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Adam‘s bestiality, curing the flu with dog manure, farting whores, Jonah the flasher, prophesy by penis, & trannies

At tractate Yebamoth 63a the Torah teaches that “Adam had intercourse with all the beasts and animals” in the Garden of Eden.

At tractate Gittin 69b the Torah teaches that the cure of a ‘catarrh’ (the flu) is to “take the excrement of a white dog kneaded with balsam.”

At tractate Avodah Zarah 17a the Torah teaches about the whoremonger Rabbi Eliezer and his expensive farting whore.




More wisdom from the whoremonger rabbi • Rabbi Eliezer reports that Jonah scared the whale by   flashing the whale with the “seal of our father Abraham” (his circumcized penis).



Source: Pirkê de Rabbi Eliezer : (the chapters of Rabbi Eliezer the Great)
according to the text of the manuscript belonging to Abraham Epstein of Vienna





At tractate Sanhedrin 105a-b the Torah teaches Balaam could perform divination with his penis, when he wasn't busy committing bestiality with his talking donkey.


continuing at Sanhedrin 105b



from https://www.sefaria.org/Sanhedrin.105b.4?lang=bi&with=all&lang2=en





‘Wisdom’ from Chabad-Lubavitch on Isaac from the Old Testament... he was actually a female soul born into a male's body until he prayed to god and god swapped souls - male for female



...in fact Isaac originally had the soul of Eve but it was swapped for the soul of Abel



Every non-Jew female who wishes to convert and become a Talmudic Jew is a male soul trapped in a female body








Cross-Gender Soul Migration "Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Nine, Section 2,



Isaac: Laughter and Metamorphosis, Gal Einai - Revealing the Torah’s Inner Dimension, 7 May 2017



A Torah Lesson on ‘Gender’ & Reincarnation

November 14, 2019





The 'wisdom' just doesn't stop. This time from Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (aka Isaac Luria) on "Cross-Gender Soul Migration". When it comes to kabbalah craziness is the order of the day.



the prurience of those tricky “Jews” • Gittin 57a



on tigers