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All these disguises of the shapeshifters are quintessentially talmudic—derivative of the deceitful parable of Moed Katan 17a that teaches Jews that when they are tempted to do evil, they should disguise themselves, then do their evil in another place where they are not known.  The Talmud is full of corollary instructions to do evil against gentiles providing there is no blowback on the tribe

(“the name of Heaven”).



“Chameleon Judaism”


It is well worth examining a corollary of Judaism's hermeneutic of deceit, “Chameleon Judaism,” a term coined by Michael Hoffman to encapsulate Judaism’s propensity for misdirection, disguise, and false flags.  In context of Judeo-Communism, a key deceit is that Marx was an atheist, so wasn’t really a “Jew.” An alternate deceit, based on a single poem of Marx is that he was a satanist (as if the synagogue of Satan isn’t satanist). In fact, Marx was from a solid line of orthodox rabbis. Satan’s chosen people pretend that Marx apostatized, but Marx was actually a disciple of Rabbi Moses Hess who developed Communism to destroy Christianity. There is an entire chapter on Rabbi Hess in Hoffman's tome Judaism Discovered. Marx affectionately called Rabbi Hess, “my communist rabbi.”


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“Another of Marx’s guides, Levi Baruch, emphasised to him that the revolutionary elite of Jews were not to reject Judaism and that they should be called traitors to their own people if they did so. As sham Christians, some Jews had reached the highest positions in the Church and civil town administration in Spain in the 16th century (the Inquisitor Lucero and many others). Baruch propagated the same tactics for ‘revolutionary Jews’ – they were to hide their Judaism behind Marxist phrases.


“When one of Baruch’s letters to Marx was published, its contents caused a big scandal, which they wanted to silence at once. This letter explained, among other things, that it would be easy for Jewry to get into power with the help of the proletariat. Thus the new governments were to be led by Jews who would forbid all private property so that all these riches came into Jewish hands, or made the Jews administrators of the fortunes and estates. In this way an old dream which the Talmud speaks of, namely that all the riches of the world would come into the hands of the Jews, was to be fulfilled. In his letter, Baruch also made it clear that the goals of Judaism were power over the whole world, a mingling of the races, abolition of national frontiers, elimination of the royal families and finally the founding of the Zionist world state.”

Under the Sign of the Scorpion: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire

by Jüri Lina, ISBN 978-9197289771, https://www.amazon.com/Under-Sign-Scorpion-Soviet-Empire/dp/9197289779


The deceit  of “atheistic” Communism meshes with another old trick designed to gain plausible deniability for Satan's tribe. Having been expelled from hundreds of nations, principalities, and city-states because of their crimes against humanity (and even simple treason like, during the times of the Reconquista, the “Jews” who opened city gates at night to allow entry for Muslims to cut the throats of Christian families asleep in bed), Satan’s chosen people eventually learned the art of false flags.  They have disguised themselves as “Portuguese” slavers, Young “Turks,” “Russian” mafia, “Austrian” economists, “atheistic” Communism, “Hollywood” pornographers, Marranos, Dönmeh, “neocons,” “international” financiers, etc. All these disguises of the shapeshifters are quintessentially talmudic—derivative of the deceitful exhortation of Moed Kattan 17a that teaches Jews that when they are tempted to do evil, they should disguise themselves, then do their evil “in another city.”  The Talmud is full of corollary instructions to do evil against gentiles providing there is no blowback on the tribe.



White when convenient, non-white when they ramp up their race-baiting, culture-destoying agitprop:

Towards a Concept of White Wounding

by Jesse Benn, https://www.huffingtonpost.com/jesse-benn/towards-a-concept-of-whit_b_7985986.html



Once you learn of the fundamentals of Judaism—racial supremacism, genocide, megalomania, deceit—you will laugh at the tribe’s pose of being universal humanitarians who benevolently dispense wisdom and scientific advances upon the lesser inhabitants of this planet.


