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Has Putin Really Defected from the Great Reset?



Does the KGB have pederasty kompromat on their own boss Putin?



‘I wasn’t ticklish. It felt good’: How boy, five, described tummy kiss that sparked Putin paedophile claims - as Russian president said ‘I wanted to stroke him like a kitten’

  • Vladimir Putin kissed young Nikita Konkin's stomach in Red Square in 2006
  • Nikita, then five, was so proud of moment he refused to wash his tummy
  • But image led Alexander Litvinenko [later assassinated by polonium poisoning] to accuse Putin of being a paedophile
  • Ex-spy claimed in blog film existed of Putin having sex with young boys



Jewish Roots of Russian President Vladimir Putin

“In the first [edition] of Putin’s book: First Person: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia’s President it says his mothers maiden name was Shalomovitch – which apparently is a Jewish name. Yet in the second addition, it conveniently changes to Shelomova. …”



At Putin’s side, an army of Jewish billionaires

"We have to keep our Jewishness and be united in the Diaspora," says Russian Jewish Congress VP.

By Gil Stern Shefler, Jerusalem Post, June 26, 2012



After more than 60 million Russians genocided, many Russians get it.




Putin? Not so much.




Putin…an ethnic Jew through his mother


Борис Березовский, президент Фонда гражданских свобод:

— Ответ будет симметричен: Путин переедет в Израиль, получит израильское гражданство как этнический еврей по матери, получит десятилетнюю визу в США и выступит в сенатском комитете с опровержением Невзлина.


Boris Berezovsky, President of the Civil Liberties Foundation:

— The answer will be symmetrical: Putin will move to Israel, receive Israeli citizenship as an ethnic Jew through his mother, receive a ten-year visa to the United States and speak in the Senate committee with a refutation of Nevzlin.



Jewish oligarchs in Russia



Putin’s Holocaust Obsession

by Andrew Joyce



Putin prayed for Moshiach

(and then the photos were purged)



machine translation: As previously reported, during his official visit to Israel, Putin under cover of night on June 26, 2012, accompanied by [his rabbi and handler] Berl Lazar and FEOR President Alexander Boroda ( in the Russian media, information was launched that Putin was not accompanied by him, but by the Chief Rabbi, according to KEROOR Shayevich ! ) visited the main Jewish shrine, the Wailing Wall, where he put on a kippah and joined the prayer of the Hasidic rabbis ( see photo ):




Moreover, according to Putin, to offer prayer at the Wailing Wall was his “long-standing and cherished dream”: http://rublev-museum.livejournal.com/328138.html




“Russia originally evolved as a multi-nationality and multi-confessional state.  You know Orthodox Christianity and some theorists agree with this, it is much closer to Islam than to Roman Catholicism.”

Vladimir ‘defender of Christianity’ Putin, December 16, 2010




“Ex”-Mossad Rabbi Aaron Rothkoff:


“Chabad owns Russia. Putin a a Chabadnik. … Putin is a Chabadnik and there are reasons why.”

10m 39s - 10m 59s

My Life as a Mossad Agent in Russia

by Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff



But, so are Biden and Trump and they are all working together to the same plan to bring in the Jewish moshiach anti-Christ and his 10 kingdom 'multipolar' world (Daniel 7:24 and Apocalypse 17:12).


Key world officials working as Chabad ‘Soldiers of the House of David’ to bring the moshiach anti-Christ

Biden, Putin, Trump, Lapid, Bennett, Netanyahu.



Chabad: "In his own words, the Rebbe described himself as obsesses with Moshiach."

6th para

Yearning for Moshiach



He is not the only one!


“The Rebbe Rashab (Chabad Rebbe 005), referred to his students as ‘Soldiers of the House of David,’ ie. their task is to bring about coming of Moshiach.”

answer 8

13 Q&A About the Meal of Mashiach



The Chabad Rebbe’s “emissary” Biden 2010: “…the whole world needs Chabad.”

para 21

ההתבטאויות המפתיעות, הקשר ההדוק עם שלוחי הרבי • פרופיל

ג'ו ביידן

The Surprising Statements, The Close Relationships with the Rebbe’s Emissaries:

Joe Biden



Putin spoke about Chabad as if he were an emissary’




Russian analyst Eduard Khodos, an expert on the Jewish sect Chabad:



1. A key point that goes unnoticed by most people today: “All the work is done. Moshiach is already here." Those. all Judeo-Chabad and Masonic politics, the actions of the World Government today are controlled directly by the Antichrist. And the chain of world events is built by them in such a way that on the appointed day and hour they will raise their boss to the throne: Moshiach - the Antichrist. And the time is near: "All the work is finished."

