their instruments in some weak and unbalanced persons within. It seems to me that we are not yet fully aware of this new danger.




Siscoe: Is there anything else you would like to add before we conclude?


Krah: Yes, I´d like very much to advocate a more optimistic world view. If you read those internet sites that attack me, usually they expect the Armageddon within the next two years, if not sooner.  Even if I expected the Armageddon tomorrow, I´d still plant my apple tree today.  If we look at how things are happening, we can see that the Conciliar epoch will come to an end.  The Conciliarists don’t have young people.  Young priests today tend to classical Traditional Catholicism, and those young people who still go to Mass, are usually not the left wingers.  It is just a matter of time before the Traditional liturgy and theology will get back its place.  And the same for society; of course we have a lot of developments in the wrong direction, but we also have developments in the right direction.  We have both at the same time, but 10 years ago, 20 years ago, things were only moving in the wrong direction.  We did not have these newly conservative and Traditional movements.  Today we have a new fresh conservative spirit and conservative thinking which is growing, which is becoming strong and stronger.  And I just recommend to be optimistic, and to look for allies under those newly conservative movements; because together we are strong, and we can stop this left-wing chaos, and against it we might set a positive attitude and a positive development towards a rebirth of Western civilization and Christianity.  So stay optimistic!  What can happen to a movement that knows the Almighty is on its side? Doesn´t it shows a lack of trust in God to be always that pessimistic and depressed? And don’t believe in such rumors and stalking campaigns. There is no reason for it, and you can be sure that the Society would not trust me if just one of those accusations were even half true.  Sure, I sometime err. But I am completely supervised.




Siscoe: Thank you very much for your time, and for answering these questions.


Krah: Thank you… and maybe… We both know what is likely to happen next. The Maximilian Krah stalking community will take every word I said in this interview and try to turn it in it´s opposite. Just to remember: I am not an English native speaker.  English is a second language for me.  But I think everyone who has a sense of fairness will be able to understand what I have tried to express.  I am simply a Catholic husband and father who is trying live his Faith and to do the best he can.


The SSPX Money Manager and "The Power of 72"


SSPX Superior Bishop Fellay's Zionist Business Partner Kicks Günter Grass' Corpse


A Catholic Working for Hasbara?



Max Krah invites you to hear Ulrich Sahm talk



SSPX Superior Bishop Fellay's Zionist Business Partner Kicks Günter Grass' Corpse


"Islam accepts Jesus as a prophet and has great respect for Mary, and this certainly places Islam nearer to our religion than say, for instance, Judaism, which is far more distant from us. Islam was born in the 7th century and it has benefited to some degree from the Christian teachings of those days.

Judaism, on the other hand, is the heir to the system, which crucified our Lord. And the members of this religion, who have not converted to Christ, are those who are radically opposed to our Lord Jesus Christ. For them, there is no question whatever of recognizing our Lord. They are in opposition to the very foundation and existence of the Catholic faith on this subject. However, we cannot both be right. Either Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Lord and Savior or He is not. This is one case where there cannot be the slightest compromise without destroying the very foundation of Catholic faith." (Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre)



More than one month after Günter Grass published his poem identifying Zionist fanatics and their nuclear weapons as the actual threat to world peace; weeks after the subsequent media lynching of Grass in response, SSPX Superior Bp. Fellay's lawyer, asset manager and general business partner, Maximillian Krah arrives in the wake of the fray to get a few kicks in himself. We shouldn't interpret Krah's tardiness as mere cowardice, however. Lord knows, with Bp. Fellay's repeat performance of the 1960's Bolshevik takeover of the Church reaching its finale, Krah must be a very busy man; there being so many laity-financed properties in so many nations to account for.


The context of Krah's attack on a Zionist-ravaged corpse is an apologia pro Israel Fictus (defense of Counterfeit Israel) in the style of Ordo Templi Orientis' Judaic guru, James Wasserman according to which 'Israel' is the bastion of Western civilization and bulwark against 'Islamic barbarism' which threatens to overrun the world and rob us of Scholastic learning, music, wine, mini-skirts and Madonna-- no, not the mother of Jesus venerated by Islam and mocked by Judaism--but that Kabbalah-imbued floozy called 'Madonna' who Krah 'likes' according to his Facebook page.


In defense of Counterfeit Israel, Krah invokes the spectre of Islamic misogynist tyranny while failing to mention that women are currently being spat upon, terrorized and beaten by Judaic 'modesty patrols' in Counterfeit Israel, and in Western Judaic communities, for wearing dress far less provocative than the mini-skirts Krah champions. [YouTube video link disappeared]


Shall we follow Templar Krah into a crusade against a spectre of tyranny to the benefit of another far more anti-Christian tyranny?


For all Krah's rhetoric in support of Scholastic learning, there's none evident in his thinking. Neither is there much understanding of the founder of the SSPX who rightly viewed Judaism as a greater evil than Islam.


Can this lawyer of such extreme philo-Judaism not be aware of the talmudic equivalents or worse examples of nearly every outrage Islam is accused of, or is he just employing the talmudic double-standard?


