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So what?


Intelligence is no predictor of  salvation or even of common decency, so we develop this topic only to pierce yet another of the habitual tribal lies. Race and intelligence are hotly disputed topics in which science, ideology, and pseudo-science are liberally admixed, so we will not go deeply down the research rabbit hole, but will simply offer an overview that (unsurprisingly) bursts the Master Race claims of superior intelligence and benevolence.


Much of the “research” (like the junk-science on gun control) is “from the Jews.” Most of the “studies” proffered by Jews as evidence of their superiority are flawed by “cherry-picking.” Typically they only compared a single select and homogeneous Jewish sub-tribe (skewed towards high-functioning professionals) with a heterogeneous “control group” of Gentiles (skewed towards “blue collar” Gentiles). Honest scientists deride that as “cherry-picking.” How special. How predictable. How (((stereotypical))).




Jewish “researchers” will typically measure and compare a select, hence unrepresentative, subset of White European Jews with a phony “control group” of racially and socially “diverse” group of Gentiles. Jewish “researchers” will not compare professional White European Jews with professional White European Gentiles or compare a heterogenous group of Jews with a heterogenous group of any race (Yes, there are important racial disparities in intelligence).


Israel, the U.S., and U.K. have (1) heterogeneous Jewish populations (e.g., physicians and truck drivers) and (2) more or less the same percentage of non-white “others,” hence a comparison of Israel, the U.S., and the U.K. is apropos and revealing. Predictably the “high IQ of Jews” vanishes.


The average IQ in Israel reported in 2019 is 95 compared with 97 in the U.S. and 99 in the U.K. Jews use their “high IQ” lie to mask their hostile nepotism. In the face of the demonstrable Jewish IQ discrepancy, 92 actual vs. 110 claimed, Jewish professional and financial “success” can only be explained by (1) Jews’ hostile nepotism and (2) Judaism’s exhortations of malevolence against non-Jews. What doctor, lawyer, or academic has not seen these Jewish strategies at work? These strategies were demonstrated by Prof. Kevin Macdonald in The Culture of Critique. Our forebears, the Apostles, Saints, Doctors, Popes, and Councils, have warned us about these strategies for millennia. Jesus Christ Himself warned us about these strategies throughout His ministry.


other manipulations


Judeo-Communist genocide devastated the Gentiles under Jewish occupation. Most demolished were the Gentile intelligentsia. Killing the brightest Gentiles artificially “raised” comparative Jewish intelligence against the genocided control group.


The comprehensive, thoroughly validated, and widely accepted Stanford-Binet IQ test was pushed aside by Jews in favor of the Jewish-promulgated Wechsler IQ test, a simplified test that skirted Jewish intellectual weakness in areas such as logic and spatial conception.


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World IQ 82

Becker update V1.3.2 by James Thompson, April 10, 2019




The ‘Default Hypothesis’ Fails to Explain Jewish Influence

by Kevin MacDonald, Occidental Observer, January 1, 2022




The role of Jewish activism in the transformative changes that have occurred in the West in recent decades continues to be controversial. Here I respond to several issues putatively related to Jewish influence, particularly the “default hypothesis”that Jewish IQ and urban residency explain Jewish influence and the role of the Jewish community in enacting the 1965 immigration law in the United States; other issues include Jewish ethnocentrism and intermarriage and whether diaspora Jew sare hypocritical in their attitudes on immigration to Israel versus the United States. The post-World War II era saw the emergence of a new, substantially Jewish elite in America that exerted influence on a wide range of issues that formed a virtual consensus among Jewish activists and the organized Jewish community, including immigration, civil rights, and the secularization of American culture. Jewish activism in the pro-immigration movement involved: intellectual movements denying the importance of race in human affairs; establishing, staffing, and funding anti-restrictionist organizations; recruiting prominent non-Jews to anti-restrictionist organizations; rejecting the ethnic status quo as a goal because of fear of a relatively homogeneous white majority; leadership in Congress and the executive branch.…





hostile tribal nepotism


Even if we gullibly accepted the Jewish claims at face value, the measured average IQ from those “studies” cannot explain the massive over-representation of this tiny (1-2%) minority in the country’s power nodes. At 1 to 2% of the US population, the Jews’ claimed average IQ of 110 would barely earn 4-5% of those “smart” professional positions they boast of occupying. Hostile tribal nepotism is in play.


the Nobel Prize selection process • more nepotism


When confronted with irrefutable evidence of Jewish malevolence, the refrain is often, “but look at all we do for you [lesser species]” and the gratuitous “proof” is “look at all the Jewish Nobel prize winners.”


The article, ‘Jewish Bias and the Nobel Prize’, suggests that the over-representation in America is 26:1 and explains:


…it is up to the extended Nobel Committee…to choose from the short list of candidates. At this stage the most important factor is the number and status of the scientists who support a particular nominee…And it is here that Jewish scientists can and do [make] use of their talent for networking (with other Jews) and their exceptional verbal intelligence. We might not be able to see a full explanation for the J-bias in higher Jewish IQ or preferential selection of intellectual [careers] by Jews. The probable remaining explanation is the stronger advocacy behind Jewish than behind Gentile scientists. The somewhat higher IQ, the somewhat preferential selection of intellectual jobs and the strong and effective Jewish networking together add up to the 26-fold J-bias. It is readily understandable that there are 26 times more ‘mentors’ (mostly other Jews) behind every successful Jewish scientist than behind a successful Gentile scientist in the USA.

Jewish Bias and the Nobel Prize

by Jan C Biro MD., PhD, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden & Homulus Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, USA.



High Jewish IQ Debunked


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Whenever Jewish genocide, terrorism, and misanthropy are incontrovertibly proven, Jews propose that their “geniuses” offset Jewish crimes against humanity, but the math is not even close.


So… “What about Marx?”



See: Perpetrators, Genocide, and


Sighing at the Secrets of Jewish Genius • Rebuttal to Bret Stephens’s The New York Times Column

by Vladislav Krasnov, Unz Review, February 3, 2020



…and “What about Einstein?”


Einstein • (((media))) puffery and cover-up


After the 19th. century Michelson-Morley experiment disproved movement of the Earth through the heavens—re-read that carefully, “After the 19th. century Michelson-Morley experiment disproved movement of the Earth through the heavens,” Einstein first offered “his” (plagiarized) Special Theory of Relativity, only to contradict himself about the presence of “the ether” in space and the limited speed of light with “his” (again plagiarized) General Theory of Relativity. Both theories were confounded by Sagnac in 1913 and Michelson-Gale-Pearson in 1925.


Einstein was a debauched fraud and plagiarist who abandoned his wife and children to die while he shacked up with his cousin. He died from rupture of a syphilitic aortic aneurysm. He has been lionized as a “genius” only because he was one of (((them))).


Exposing the Real Albert Einstein



The Great Einstein Hoax

by Herb Rose, ISBN-13 978-1478748090



The Manufacture and Sale of St. Einstein • Volumes 1-5

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Albert Einstein was a Fraud



Einstein, plagiarist of the century

by Richard Moody, Jr., Nexus Magazine, Volume 11, Number 1 (December 2003-January 2004)



Jew icon Einstein was rabidly racist, xenophobic