2. The second key point is that the timing of the coming of the Antichrist is determined not by the World Government, but by ourselves, humanity itself.” [emphasis original]

(conclusion 1 - near end).

Вся работа закончена. Машиах уже здесь. Аналитическая справка о ведущей силе Мирового правительства

All work is finished. Mashiach is already here. Analytical note on the leading force of the World Government



Moscow Shliach [Chabad agent] Meets Biden: Moscow Shliach Yankie Klein reveals details of his recent meeting with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, during his recent visit to Russia.





Putin is a proven fraud and communist.

Russia and China are in final preparations for military conquest of the West. World War 3 is the final act in a long-range synagogue script to achieve world Jewish domination.

The Perestroika Deception: Behind the Mask – parts 1 & 2





Guest Speaker: Chief Rabbi Lazar



Putin's Chabad Rabbi Berel Lazar: “To be Jewish [in Russia] is to be first in line. The Russian people love the Jews and Israel. Russia is so pro-Jew and pro-Israel” time stamp 21m 20s - 22m 56s



“…a place that was so antisemitic…”??? time stamp 21m 41s

Oh really? Judeo-Communist Russia was “antisemitic”? Tell that to the 61 million Gentiles killed by Judeo-Communism. http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/MEGA.HTM


“Putin & I built a connection. Any issue that comes up, whether it’s a problem in the Jewish community, whether it’s antisemitism, he’s always ready to help. This has been an incredible open line. Whenever we [Jews] need something, whenever there’s an issue and a need, he’s there to help. A lot of good things have happened to the Jewish community thanks to his understanding & appreciation of the Jewish community. He believes there is a future for Jews here [Russia] & he’s ready to do whatever is needed [for the Jews]. It is incredible what Russia has done for Israel, it is something that nobody knows. In a quiet way without announcing it anywhere, he [Putin] said thank God that the Jewish community was able to build such a friendship, and we have a friend in the Kremlin. We have a close friend in the Kremlin who has done things that nobody even knows about. Bibi Netanyahu sees me, he tells me, the first time he met Putin was in your office [Rabbi Lazar’s office] and we sat for an hour and a half and that is how our friendship was built. That was a historical moment for the future of the Jewish people in Israel. Bibi said I’m not sure where we would have been today with Syria, with the Arabs [without Putin]. There is a beacon of light in this country with what has happened to the Jewish community, and no question that he [Putin] has a big share in it.”

time-stamp 41m 3s - 43m 27s



qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent…


At Putin's side, an army of Jewish billionaires

"We have to keep our Jewishness and be united in the Diaspora," says Russian Jewish Congress VP.

by Gil Stern Shefler, Jerusalem Post, June 26, 2012



Putin donated first million to massive Moscow Jewish museum

“Across the street was a massive Jewish museum, one of the nicest I have ever seen, attracting thousands of weekly visitors, telling the story of the Jewish people and its heritage. ‘How did you get the money for this?’ I asked Rabbi Lazar. He smiled and said that the first million came from the private charity of Vladimir Putin. ‘The rest was easy.’”



Chief rabbi discusses Jewish life in Vladimir Putin’s Russia during Canadian tour

by Janice Arnold,  The Canadian Jewish News, August 29, 2018


Jewish life in Russia is flourishing and that “rebirth” can be attributed largely to President Vladimir Putin, said Chabad-Lubavitch’s head emissary to the Russian Federation.


“Today, it is very cool to be Jewish in Russia,” said Rabbi Berel Lazar. “Hundreds of thousands of Jews are reconnecting to their roots. Communities have been re-established across the country.…For the first time in hundreds of years, they are proud of their Jewishness.”


In Moscow, he said, “It’s almost like living in Israel.”


…In 1999, soon after he became the acting prime minister, Putin created the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia and made Rabbi Lazar its chair. The Kremlin has recognized him as the country’s chief rabbi since then.




Quoting Jewish media Sha'a Tova:


The most influential Chabad followers in the world ● Special

חסידי חב"ד המשפיעים ביותר בעולם ● מיוחד


Rabbi Berel Lazar

"Rabbi Lazar is without a doubt one of the most influential figures in the Jewish world. He is in close contact with Russian presidents. The ties are exploited for the benefit of the Torah of Israel and the people of Israel. In the Red Square, thanks to it, dozens of historic buildings were returned to Jewish hands, in addition to the government's many activities in coordination with the Chief Rabbi. "





“What helps us [Jews] a lot are the connections that Rabbi Berel Lazar and his assistants have with President Putin and various people in the government.”