If any reader happens to run into Krah, perhaps they might ask for his thoughts on the rabbis of Judaism giving themselves permission to betroth 3-year-old girls by raping them. This is the authoritative teaching of the rabbis of the Talmud and the towering 'sage' of Judaism Moses Maimonides that informs that depraved nation which Krah calls "Israel," and this barely scratches the surface of Judaism's depravity.


Nearly invariably, real or imaginary Muslim outrages invoked as justification for the Zionist crusade can be matched or exceeded by Judaic outrages nearly invariably permitted by rabbinic law which are covered up by the kosher establishment of which Max Krah is clearly a part.


Krah's apologia, like all Zionist apologetics, presupposes ignorance, amnesia, moral depravity, pharisaic love of double-standards or some combination thereof in its audience. There is nothing, literally, nothing for a Christian to support in the Jesus and Mary-hating, master-race religion of Judaism and its nuclear-armed terrorist base of operation, Counterfeit Israel.


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Bonetus [and New Catholic]




The SSPX Money Manager and "The Power of 72"


Maximilian Krah recently graduated from an international usurers program run jointly by the Columbia Business School and London School of Business. A video of the graduation ceremony was posted on youtube. It shows the Mossad-connected Oren Heiman speaking before the graduating class. Maximilian Krah is shown sitting in the first row, third from the right on the screen as the camera pans the audience.


As the speech reaches its peak (@7:28), Mr. Heiman implores his classmates never to forget "the power of 72:"


"Before I step down from this glorious podium I ask you--scratch that--I implore you not to forget the one tool we have been instilled with, the mother of all tools, the power grip of global business, of influence, and of the ability to do good[sic] in the world. We have constantly referred to this tool as the power of 72."



What is the point that Mr. Heiman wishes to emphasize so strongly to his fellow 'future world leaders.' When we cut through the sanctimony and mysticism we see quite simply he's talking about the power of compound interest. The power, law, or rule of 72 as it is alternately called is a formula for calculating the time it takes to double money at a given rate of interest.


But perhaps we shouldn't dismiss the mysticism entirely because it's evident that this is more than a mere mathematical equation to these people. The class is composed of a symbolic 72 persons, the ceremony is held in a chapel and Mr. Heiman refers to the 'power of 72' as "the mother of all tools." This is worth a closer look.


Infiltrator of Merchant of Venice philosophy into Christendom, Franciscan Friar, Luca Pacioli


One of the earliest written records of 'the power of 72' is found in the Summa de Arithmetica of the Renaissance Franciscan Friar, occultist, and mathematician, Luca Pacioli whose writings on double-entry bookkeeping remain influential today and, for good reason, are viewed by many as the genesis of modern capitalism. Fellow friars protested against Luca Pacioli "according to what we understand and see daily as a man who ought to be corrected." In response to the friars' concerns regarding this pioneer of our present death culture, he was appointed as head of his monastery by the Franciscan Superior General.


Luca Pacioli is yet another of many Renassaince figures in which avarice, mathematics and occultism, intersect in an ideology which is the progenitor of our rotten age.


Luca Pacioli believed, "all that is manifest throughout the inferior and superior universe, all of it must be by necessity subject to number, weight and measure," which is barely distinguishable from Queen Elizabeth's court occultist John Dee's belief that, "by numbers, a way is had, to the searching out, and understanding of every thing, able to be known. But the Catholic occultist, Luca Pacioli infiltrated this autistic principle into Christendom 60 years before John Dee.


Dear reader, underneath lavish usury-funded Renaissance edifices and artwork is veiled the coldest, inhuman, ungodly, materialist philosophy imaginable which cannot but yeild the most rotten of fruits.


This conceit that God and His creation can be entirely understood and replicated by mathematics is leading us towards destruction and usurious wealth 'creation' is at the root of this evil.


There is a certain contingent of traditionalists attempting to resurrect the most rotten aspects of occult, usurious renaissance Catholicism. Beware.



Max Krah [ptui!] congratulates China on 72 years of being a “People’s Republic”



Krah, “…China is back. It is once more what it had always been, the great country in Asia, the greatest national economy, and the most people, and no one needs to be afraid of it. We’ve become friends over the years. We should become partners….”


Krah is the ZIONIST who JUDAIZED the SSPX from his perch as their Financial Officer who brought millions of Guttman-Rothschild dollars into the SSPX coffers.


Recall that Chinese Communism is as Jewish as was Soviet Communism.



Rorate caeli? Rorate synagogae!


Bonetus [and New Catholic]



Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. Knesset


Pelosi Invokes Catholic Faith to Defend Illegals, But Not to Protect Unborn, Nuns

by Craig Bannister, February 7, 2018




Wednesday, during her House filibuster in support of protecting people illegally in the U.S., particular minors (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or “DACA”), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) invoked her Catholic faith:


“Maybe I should bring my rosary blessed by the pope... his holiness, Pope Francis, or the one before that, Benedict," she added. "I have the honor and privilege of receiving rosaries blessed by several popes in my lifetime.”


She goes on to quote Pope Benedict and Saint Augustine on just government and the dangers of power. But, Pelosi has a long history of rejecting Catholic Church doctrine when it comes to issues like abortion and protection of the unborn.


