big lies • hysterical name-calling • tribal desperation

evidence trumps name-calling


When you nail Jews with incontrovertible evidence of their Satanic creed and evil behavior, their only defense is lies and name-calling. You can be sure that they will attack you with a tsunami of vile hysterical name-calling: “blankety-blank haters, Nazis, anti-Semites, basement-dwelling fags, mentally-ill losers envious of the great wisdom, universal humanitarianism, ‘genius,’ and material wealth of Jews… blah, blah, blah….”


When you repeatedly nail Jews with incontrovertible evidence, you can be sure that they will attack you with a tsunami of the rabbis’ tricks:


  • misdirection, attempting to conceal that malefactors and criminals are Jews (“Portuguese” slavers, “Russian” mafia, Young “Turks,” etc.),
  • reliance on their habitual lies,
  • distraction from facts by name-calling, invidious nicknames,
  • attempts to destroy opponents’ livelihood and professional reputation,
  • dirty tricks,
  • presumptuousness,
  • side-stepping actual issues, introducing “red herrings” and “straw men,”
  • use of gentile quislings, “Uncle Toms,” shabbos goyim,
  • leveraging connections with persons of influence, landlords, employers, creditors, etc.,
  • parroting Jewish talking points across the broad expanse of Jewish-owned media,
  • unseemly histrionics,
  • insinuating self-destructive advice through pretended friends,
  • hate mail, threats, actual violence.