economic crimes against humanity


The worst Jewish swindles are global in scope and deadly in outcome so these worst swindles are not fairly distinguished from genocide. Jewish economic crimes against humanity rarely make “the news” and if these crimes are ever reported at all, the reports appear in history books that fraudulently blame “the other guy” and  vindicate the Jewish perpetrators.


Even if you and your loved ones don’t die from starvation or wars engineered by the Jews, their “lesser” economic crimes steal your life bit by bit. However you labor to feed yourself and your family, “money” is a proxy for the hours of your life. When a man robs you, he takes hours of your life that will never be replaced. For this reason the Jews’ economic crimes against humanity are as much capital crimes as their war crimes and genocide. They must be prosecuted and punished as such and all their dynastic and nouveau looting must be repatriated.


“All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which, consequently,
is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples.”

Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348


Jewish commerce can be characterized by two manifestations: 1) it is based on the exploitation of the work of others without any productive activity of its own and 2) it is characterized by gambling and speculation on the differential in values as the way to achieve riches.

Jüdisches Erwerbsleben, by Georg Ratzinger, “Pope” Benedict XVI’s great uncle, in
Jewish Privilege: Is it a Hate Crime to Call Roberta Kaplan a “chubby lesbian kike”?
by Dr. E. Michael Jones, Culture Wars, July/August 2019, pp. 20-33.


Jews comprise only around 2 percent of the United States population, they contribute at least 9 percent of lower category white-collar crimes (bank embezzlement, tax fraud and bank fraud), at least 15 percent of moderate category white-collar crimes (mail fraud, false claims, and bribery),

and at least 33 percent of high category white-collar crimes (antitrust and securities fraud). Jews were responsible for an astonishing 23.9 percent of financial crime in America.

Crimes of the Middle Classes: White-Collar Offenders in the Federal Courts

by D. Weisburg, (Yale University Press, 1991), p. 72



Israel: A Refuge for Swindlers



Consider a fraction of economic crimes against humanity.


The 1930s Great Depression

The US domestic gold seizures

The 1934 Silver Purchase Act

 Citibank’s Great Chinese Gold Robbery

The Worldwide Gold Robbery – The US FED

 The 1933 Jewish Declaration of War and Economic Boycott of Germany

The Attempted 1933 Jewish Fascist Coup in America

 The Takeover of China

Preparation for WWII against Germany

The Jews Were Busy in the 1930s

by Larry Romanoff




Slavery and Forced Labor



Canals: Panama and the Suez

Cash Management

Germany’s Hyperinflation

Central Banks

Recessions and Depressions

Looting the Oil Industry in 1983

Looting Americans 1975 to 2022

The Great Gold Robbery – Part I – The US FED

US Silver Purchase Act of 1934

Citibank – The Great Gold Robbery

The Spoils of War

Japan’s Golden Lily

Treasure Island

Seizure of German Industrial Assets

Operation Paperclip

Hijacking Countries with Oil Production


The World Bank and the IMF. Infrastructure and Debt

Warmongering and Financing

Currency and Commodity Manipulation

The Richest Man in the World




smaller swindles


Oy veh! Another Cohencidence! The swindlers are at it again… and again…



War crimes, election-fixing, murder, economic crimes against humanity, and swindling pensioners—Only Jews do this!



The Synagogue of Satan hates having competition for their banksters’ fiat currency, traceable Central Bank Digital Currency, usury, metals & commodity manipulation, paper ETF “assets,” and other capital economic crimes against humanity!




Excellent video unravels a complex web of (((swindling)))






Jew WEF disappears their connection to Jew Bankman-Fried


THEN: https://web.archive.org/web/20221013135233/https://www.weforum.org/organizations/ftx • NOW: https://www.weforum.org/organizations/ftx

“It’s like déjà vu  all over again!” Just like when the Jews boasted that Communism was theirs—until the body count became widely known—then suddenly the Jews pretended they had little or nothing to do with Communism: http://judaism.is/perpetrators.html



Jew Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX Ponzi scheme to fund .Soros/.zog mid-term selections with Ukraine millions—fleecing goy pensioners was just a bonus!





Jew Criminal fleeing to Occupied Palestine???





Ukraine Partners With FTX, Everstake to Launch New Crypto Donation Website


Hedge fund admits half its capital stuck on FTX exchange


Canadian teachers could have a $95 million hole in their pensions due to the FTX crypto implosion


Jew swindler Bankman-Fried looted $2.2BILLION from FTX before collapsing it.… then…

at the bail hearing told the judge he had little money.




wait for it…


mega-swindling Jew boy is a…


“victim of antisemitism"



Is (((Bankman-Fried))) also…


a “holocaust survivor)))?




again… again… and again…


Jew fag bankster Barney Frank at collapsing Signature Bank “needs to make money!” — Poor baby!