All, of course, is derivative of their spiritual lineage, not Abraham or Moses (as “Christian” Zionists insist with their fingers in their ears), but the Father of Lies and Murder:


“You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.” John 8:44




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“Russian” mafiaSemion MogilevichJewish “capo di tutti capo” of the “Russian” mafia



The Judeo-Russian Mafia – From the Gulag to Brooklyn to World Domination

by Ian Greenhalgh - December 2, 2016



The Judeo-Russian Mafia and the Bloodbath to Come

by Dr Lasha Darkmoon






Rothschilds Crime Syndicate = Jewish Russian Mafia = Red Mafiya = Red Octopus = Jewish Mafia = Linked to Mossad + CIA + AIPAC + ADL + Federal Reserve +…



and research leads on their shabbos goyim:


Trump; Clinton; Jewish Mafia; CIA Sex Rings



Jew Gangster… er… um… “Russian-Jewish billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich” to the front of the immigration line:





The History of the Jews and the Mob



“…the tremendous contributions of the Jewish mob…” - Myron Sugerman



“TOPICS INCLUDE: Jack Ruby, Bugsy Siegel, Dutch Schultz, Sam Levine, Zalman Resnick, David Ben-Gurion, Panama, Hyman Larner, Mickey Cohen, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, Hollywood, Irgun, Israel, Meyer Lansky, mob, mafia, Myron Sugerman, terrorism, Warner Bros., zionism, Rashi, Abner Zwillman, Arnold Rothstein, chabad, founding of Israel, Haganah, Menachem Begin, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Micky Marcus, Murder Incorporated, smuggling arms to Palestine, Jewish underground, KKK, Fr. Charles Coughlin, Lucky Luciano, government, OSS, Fritz Kuhn, brownshirts, German-American Bund, Orthodox Jews are criminal gang, anti-semitism, worshiping the ‘Rebbe’, etc...”

Myron Sugerman on the interconnectivity between the Zionist State of Israel and the Jewish Mafia




Israel, A Promised Land For Organized Crime




crypto-Jews, Dönmeh


the Armenian genocide. The Young “Turks” were Jews and crypto-Jews, Dönmeh.… the House of Saud sultans are also crypto-Jews, Dönmeh.… Wahhabism was also founded by crypto-Jews, Dönmeh.



While Christendom was being subverted by crypto-Jews, Marranos, Islam was being subverted by other crypto-Jews, Dönmeh. The genocide of Armenians was perpetrated by Jews and crypto-Jews who, in typically deceptive fashion, called themselves Young “Turks.” When one learns that the House of Saud descended from Dönmeh, one begins to perceive the otherwise opaque Saudi-Israeli alliance.





The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Parts I & II)




…Although known to historians and religious experts, the centuries-old political and economic influence of a group known in Turkish as the “Dönmeh” is only beginning to cross the lips of Turks, Arabs, and Israelis who have been reluctant to discuss the presence in Turkey and elsewhere of a sect of Turks descended from a group of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th and 17th centuries. These Jewish refugees from Spain were welcomed to settle in the Ottoman Empire and over the years they converted to a mystical sect of Islam that eventually mixed Jewish Kabbala and Islamic Sufi semi-mystical beliefs into a sect that eventually championed secularism in post-Ottoman Turkey. It is interesting that “Dönmeh” not only refers to the Jewish “untrustworthy converts” to Islam in Turkey but it is also a derogatory Turkish word for a transvestite, or someone who is claiming to be someone they are not.


The Dönmeh sect of Judaism was founded in the 17th century by Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, a Kabbalist who believed he was the Messiah but was forced to convert to Islam by Sultan Mehmet IV, the Ottoman ruler. Many of the rabbi’s followers, known as Sabbateans, but also “crypto-Jews,” publicly proclaimed their Islamic faith but secretly practiced their hybrid form of Judaism, which was unrecognized by mainstream Jewish rabbinical authorities. Because it was against their beliefs to marry outside their sect, the Dönmeh created a rather secretive sub-societal clan.



Armenian genocide


The Dönmeh rise to power in Turkey


Many Dönmeh, along with traditional Jews, became powerful political and business leaders in Salonica. It was this core group of Dönmeh, which organized the secret Young Turks, also known as the Committee of Union and Progress, the secularists who deposed Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II in the 1908 revolution, proclaimed the post-Ottoman Republic of Turkey after World War I, and who instituted a campaign that stripped Turkey of much of its Islamic identity after the fall of the Ottomans. Abdulhamid II was vilified by the Young Turks as a tyrant, but his only real crime appears to have been to refuse to meet Zionist leader Theodore Herzl during a visit to Constantinople in 1901 and reject Zionist and Dönmeh offers of money in return for the Zionists to be granted control of Jerusalem.


