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The Secret Of Frank Sinatra’s Success — Illegal Gun-Running For Israeli Haganah Terrorists

not just gun-running:


Sinatra’s own mother had a criminal record — and when she wasn’t selling illegal booze, she fronted as a “mid-wife” who performed back-alley abortions for profit — and became known in the neighborhood as “Hatpin Dolly.”


Abortion — a decidedly Jewish mitzvah [religious duty] — would become a way of life later on for the long-married Sinatra when he procured two abortions for the “love of his life,” his mistress, Ava Gardner — perhaps with the help of his close friend Mickey Cohen.




Gates • shabbos goy? Or crypto-Jew?

Sometimes it takes some digging to know.




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Bill Gates Was Much Closer To Jeffrey Epstein Than He Initially Let On



Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past [after the pedophile was convicted]



The Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein Connection Goes Deeper, as Both Shared Interests in Eugenics

by Lance D. Johnson, Stillness in the Storm, August 19, 2020



What in the world would Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates want with a convicted pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein? The disgraced Epstein had already been convicted of two counts of soliciting underage girls for prostitution before he met Gates. Still, Epstein’s influence in the world of billionaires remained. Flight logs show that Bill Gates flew privately with Epstein in 2013, long after Epstein was a known trafficker of young women. In one meeting, Bill Gates flew privately with Epstein to his infamous Palm Beach mansion, where several abuses had been reported over the years. The two were so cozy that Epstein ultimately listed Bill Gates’ former chief scientific adviser, Boris Nikolic, as an alternative executor to his final will. The biotech entrepreneur was “shocked” when this was revealed just days after Epstein’s alleged prison suicide.


The Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein connections (so far)


A spokesman for Bill Gates denies any business relationship with Epstein, but the flight records, shared biotech interests, and the internal emails don’t lie. These two men had more in common than meets the eye. Both had shared interest in eugenics, a perverted form of science that seeks to genetically enhance the human population by getting rid of undesirables. Eugenics is about controlling human reproduction to breed the most desirable genetic characteristics. Bill Gates openly talks about depopulation and Jeffrey Epstein was infatuated with creating a genetically superior race using his own semen to impregnate select women. According to scientists who spoke with the child sex predator, Epstein expressed interest in impregnating up to twenty women at a time at his New Mexico ranch to create “genetically superior” babies from some of the most successful people in society.


According to emails obtained exclusively by The New Yorker, Jeffrey Epstein “directed” Bill Gates to donate $2 million to a research lab in October 2014. MIT Media Lab directors handed over the emails and they clearly connect Gates to Epstein. Suspiciously, Gates has previously denied any business relationship with Epstein. A Gates spokesperson told Business Insider, “Although Epstein pursued Bill Gates aggressively; any account of a business partnership or personal relationship between the two is categorically false.”


What else could Gates be lying about now?


Is pedophilia just the beginning of evils among the most powerful men in the world? What kind of research were Epstein and Gates trying to fund? Why would billionaire Bill Gates take direction from Epstein in the first place? Why was Gates so influenced by Epstein that he would obey Epstein’s research wishes to the tune of $2 million?


The Gates spokesperson that refuted a business relationship between the two also refuted the MIT emails, stating, “Any claim that Epstein directed any programmatic or personal grantmaking for Bill Gates is completely false.”


However, according to The New Yorker, MIT lab director Joi Ito and former Director of Development and Strategy, Peter Cohen, worked hard to get anonymous donations from Epstein and allowed the pervert to influence how the money was spent. Epstein helped MIT Media Lab secure donations from investor Leon Black and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The October 2014 email, sent by lab director Ito, clearly contradicts Gate’s denial.


It reads, “This is a $2M gift from Bill Gates directed by Jeffrey Epstein.” Cohen’s follow-up email read, “For gift recording purposes, we will not be mentioning Jeffrey’s name as the impetus for this gift.” In another follow-up email, Epstein instructs Ito to come up with a lab write-up by request of Bill Gates. When Ito asked Epstein what kind of write-up was needed, Epstein replied, “more specofic [sic] so that he can fund.” Epstein’s influence and the lab write-up helped secured $7.5 million from Gates and Black. This revelation has led MIT’s General Counsel to conduct an internal investigation into the correspondence between MIT lab directors and Epstein.


The Bill Gates-funded evil that is parading in broad daylight


This story isn’t about Bill Gates being a pedophile, nor does it accuse him of doing wrong for interacting with Jeffrey Epstein. It does however bring light to the eugenics-founded, population control scheme that Bill Gates is currently rolling out. It’s called “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment” — a geoengineering program that will inevitably alter the biosphere, cause food shortages, and eventual depopulation.


Now, in order to get this research funded and implemented across the skies, the people have to be convinced that there is a problem that demands swift, global intervention. This problem is sold to the public as “climate change,” and the answer for “climate change” that is now being accepted is a climate manipulation scheme called geoengineering. This Bill Gate’s-funded geoengineering experiment is an evil form of genocide and population control parading in broad daylight as science.


This lovely science project, SCoPEx, utilizes Gate’s limitless funds and enlists Harvard University to replicate the effects of a volcanic disaster by spraying the stratosphere with particulate matter to block the sun. The experiment is supposed to replicate the 1815 Mount Tambora eruption, which filled the atmosphere with so much particulate matter everyone called it “the year without a summer.” Because all plants need sunlight and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis to occur, this dimming of the sun caused food crops to fail and people to starve. Is this what Bill Gates really wants?


These depopulation efforts are no longer conspiracy; they are being carried out under the banner of “saving the planet from climate change” and are being carried out by the world’s richest, most powerful financiers.






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To be clear that the Synagogue of Satan has gentile accomplices:


Melinda Gates claims to be Catholic (and Bill Gates claims to attend a Catholic church for “moral” reasons), but they fund contraception and other depopulation agendas. Meanwhile Melinda wore a Satanic symbol, an upside-down cross,* for her NBC Today Show interview promoting global Covid-19 vaccination and ‘health passports’ on May 8, 2020.


*St. Peter was crucified upside down, but Melinda is not sitting in or “subsisting in” the Chair of Peter.

She never will be a Pope and such upside down crosses have never been acceptable wear for Catholics.



Gates, Fauci, and Birx


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The Wilmington morning star. [volume], April 29, 1947