USSA Central Bankers Stole $7 Trillion After Government Locked People Down



Israel: A Refuge for Swindlers



Rabbi Samuel Hiller charged with stealing $12.4 million from school for disabled kids




(((Former nursing home owner))) sentenced to 30 months in prison
for embezzling millions from workers




Four Israelis arrested for defrauding millions of Euros from Germans



The [Poway Chabad] Rabbi…

by Gilad Atzmon, JULY 17, 2020 https://gilad.online/writings/2020/7/17/the-rabbi

Hours after leaving the hospital, his wounded hands wrapped in blue bandages, Chabad Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who survived the Poway synagogue shooting, steeled himself to face the national media and delivered an emotional account of the attack.… The Rabbi didn’t miss an opportunity to shout:  “Am Yisrael Chai, the nation of Israel is alive, do not fear and do not falter, Because God is protecting us and we will survive, we will grow and get stronger and stronger…”


In the days following the shooting, the whole of America empathised with the Rabbi, he ticked all the right boxes: a Jew, a victim, a survivor. …The Rabbi didn’t miss an opportunity to shout:  “Am Yisrael Chai, the nation of Israel is alive, do not fear and do not falter, Because God is protecting us and we will survive, we will grow and get stronger and stronger…” …Our Chabad rebbe didn’t manage to maintain his reputation for long.  This week most  American news outlets reported that the  “Rabbi Shot in Poway Synagogue Attack pleaded guilty to federal charges of elaborate tax and wire fraud involving fake "donations" to the Chabad of Poway.”


Rabbi Goldstein pleaded guilty to a scheme involving the misuse of at least $6.2 million in contributions and donations to the synagogue. Of those millions, Goldstein admitted to keeping approximately $620,000 for himself.


The details of his fraudulent operation are alarming: Robert Brewer, United States Attorney for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, held a news briefing Tuesday in San Diego to detail what he called “an elaborate, long-term scheme” by Goldstein that “involved careful planning, attention to detail and significant deception all to give the appearance of legitimate donations to the Chabad and lawful deductions.”


Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein of Poway admits to tax fraud




see also: Rabbi Hurt In Poway Synagogue Shooting Admits Tax Fraud



The Jewish community leader wasn’t a lone operator. Goldstein pleaded guilty to his role in a scheme where donors (as many as 18 found so far), made large contributions to Chabad of Poway, but then secretly got most of their money back. Typically, Goldstein would keep a portion of the contribution — 10% — then funnel the rest of the funds back to the donor.


The LA Times reports that “with help from an unnamed office administrator at the synagogue and others, Goldstein would generate charitable giving receipts on Chabad letterhead acknowledging the donors’ “generous tax deductible donation,” according to the court document.”  So someone who donated $100 would  receive in return $90 and a receipt for a charitable donation of $100. The missing $10 went to the rabbi.


 According to US Attorney Brewer, the investigation into Goldstein’s alleged tax fraud began in November 2016. The rabbi knew he was under federal investigation long before the Chabad of Poway shooting and, according to Brewer, had been preparing to plead guilty to tax and wire fraud since late 2018.


 The federal documents reveal that agents with the IRS and the FBI executed search warrants at Goldstein’s home and the synagogue on Oct. 17, 2018 – six months before the synagogue attack. This means that when Rabbi Goldstein was invited to the White House and the UN General Assembly and was presented as an ‘American hero,’ he was already suspected of a tax fraud operation. The FBI and the IRS suspected that the Chabad rabbi wasn’t exactly a righteous man. More troubling is the acknowledgment that when the Rabbi addressed the American people from a White House podium he already knew that he was suspected of stealing taxpayer money.


 America gives Israel about 4 billion dollars of its taxpayers’ money year after year. The actions of Zionist rabbi together with some members of his  congregation in defrauding the US tax authorities and stealing money from the state that scarifies its future and its young soldiers for Israel are really unthoughtful.


But there is also good news here. Not many American news outlets failed to point at the ‘victim’ rabbi who fraudulently pocketed American taxpayers’ money. Maybe America’s tolerance is wearing out.