Pelosi has been repeatedly rebuked by bishops, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Catholic groups like the Catholic League for her pro-abortion stance. She has returned fire, calling bishops “lobbyists” – because they opposed an Obamacare mandate that violates Catholic teaching – and she has taken on nuns (The Little Sisters of the Poor) who sued to protect their religious freedom:



Pelosi isn't the only professed Catholic member of Congress to be publicly rebuked by Catholic clergy for supporting abortion. After 14 senators claiming to be Catholic voted against a bill to ban late-term abortion, Father Dwight Longnecker called on bishops across the nation to publicly inform those senators that they have excommunicated themselves.


Cardinal Spellman, homo & Zionist operative


Could blackmail à la Jeffrey Epstein/Mossad account for the homosexual*** Spellman’s assistance to the Synagogue of Satan?


Spellman Aid in Getting Israel into U.N. in 1949 Is Disclosed

New York Times, May 11, 1964, Page 1




*** “The Cardinal O'Connell and Cardinal Spellman Legacy” in The Rite of Sodomy by Randy Engel, Chapter 12



Dr. Taylor Marshall


The File on Taylor Marshall



Who is Taylor Marshall? Part 1: The Crucified Rabbi

by Dr. Jesse Russell, November 6 2020



Who is Taylor Marshall? Part 2: Infiltration

by Dr. Jesse Russell, November 19, 2020



Who is Taylor Marshall? Part 3: The Sword and the Serpent

by Dr. Jesse Russell, pending


Assessing Taylor Marshall’s Infiltration: Bold Exposé or Controlled Opposition?



“Abp.” Carlo Viganò and Taylor Marshall participate in Ecumenical Prayer Rally with Protestants and Jews


Canon 2316

Whoever in any manner willingly and knowingly helps in the promulgation of heresy, or who communicates in things divine with heretics against the prescriptions of Canon 1258, is suspected of heresy.


Canon 1258

§1. It is not licit for the faithful by any manner to assist actively or to have a part in the sacred [rites] of non-Catholics.

§2. Passive or merely material presence can be tolerated for the sake of honor or civil office, for grave reason approved by the Bishop in case of doubt, at the funerals, weddings, and similar solemnities of non-Catholics, provided danger of perversion and scandal is absent.


(1917 Code of Canon Law; Ed Peters translation.)




If the shoe fits…




The Infiltration Files




There is poison in the mother but her milk is pure? — We are at a loss for words at what Mr. Marshall says in this video where he tells listeners about his gross dream/vision he had. This is a video that has to be watched but once you do you’ll wish you could un-watch it.



gnosticism from Dr. Taylor Marshall — Taylor teaches his listeners that 888 is the number of Jesus which is contrary to what the Church teaches. In fact, St. Irenæus wrote this is, “the highest point of blasphemy”.



A Holy Land Pilgrimage with Taylor Marshall — Go to the Holy Land with Taylor Marshall and his immodestly dressed family with the numerology charged false apparition travel company. Have no fear though your spiritual leader with be a Novus Ordo priest who scandalously abuses Church vestments and sacramentals.



Who are the people that Taylor Marshall thanks in his books ‘The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity (The Origins of Catholicism, Volume 1)’ & ‘Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within’? — Marshall thanks many people in the acknowledgments  —Msgr. William H. Stetson, Bp. Kevin Vann, Cardinal William Baum, Archbishop John Myers, Bishop Kevin Farrell, Rabbi Jacob Neusner, Mark Drogin, David Moss, Roy Schoeman, Scott Hahn, Charles A. Coulombe, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and others — that’s a lot of Opud Judei members, Talmudic Jews, and more than a few people connected to then Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.



Infiltration — Who is really doing it? — Ever wondered about Taylor Marshall’s past? It’s all here: how he joined the Novus Ordo; his connections to Opus Dei, occultist tarot card diviner, gnostics; to sex-abusers in the Novus Ordo hierarchy, his rooting of Catholicism in modern Orthodox Judaism, his staging of the Pachamama ‘Splash’, and much, much more.



Taylor Marshall, “[Infiltration] is the greatest literary accomplishment of my life!” — How sad and embarrassing when Infiltration is a cornucopia of errors. Mistakes galore are exposed in these two podcasts.



Sins of omission are the worst kind...for a scholar. — Mr. Taylor Marshall misconstrues what Paul VI said about Vatican II telling his audience on his podcast and his book, Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within, that it isn’t binding.



Taylor Marshall thanks occultist infiltrator, Charles A. Coulombe, in Acknowledgements of ‘Infiltration’ — Marshall writes a book about the church being infiltrated and not only has an occultist proof read it but also advise him on it. One has to wonder if he had his future divined via tarot cards off-camera when he had this same occultist on his podcast.



Another Epic Fail in Taylor Marshall’s ‘Infiltration’ — Taylor Marshall write that Pope Saint Pius X was Polish in his book Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within. Does Marshall know how to do basic research much less use a search engine? How embarrassing!



Charles Coulombe



Ignorance or malefice?



The Charles A. Coulombe Arcana












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