the mortal sin of usury

And if you love them that love you, what thanks are to you? for sinners also love those that love them.  And if you do good to them who do good to you, what thanks are to you? for sinners also do this.  And if you lend to them of whom you hope to receive, what thanks are to you? for sinners also lend to sinners, for to receive as much.  But love ye your enemies: do good, and lend, hoping for nothing thereby: and your reward shall be great, and you shall be the sons of the Highest; for he is kind to the unthankful, and to the evil. Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.

Luke 6:32-36



Usury is defined by the Church as the taking of any profit on a loan of money.


“Nor may any defense be summoned to justify that guilt, either from this fact

that the gain is not excessive and overmuch, but moderate…”

Vix pervenit, Pope Benedict XIV to the bishops of Italy, November 1, 1745 §3-II



“In the first place, it is obvious that not only is wealth concentrated in our times but an immense power and despotic economic dictatorship is consolidated in the hands of a few, who often are not owners but only the trustees and managing directors of invested funds which they administer according to their own arbitrary will and pleasure.

“This dictatorship is being most forcibly exercised by those who, since they hold the money and completely control it, control credit also and rule the lending of money. Hence they regulate the flow, so to speak, of the life-blood whereby the entire economic system lives, and have so firmly in their grasp the soul, as it were, of economic life that no one can breathe against their will.”

Quadragesimo Anno, Pope Pius XI, May 15, 1931 §105-106



The Church has always taught that usury is prohibited, incorporating the prohibitions of the Old Testament.1  By no means an exhaustive listing: Apostolic Canons, the Council of Arles (314 A.D.), Council of Nicaea (325 A.D.)2, First Council of Carthage (345 A.D.), Council of Aix (789 A.D.), Council of Vienne (1311 A.D.), Second Lateran Council (1139 A.D.)3, the decretal In civitate tua of Pope Alexander III (1159-81 A.D.)4,  the epistle Consuluit nos of Urban II (1185-87 A.D.)5, the edict Ex gravi ad nos of the Council of Vienne (1311-12 A.D.) that abolished the order of moneylender (and sodomite) knights, the Templars6, the Summa of St. Thomas Aquinas7, and the encyclical Vix pervenit, Pope Benedict XIV to the bishops of Italy, November 1, 1745.8








1 Exodus 22:25, Leviticus 25:35-40, Deuteronomy 23:19-20, Psalm 14:1-5, Ezekiel 18:8-13

[See also 2 Esdras  (Nehemiah) 5:7] .


2  “§17 Forasmuch as many enrolled among the Clergy, following covetousness and lust of gain, have forgotten the divine Scripture, which says, He has not given his money upon usury, and in lending money ask the hundredth of the sum [as monthly interest], the holy and great Synod thinks it just that if after this decree any one be found to receive usury, whether he accomplish it by secret transaction or otherwise, as by demanding the whole and one half, or by using any other contrivance whatever for filthy lucre’s sake, he shall be deposed from the clergy and his name stricken from the list.”


3  “§13 Moreover the detestable and shameful and, I say, insatiable rapacity of money lenders, forbidden both by divine and human laws throughout the Scripture in the Old and in the New Testament, we condemn, and we separate them from all ecclesiastical consolation, demanding that no archbishop, no bishop, no abbot of any rank, nor anyone in an order and in the clergy presume to receive moneylenders except with the greatest caution. But during their whole life let them be considered disreputable and, unless they repent, let them be deprived of Christian burial.”


4  “In your city you say that it often happens that when certain ones are purchasing pepper or cinnamon or other wares which at that time or not the value of more than five pounds, they also promised to those from whom they receive these wares that they will pay six pounds in a stated time. However, although a contract of this kind of according to such a form cannot be considered under the name of usury, yet nevertheless the sellers incur sin, unless there is a doubt that the wares would be of more or lesser value at the time of payment. And so your citizens would look well to their own interests, if they would cease from such a contract since the thoughts of men cannot be hidden from Almighty God.”


5  “Your loyalty asks us whether or not in the judgment of souls he ought to be judged as a usurer who, not otherwise ready to deliver by loan, loans his money on this proposition that without any agreement he nevertheless received more by lot; and whether he is involved in that same state of guilt who, as is commonly said, does not otherwise grant a similar oath, until, although without payment, he received some gain from him; whether or not that negotiator ought to be condemned with a light punishment, who offers his wares at a price of far greater, if an extension of the already extended time be asked for making the payment, then if the price should be paid to him that once. But since what one must hold in these cases is clearly learned from the Gospel of Luke in which you said: “give mutually, hoping nothing thereby” [cf. Luke 6:35], men of this kind must be judged to act wrongly on account of the intention of being which they have, since every usury and superabundance are prohibited by law, and they must be effectively induced in the judgment of souls to restore those things which have been thus received.”