Orthodox Rabbi Philip Esformes Charged in Unprecedented $1B Medicare Fraud Case in Miami

by Luke Ford, August 2, 2019 https://lukeford.net/blog/?p=102824

“Beside the fact that they’re anti-mental health and anti-black, they’re probably anti-Jew because I’m an ordained rabbi”

Also tied to the College Admissions scandal with other Jews



Israel’s Three Largest Banks Pay Hundreds of Millions in Fines For Helping US Citizens Evade Taxes

by Eve Mykytyn, March 17, 2019



Fake study program for Israelis in Michigan allegedly defrauded U.S. of $40 million

by Molly Boigon, Forward Magazine, January 17, 2020

“The government unsealed the records after deciding not to take on the case, but the whistleblower may proceed with her private lawyers, and the Department of Justice may decide to intervene later on. If she wins her case, the government will still collect damages.… Rabbi Yudi Mann, the institute’s marketing and study abroad manager, allegedly struck deals with yeshivas and seminaries in Israel to purchase demographic information about students, which staff then used without their knowledge to create dummy profiles and “enroll” them in fake classes at Michigan Jewish Institute. The institute also allegedly “invented fictitious students,” according to the complaint. The students’ information would allegedly be used to apply for Pell Grants, a form of federal financial aid for college tuition. The grant money would be shared between Michigan Jewish Institute and the participating yeshiva or seminary.”

Interesting. $40 million fraud and no prosecution. Such a deal!



Maryland rabbi who peddled fake Holocaust Torahs sentenced to four years for fraud

by Martha Wexler and Jeff Lunden, October 11, 2012

“Jewish donors opened their pocketbooks wide to Maryland Rabbi Menachem Youlus, the self-proclaimed “Jewish Indiana Jones.” He spun cloak-and-dagger tales of ‘rescuing’ sacred Torah scrolls lost during the Holocaust, but those tales were lies. …admitting he made up his thrilling adventures. Despite Youlus’s claims that he found holy relics at concentration camps, in monasteries and in mass graves, passport records show he never traveled to Europe. Rather, prosecutors said, Youlus bought old Torahs from local dealers who made no claims the scrolls had Holocaust-related historic value.… Prosecutors said in a 43-page sentencing memo that Youlus was motivated by greed. They found he had used his fabricated tales to raise $1.4 million for his charity. As recently as a few weeks ago, they said, he was liquidating and reassigning his considerable assets to avoid paying restitution.…”



A Cure for Cancer? Israeli Scientists may have found one

by Maayan Jaffe-Hofman, Jerusalem Post,   January 28, 2019

“We believe we will offer in a year's time a complete cure for cancer.… Our results are consistent and repeatable.”





The ‘Complete’ Cancer Cure Story Is Both Bogus and Tragic

by Megan Molteni, Wired, January 31, 2019

 “the company has not conducted a single trial in humans or published an ounce of data from its completed studies of petri dish cells and rodents in cages. Under normal drug development proceedings, a pharmaceutical startup would submit such preclinical work to peer review to support any claims and use it to drum up funding for clinical testing. AEBi’s PR move might be an attempt at a shortcut. In an interview on Tuesday, the company’s founder and CEO, Ilan Morad, told the Times of Israel that lack of cash flow is the reason AEBi has elected not to publish data.”




Another set-up


“CTS Labs, a Tel Aviv-based hardware security company announced the vulnerabilities [of certain AMD processors, competitors against the Meltdown and Spectre-compromised Intel processors] on a sleek ad hoc website and in videos published Tuesday. The company also published a white paper that explains what the vulnerabilities are without including their full technical details. Among the most explosive claims in the white paper is the idea that there are ‘an array of hidden manufacturer backdoors inside AMD’s Promontory chipsets’ and “the Ryzen and Ryzen Pro chipsets, currently shipping with exploitable backdoors, could not have passed even the most rudimentary white-box security review.”



Another sting!


Can AMD Vulnerabilities Be Used to Game the Stock Market?

“A shady financial firm tried to bury and short sell AMD-based on several security vulnerabilities discovered by CTS Labs. But the tactic appears to have failed….The researchers, who work for CTS Labs, only reported the flaws to AMD shortly before publishing their report online. Typically, researchers give companies a few weeks or even months to fix the issues before going public with their findings. To make things even stranger, a little bit over 30 minutes after CTS Labs published its report, a controversial financial firm called Viceroy Research published what they called an ‘obituary’ for AMD. ‘We believe AMD is worth $0.00 and will have no choice but to file for Chapter 11 (Bankruptcy) in order to effectively deal with the repercussions of recent discoveries,’ Viceroy wrote in its report. CTS Labs seemed to hint that it too had a financial interest in the performance of AMD stock. ‘We may have, either directly or indirectly, an economic interest in the performance of the securities of the companies whose products are the subject of our reports,’ CTS Labs wrote in the legal disclaimer section of its report.”



