big lies • “save any life, save an entire world” …Oh, really?


In another phony pose of universal humanitarianism Jews claim their “Torah” treats saving any life, Jew or Gentile, as “saving an entire world.” As you expect, this is just another BIG JEWISH LIE. In a religion that teaches only Jews are human, of course only Jewish lives are valuable.


Babylonian Talmud (also known as “the Bavli”), Sanhedrin 37a:




 The Davidson translation:





The Soncino translation:





What is all the more remarkable about these professions of the value of Jewish lives is that the Davidson and Soncino translations are among the most carefully sanitized for Gentile audiences.


Here is an infamous site that routinely attempts to vindicate the Talmud:



As you can see for yourself, the site claims there is a more general endorsement of saving lives, even of gentile lives, at Sanhedrin 4:1 (22a) of the Jerusalem Talmud (also known as the Talmud Yerushalmi or Palestinian Talmud). This is the same tribe that insist there is no "Palestine," yet there seems to be a Palestinian Talmud. Layers upon layers of lies.


The differences between the two Talmuds are expounded by the rabbis here:



Anyway here is the allegedly exculpatory Sanhedrin 4:1 of the Jerusalem Talmud:



Not one word saving anyone’s life, Jew or Gentile!


I encourage readers to read the entire Sanhedrin 4:1 to appreciate the abject insanity of the Talmudic mind and people.