6  “If anyone shall fall into that error, so that he obstinately presumes to declare that it is not a sin to exercise usury, we decree that he must be punished as a heretic.”


7  Summa, Second Part of the Second Part, Question 78, Article 2, Pt. II-II, Reply Obj. 5: “He who lends money transfers the ownership of the money to the borrower. Hence the borrower holds the money at his own risk and is bound to pay it back: wherefore the lender must not exact more.”


8  “...(Sec 3), I. That species of sin which is called usury, and which has its proper seat and place in a contract of lending, consists in this: that someone, from the loan itself, which of its very nature demands that only as much be returned as was received, which is more to be returned to him than was received, and therefore contends that some profit beyond the principal, by reason of the lending, is due to him. Therefore, all profit of this sort, which surpasses the principal, is unlawful and is usurious.


“2. Nor may any defense be summoned to justify that guilt, either from this fact that the gain is not excessive and overmuch, but moderate, is not great but meager; or from this, that he from whom that profit is asked, because of the loan itself, is not a poor man but rich, who is not going to leave this sum given to him as a loan idle but is going to spend it advantageously to increase his fortune either by buying new estates or by transacting profitable business. Indeed, that person is convicted of acting contrary to the law of lending, which necessarily is concerned with the quality of what is given and returned, who, while that same equality has already once been rendered, does not fear to demand something more from someone, by reason of the lending itself, for which satisfaction has already been made on equal terms; and hence, if he should receive it, he will be obligated to restitution by reason of his obligation in justice, which they call commutative justice, and whose purpose it is both to preserve inviolably inhuman contracts to a quality property each one, and to repair it exactly when it is not observed.”











Catholics are bound to the Magisterium against usury:


“Further, by divine and Catholic faith, all those things must be believed at which are contained in the written Word of God and in tradition, and those which are proposed by the church, either in a solemn pronouncement [ex cathedra Extraordinary Magisterium ], or in her ordinary and universal teaching power [a.v.,  ‘what has always and everywhere been taught,’ Ordinary Magisterium ], to be believed as a divinely revealed.”

Vatican Council, Session III Dogmatic Constitution Concerning the Catholic Faith (April 24, 1870) in Denzinger, Enchiridion Symbolorum, The Sources of Catholic Dogma, §1792


Since the infallible teaching of the Church is that usury (profiting even a little from a loan of money) is a mortal sin, the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (“IOR” or “Vatican Bank”) is indeed one of the great scandals of our Church. While there are many who have proposed that interest that is not “biting” may be acceptable, there are no magisterial documents that allow any profit on a simple loan of money. There are no magisterial documents that allow “non-biting” interest. Vix pervenit8 acknowledged that there may be “intrinsic titles” that may be recovered in addition to the principal (for example, the apportioned expense of storing pawned goods in a mons pietas), but interest is definitely not one of those “intrinsic titles.”  A lender may recover the actual out-of-pocket expenses for making a loan (honestly apportioned office rent,  clerical salary for accounting to service the loan, notary fee, etc.), but the lender may not profit over and above the actual out-of-pocket cost of making the loan—No “lost investment” premium, no “time value of money,” no interest, or any of the synagogue’s money-changer tricks.


That said, an investor in a business may profit from a bona fide investment, but cannot simply structure a loan without risk and pretend it is an investment.  Guaranteed profit without risk to the investor is the critical determinant.




“The Jewish people fell from the heights because of their faithlessness and condemned their Redeemer to a shameful death. Their godlessness has assumed such forms that, for the salvation of our own people, it becomes necessary to prevent their disease. Besides usury, through which Jews everywhere have sucked dry the property of impoverished Christians, they are accomplices of thieves and robbers; and the most damaging aspect of the matter is that they allure the unsuspecting through magical incantations, superstition, and witchcraft to the Synagogue of Satan and boast of being able to predict the future. We have carefully investigated how this revolting sect abuses the name of Christ and how harmful they are to those whose life is threatened by their deceit. On account of these and other serious matters, and because of the gravity of their crimes which increase day to day more and more, We order that, within 90 days, all Jews in our entire earthly realm of justice -- in all towns, districts, and places -- must depart these regions.”