Jewish Revival in a Former Top Secret Soviet City

Beis Moshiach Magazine, July 18, 2013




Soviet-Israel nexus - Netanyahu, Lazar, Putin, Leviev:


Association of Communities at the 5th Conference: "One Million Jews, 250 Cities"

איגוד הקהילות בכנס החמישי: "מיליון יהודים, 250 ערים"


The Fifth Conference of the Union of Jewish Communities in Russia, held every four years in Moscow, was a great success. Sent by the heads of state, including the letter of Russian President Mr. Dimitri Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister Mr. Vladimir Putin, Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu ● Participated and spoke: Minister of Religious Affairs R. Yaakov Margie who came especially from Israel The Peoples R. Levi Leviev, President of the Association of Communities in Russia R. Alexander Barda, Ambassador of Israel to Russia and more.…





(((Anti-Nazi Group))) Secretly Helping Kremlin Rebuild Russian Empire





Where is the WWJ when you need them?


This is not just “theory.” These Chabadniks in funny hats are dangerous and influential. They are putting Judaism’s supremacist “theory” into globally destructive action.


Chabad Control of East and West





“Who would have imagined that this evil empire [a revealing admission that Judeo-Communism was “an evil empire”] would collapse in a few years?

Yes! There was and is such a person - a Jewish sage and prophet, the head of world Jewry and the Chabad movement - the Lubavitcher Rebbe SHLITA King Moshiach. From distant America, the Rebbe actively influenced the ruling elite of the Kremlin, predicted a mass exodus of Jews from Russia, prevented a nuclear war, and promoted global geopolitical restructuring.”


Кто бы мог подумать, что эта империя зла рухнет через несколько лет?


Да! Был и есть такой человек - еврейский мудрец и пророк, глава мирового еврейства и движения Хабад - Любавичский Ребе ШЛИТА Царь Мошиах. Из далекой Америки Ребе активно влиял на правящую верхушку Кремля, предсказал массовый исход евреев из России, предотвратил ядерную войну, способствовал глобальной геополитической перестройке.

3rd paragraph

The collapse of communism in the USSR was predicted by a Jewish prophet

Распад коммунизма в СССР был предсказан еврейским пророком



Chabad Rabbi Bernover tells how Rebbe Schneerson 'predicted' to him in 1985, the 'fall' of the Soviet Union in 1991

When did the Lubavitcher Rebbe foresee the fall of the Soviet Union?

interview in English




How did the leader of the Soviet Union react to the Rebbe's vision?



Hence; Chabad Journal:


“Chabad and the Rebbe through his Chassidim and shluchim have tremendous influence over a vast number of powerful associations and individuals, including philanthropists, politicians, celebrities, presidents, prime ministers, etc. While Chabad is not raucous and strident like some political party, under the surface it is a movement with a great deal of power and impact.”

Page 19

Melech Ha'Moshiach on the Small Screen

by Menachem Mendel Arad

Translated by Michoel Leib Dobry




2013 Jewish article:


“Chabad, also known for its excellent governmental connections in Washington, Jerusalem and Moscow, is now the world's largest network of Jewish financial acquaintances, connections and involvement in the world. The Soviet Union, but also everywhere else, from Kathmandu to Buenos Aires and the Batya Souvenir, a voluntary network with ideological elements of mission, almost missionary in nature, whose ties to the center in Brooklyn are moral and spiritual, but not financially and organizationally anchored.”

paragraph 4

This is how Chabad became a strong Jewish-financial networking network

כך הפכה חב"ד לרשת נטוורקינג יהודית-פיננסית חזקה




Putin and framed photo of “the Messiah” Schneerson at Еврейский музей и центр толерантности

(Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center) July 1973



agitprop or a delusion?


“Communist ideology is very similar to Christianity...”




Judaism, Islam, and, not merely schismatic, but heretical, Russian Orthodoxy are officially sanctioned religions in Russia today.


Catholicism is officially denigrated and persecuted.


How Does Putin Treat the Catholic Church in Russia?






Chabad-controlled Putin/Russia pushing ‘defensive/liberation’ narrative for Ukraine invasion


“Russian state media spins Ukraine invasion as liberation.”



2018: Putin states the Soviets ‘liberated’ Eastern Europe in World War 2 despite the Soviet imposition of totalitarian communism on Eastern Europe.


“The Holocaust was one of the blackest, most shameful and tragic pages in all of human history. Even today, our hearts still refuse to accept this monstrous cruelty that the Nazis committed. It was the Soviet Army that put an end to this madness and saved from destruction not just the Jewish people but many other nations too.”