Like other leaders who have crossed the Zionists, Sultan Adulhamid II appears to have sealed his fate with the Dönmeh with this statement to his Ottoman court: “Advise Dr. Herzl not to take any further steps in his project. I cannot give away even a handful of the soil of this land for it is not my own, it belongs to the entire Islamic nation. The Islamic nation fought jihad for the sake of this land and had watered it with their blood. The Jews may keep their money and millions. If the Islamic Khalifate state is one day destroyed then they will be able to take Palestine without a price! But while I am alive, I would rather push a sword into my body than see the land of Palestine cut and given away from the Islamic state.” After his ouster by Ataturk’s Young Turk Dönmeh in 1908, Abdulhamid II was jailed in the Donmeh citadel of Salonica. He died in Constantinople in 1918, three years after Ibn Saud agreed to a Jewish homeland in Palestine and one year after Lord Balfour deeded Palestine away to the Zionists in his letter to Baron Rothschild.…


…it was the aim of the Young Turks to destroy the Armenians, who were mostly Christian. The Young Turks, under Ataturk’s direction, also expelled Greek Christians from Turkish cities and attempted to commit a smaller-scale genocide of the Assyrians, who were also mainly Christian.…


What will surprise those who may already be surprised about the Dönmeh connection to Turkey, is the Dönmeh connection to the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia.


An Iraqi Mukhabarat (General Military Intelligence Directorate) Top Secret report, “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots,” dated September 2002 and released on March 13, 2008, by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency in translated English form, points to the Dönmeh roots of the founder of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab. …


In his book, The Dönmeh Jews, D. Mustafa Turan writes that Wahhab’s grandfather, Tjen Sulayman, was actually Tjen Shulman, a member of the Jewish community of Basra, Iraq. The Iraqi intelligence report also states that in his book, The Dönmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahhabis, Rifat Salim Kabar reveals that Shulman eventually settled in the Hejaz, in the village of al-Ayniyah what is now Saudi Arabia, where his grandson founded the Wahhabi sect of Islam. The Iraqi intelligence report states that Shulman had been banished from Damascus, Cairo, and Mecca for his “quackery.” In the village, Shulman sired Abdul Wahhab. Abdel Wahhab’s son, Muhammad, founded modern Wahhabism.


The Iraqi report also makes some astounding claims about the Saud family. It cites Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim al-Shammari’s book, The Wahhabi Movement: The Truth and Roots, which states that King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, the first Kingdom of Saudi Arabia monarch, was descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Moishe, a Jewish merchant also from Basra. In Nejd, Moishe joined the Aniza tribe and changed his name to Markhan bin Ibrahim bin Musa. Eventually, Mordechai married off his son, Jack Dan, who became Al-Qarn, to a woman from the Anzah tribe of the Nejd. From this union, the future Saud family was born.


The Iraqi intelligence document reveals that the researcher Mohammad Sakher was the subject of a Saudi contract murder hit for his examination into the Sauds’ Jewish roots. In Said Nasir’s book, The History of the Saud Family, it is maintained that in 1943, the Saudi ambassador to Egypt, Abdullah bin Ibrahim al Muffadal, paid Muhammad al Tamami to forge a family tree showing that the Sauds and Wahhabs were one family that descended directly from the Prophet Mohammed.…



Jewish Young Turks Were Murderers!


....Who Were The Jewish Young Turks?

Talaat Pasha: A “Donmeh” Jew. Interior Minister of Turkey during WW I. Chief architect of the Armenian Holocaust.

Djavid Bey: “Donmeh Jew.” Talaat’s Finance Minister.

Messim Russo: Assistant to Djavid Bey.

Refik Bey: Editor of Young Turk newspaper Revolutionary Press; Prime Minister of Turkey in 1939.

Emanuel Qrasow: Jewish propagandist for The Jewish Young Turks.

Vladimir Jabotinsky: Russian Bolshevik who moved to Turkey in 1908. Editor of the newspaper Young Turk.

Alexander Helphand: Liaison of the Rothschilds. Editor of The Turkish Homeland.

Mustafa Kemal Attaturk: A Jew of Sephardic origin. Attaturk attended the Jewish Elementary school known as the Semsi Effendi School run by the Jew Simon Zvi.