Pope St. Pius V, Hebraeorum gens



Contrast Catholic theology on usury with Jewish pilpul on usury:


“In modern language this term denotes a rate of interest greater than that which the law or public opinion permits; but the Biblical law, in all dealings among Israelites, forbids all ‘increase’ of the debt by reason of lapse of time or forbearance, be the rate of interest high or low, while it does not impose any limit in dealings between Israelites and Gentiles. Hence in discussing Jewish law the words ‘interest’ and ‘usury’ may be used indiscriminately.


“There are three Biblical passages which forbid the taking of interest in the case of ‘brothers,’ but which permit, or seemingly enjoin, it when the borrower is a Gentile, namely, Exodus 22:24; Leviticus 25:36,37; Deuteronomy 23:20,21.


“The Hebrew word for ‘usury’ is ‘neshek,’ meaning literally ‘a bite,’ from its painfulness to the debtor; while in Leviticus 25:36,37 ‘increase’ is the rendering of the Hebrew ‘marbit’ or ‘tarbit’ which denotes the gain on the creditor’s side, and which in the later Hebrew becomes ‘ribbit.’ Lending on usury or increase is classed by Ezekiel (18:13,17) among the worst of sins. See also Psalms 15 [in Catholic Bibles Psalms 14:5], in which among the attributes of the righteous man is reckoned the fact that he does not lend on usury.”


“Usury” entry. Jewish Encyclopedia, 1901 edition, https://www.studylight.org/encyclopedias/eng/tje/u/usury.html


Judaism defines a hierarchy with Jews as the only “humans” (adam) and a variety of lesser status Gentiles as non-humans:

  • ger tzedek (Hebrew: גר צדק‎, “righteous alien” ), a full convert to Judaism who can never have the same status as someone born of a Jew
  • ger toshav (Hebrew: גר תושב‎, ger: “foreigner” or “alien” + toshav: “resident,” lit. “resident alien,” conquered people, a Noahide
  • nokri (Hebrew: נָכְרִי, “stranger”)
  • sakir (Hebrew: שָׂכִיר, “hireling”)
  • amalek (Hebrew: עֲמָלֵק‎) originally a biblical tribe destroyed completely by the Israelites, but in contemporary usage refers to anyone the Jews want to exterminate now. More on amalek here.

The indignities suffered—including not just usury, theft, deceit, but even murder and total extermination of gentiles—condoned and/or unpunished by Judaism is white-washed and rationalized in many sources. See “context.”





Father Coughlin: “Drive the money-changers from the temple!”

repeatedly disappeared from YouTube: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fBhmERY2oXgE/


Father Coughlin reached 40 million Americans in his radio sermons from 1937-1940.

His radio sermons are archived online:



When is a Church Burning not a Hate Crime?

Jewish Lightning Hits Father Coughlin’s Shrine

by Thomas J. Herron, Culture Wars, November 2002, 21(11), pp. 14-37.

download here


a small sample of “Austrian” (read “Jewish”) anti-Christianity


Libertarians and other champions of the whatever-the-market-will-bear “free market” insist that the “Austrian” school is “science” without religious or moral judgments. That is a lie.


“…[T]he Protestant Church still tries to delude itself [that the Bible is relevant to theology].… [The Gospels] offer no rules of life except practical ones.… Jesus offers no rules of earthly action and struggle; his [sic] Kingdom is not of this world…” and then in the same breath Mises contradicts himself, “Such rules of conduct as he [sic] gives are valid for only the short interval of time which has still to be lived while waiting for the great things to come.” Ignoring the fishermen and The Carpenter Himself, Mises opines, “The primitive Christians do not produce, labour, or gather anything at all.” Ignoring the Beatitudes, the Two Greatest Commandments, and Luke 6:32-36, Mises pronounces, “The historical Christ and his [sic] teachings are quite indifferent to all social considerations.… The expectation of God’s own reorganization when the time came and the exclusive transfer of all action and thought to the future Kingdom of God, made Jesus’s teaching utterly negative. He rejects everything that exists without offering anything to replace it. He arrives at dissolving all existing social ties.… Hence his [sic] passionate attack upon everything that exists.… [T]he new order [of Christianity] demands therefore from its adherents no system of ethics, no particular conduct in any positive direction.… The clearest modern parallel to the attitude of complete negation of primitive Christianity is Bolshevism.… Jesus’s teaching in this respect…is merely negation…His teachings had no moral application to life on earth.…”

Ludwig von Mises and J. Kahane (translator), Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, Part IV, Chapter III, “Christianity and Socialism.” New Haven: Yale University Press, 1951. pp 413-416



A dozen papal encyclicals have damned Communism in all its manifestations. One salient and succinct example: Pope Pius XI taught that socialism is “irreconcilable with true Christianity.…no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.” Pope Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno, §120


Mises’ penchant for turning white into black and black into white is, like Mises himself, quintessentially Jewish. The “Austrians” spew plenty more such upside-down rubbish, but I will leave the anti-Christian Mises and his “scientific” co-religionists to your own reading and analysis.