The Zionist Criminal Network

by Christopher Bollyn

Journaliste Sans Frontières



Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation Over Missing $4 Billion in Global Corruption Probe

by Jay Syrmopoulos, The Free Thought Project,  May 12, 2016

After decades of operating with impunity the veil of invincibility is seemingly coming off the secretive Rothschild banking empire



Swindler’s List


Swindler’s List update



Seven Arrested, Including Rabbi, in Alleged $14 Million Scam

A rabbi was among seven people arrested in connection with an alleged $14 million scam to steal funds earmarked for Orthodox yeshivas in New York state's Rockland County. The suspects arrested Wednesday afternoon are accused of requesting funding for Hasidic schools through a federal school technology funding program for underprivileged students, NBC New York first reported. The internet is banned in the insular schools for which the funds were requested. Those arrested, from heavily haredi Orthodox Monsey and the Satmar Hasidic village Kiryas Joel, allegedly bilked the E-Rate program funded by the Federal Communications Commission. They posed as consultants and vendors to obtain the funds, but never provided the funded services. The scam took place from 2010 to 2016.


See also: Seven NY Orthodox arrested in $14 million scam to steal school money



Kiryas Joel in New York is a salient example of the many “Jews-only” communities where, if you are a gentile:


  • You cannot own property or rent property within the incorporated legal boundaries.
  • You will be told that the community is for “Jews only”.
  • You cannot send your gentile children to the “publicly funded” public schools.


However, 93% of those Kiryas Joel Jews receive “money from the government,” which is to say “money from tax-farmed goyim.” Government social workers are not allowed to look in on the care of Jewish children. Many financial, health care, and other criminal schemes and scams are run out of that “Jews-only” community.

The courts and city attorneys have all been taken over by this Jewish supremacist scam.


Rapid growth of Hasidic Orthodox population creating havoc in NY-NJ communities




Is Israel Turning a Blind Eye as Israeli Scammers Swindle Victims in France, US, Elsewhere?

by Alison Weir, Unz Review, November 14, 2018

Investigations reveal a pattern of Israeli officials stone-walling efforts to stop the perpetrators of massive financial swindles in various countries, from Europe to the US to the Philippines… While some Israeli reporters work to expose the scams, a new one is already underway


Thanks to Government Inaction, Israel Has Become a Haven for International Scammers and Fraud

by Alison Weir

French and Israeli media report that a group largely made up of Israelis scammed 3,000 French citizens out of approximately $20 million. Most of the stolen money is in Israel, but Israeli authorities are reportedly failing to cooperate with France in prosecuting the scammers and retrieving the money. This is the latest of numerous examples of Israeli officials stonewalling international efforts against the perpetrators of massive financial swindles around the world, according to Israeli investigative journalists and others. These scams have brought estimated billions into the Israeli economy, propping up a regime widely condemned for human rights abuses and ethnic cleansing against indigenous Palestinians. Together, the stories paint a picture of a government that seems to be turning a blind eye to - and even protecting - scammers. [and pedophiles!]





Truth remains truth no matter who speaks it.



Israel: The Promised Land of Organized Crime








the kosher tax swindle • more here




Netanyahu scandals • Israeli corruption—Surprised?


In a plea deal, Netanyahu’s wife convicted of fraud

An Israeli court on Sunday convicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, of fraudulently using public funds to pay for expensive restaurant meals, according to local media, Anadolu Agency reports.

Sarah Netanyahu was ordered to pay 55,000 shekels ($15,277), Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

The conviction came on the basis of a deal between the Israeli public prosecutor and Sara Netanyahu’s lawyer under which she pleaded guilty to the charges in return for payment of the amount mentioned.

On Sunday, Netanyahu arrived at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court and admitted to buying meals from luxury restaurants, despite the constant presence of a chef at the prime minister’s government residence.

Sara Netanyahu will pay a fine of 10,000 shekels (some $2,777), and reimbursement of 45,000 shekels (some $12,500) to the state coffers in exchange for a lesser charge of “deliberately exploiting the mistake of others.”



Netanyahu scandals reflect corruption at the heart of Israeli society

by Jonathan Cook, 2/3/2017


“…But the reach of Israeli corruption is global. As a self-declared Jewish state, one that formally regards every Jew in the world as being personally invested in Israel, a network of personal and financial ties that are intentionally opaque has developed between Israeli businesses and officials, on the one hand, and overseas Jewish organisations [sic], donors, investors and criminals, on the other.


Israeli authorities are aware that criminal gangs with international connections, often in the former Soviet Union, recycle their money in the Israeli economy, often laundering it in real estate purchases. A leaked U.S. embassy cable in 2009 warned [WikiLeaks: Russian mob laundered $10b with Israeli assets] that Israel was in danger of becoming a ‘promised land’ for organised crime.


The Haaretz newspaper observed recently that this underground economy had become so big – with an annual turnover reaching as much $39 billion – Israel could find itself on the same list as Iran as ‘one of the leading state financiers of global terrorism’.…”






Is Netanyahu Finished? [Don’t hold your breath!]

by Chuck Baldwin, 2/9/2017