14 m 09 s - 14m 34 s




Zelensky Says His Goal is to Turn Ukraine Into a ‘Greater Israel’



Putin is the same (He just doesn't say the quiet parts out loud).

But sometimes Putin's sayanim slip and say the quiet part out loud.


Israel slams Putin adviser for claim Ukraine to move Jews into ‘cleansed’ area




Putin quotes Talmud in reference to Russia’s territory


“All that you’ve mentioned, this remains the eternal, basic values. It’s not by accident that in the Toyrah [She' Beal Peh] it is written, that giving up territory – this is a great sin.”

Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club with the participation of Vladimir Putin

Sochi, Russia, 10/19/2017

В.Путин: То, что Вы сказали, это и остаётся вечными, базовыми ценностями. Не случайно в Торе написано, что отказываться от территории – это большой грех.

 Заседание Международного дискуссионного клуба «Валдай» с участием Владимира Путина



See videos at:

Putin quotes Talmud in reference to Russia’s territory



Former Osraeli President Reuven Rivlin, “President Putin you were born and grew up in the city of Leningrad I saw the house where you were born I saw the Jewish grandmother who took care of you from time to time your family survived the difficult siege...”


The same agitprop will be used in the coming World War 3 attack on Edom, the West

Russian Jewish satanist, Alexander Dugin***:


‘In the spring of 2014, Dugin seemed to have reconsidered the Neo-Eurasianist idea of western Ukraine belonging to Mitteleuropa. He argued that, 'in its liberationist battle march' not only will Russia not stop at Crimea, central and western Ukraine, but will aim at ‘liberating Central and Western Europe from Atlantacist invaders.’ His inflammatory writings attracted a lot of media attention, and since his ideological narrative overlapped with the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine he was called 'Putin’s brain.’”

19th para

Putin's brain?

by Anton Shekhovtsov, September 12, 2014



***A Primer on Duginism

read and download here



Soviet military defector Major General Jan Sejna who defected in 1968, on long-planned World War 3 ‘liberation’ of Europe narrative:


“Portions of the Soviet plans for seizing control of the United States following a nuclear strike were described by the head of the Administration for Special Propaganda to Sejna just prior to Sejna’s defection. The description provides an interesting insight into the possible nature of Soviet plans and, in a certain regard, their efforts to clothe mechanisms in indigenous or nationalistic trappings (ie. as Dugin portrays, that the West must be ‘liberated'’). In 1967 the Soviets believed that, in addition to strikes against nuclear and critical military targets, roughly 110 nuclear strikes would be adequate to cripple the United States. In the attack, Europe would not be destroyed. Rather, Moscow would launch a propaganda campaign to tell the Europeans that the Soviets had saved their lives. The United States would be blamed for starting the war and an international committee for the neutrality of the United States would be formed. Pressure would be produced from the left and from Europe and elsewhere for the United States to give up.”

10th para





“Promising them liberty, whereas they themselves

are the slaves of corruption.”

2 Peter 2:19





Army General Reveals How Judeo-Masonic Oligarchs, Chabad Lubavitch Jews, And The C.I.A. Gained Control Of Ukraine



Ukraine General Tells Who Runs the Ukraine




and of course, there are those “blessings” from the Jews like the sodomite Zelensky:


Ukrainian President Zelensky pretends to play the piano with his penis




We’ll spare you Zelensky’s full latex, high heels, and codpiece video, but…













Russian acronym



ЖИРСПК – жиды из русских сделали подопытных кроликов

ZHIRSPK - Jews made guinea pigs out of Russians




БЖСР! – бей жидов, спасай Россию!

BZhSR! - beat the Jews, save Russia!







Russian aphorisms about Jews


Еврей похож на свинью: ничего не болит, но он продолжает визжать.

A Jew is like a pig: nothing hurts, but he keeps squealing.


Кто покупает у еврея, роет себе могилу.

Who buys from a Jew digs his own grave.


Еврей, обещающий исцеление, подобен смерти, обещающей жизнь.

A Jew promising healing is like Death promising life.


Евреи сеют ростовщичество и пожинают несчастья.

Jews sow usury and reap misery.




Russian aphorisms from Jews


Все народы можно разделить на две категории: тех, кто изгоняли евреев и тех, кто не впускали их к себе.

All peoples can be divided into two categories: those who expelled the Jews and those who did not let them in.


Here's a seriously delusional one:


Евреев ненавидят за их достоинства, а не пороки.

Jews are hated for their virtues, not their vices.