Usury: the Science of Shylock




(((communism, capitalism, and libertarianism)))


Did Milton Friedman’s Libertarianism Seek to Advance Jewish Interests?

by Marco de Wit, Occidental Observer, January 16, 2021




an excellent compilation of links to research leads on the Judeo-Luciferian penetration of the Catholic Church with usury:


Time, Alchemy, Usury, Debt, Slavery, and the Catholic Church



Too few Christians understand the explicitly anti-Christian roots of libertarianism, particularly as espoused by the Jewish founders of the “Austrian” (read “Jewish”) school of economics, von Mises and Rothbard.

Libertarianism and its anything-goes “free market,” like predatory capitalism and communism, is just the latest iteration of the Jewish weaponization of money against Gentiles.


For detailed specifics, see:

The Church and the Libertarian: A Defense of the Catholic Church’s Teaching on Man, Economy, and State, by Christopher A. Ferrara, J.D.

ASIN B004UI30P0,

available at http://www.amazon.com/The-Church-Libertarian-Catholic-Teaching/dp/B004UI30P0




the synagogue of Satan weaponizes money


economic crimes against humanity and war


“For the desire of money is the root of all evils….”

1 Timothy 6:10





Nobody can fully understand Jewish crimes against humanity without an understanding of how they have weaponized money against us.


First, understand money:


The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America



Then, understand how Jews weaponize money against us:



Notice Chabad’s claim of a command from God to gouge Gentiles is based primarily on “Oral Tradition,” namely, the Talmud and related commentaries. Chabad’s claim of support from Deuteronomy 23:21 ignores the numerous Old Testament  condemnations of usury, as contrary to the law of God, and a crying sin. See Exodus 22:25; Leviticus 25:3637; 2 Esdras (Nehemiah) 5:7; Psalms 14:5; Ezechiel 18:8, 13, etc. Why? Because you are not human, not a brothereven if you are a convert! You are a non-human: ger tzedek (Hebrew: גר צדק‎, “righteous alien” ), a full convert to Judaism who can never have the same status as someone born of a Jewger toshav (Hebrew: גר תושב‎, ger: “foreigner” or “alien” + toshav: “resident,” lit. “resident alien,” conquered people, a Noahidenokri (Hebrew: נָכְרִי, “stranger”)sakir (Hebrew: שָׂכִיר, “hireling”), oramalek (Hebrew: עֲמָלֵק‎) originally a biblical tribe destroyed completely by the Israelites, but in contemporary usage refers to anyone the Jews want to exterminate.  http://judaism.is/usury.html











This article reveals the level of surveillance and control exerted by Jewish “private” finance.


The War on Crypto Privacy Intensifies. Automatic Reporting of All Trades and Transactions Soon Mandatory

by Wesley Thysse, Octover 17, 2022



Yet another reason to break the backs of the Jewish banksters and their tax farming apparatus!


Recall that tax-farming and Jewish ritual murder are among the most common causes of "pogroms," self-defense by gentiles.



the preminence of Jews in economic crimes against humanity


The Jewish “central banks” have, of course, taken pains for centuries to conceal their concentrated power with interlocking Boards and Directorates. but this reality is being penetrated.


 “Using a database which listed 37 million companies and investors worldwide, the researchers studied all 43,060 trans-national corporations (TNCs), including the share ownerships linking them...” to map their worldwide power.

The Global Banking ‘Super-Entity’ Drug Cartel: The “Free Market” of Finance Capital

by Andrew Gavin Marshall


Of course the original was scrubbed!


These 40,000+ are not the “1%.” They are the 0.005%!


Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

by Debora Mackenzie and Andy Coghlan, The New Scientist, October 19, 2011



The network of global corporate control

by Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder, and Stefano Battiston

Systems Design, ETH Zurich, Kreuzplatz 5, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland


download here




These are likely the most concentrated cabal of misery and crimes against humanity.


a tiny fraction of what they own…






When you read of their crimes, remember that they are capital crimes.

[pun intended]





The Richest Man in the World • Archived

by Larry Romanoff, Unz Review, November 21, 2022


[note: “leger” herein is a 19th. century variant of “ledger” and a holdover in Commonwealth circles]


The purpose of this essay is threefold: (1) to bring to the attention of readers the existence of a long-standing conspiracy about the identification of “The Richest Man in the World”, (2) to dismiss from contention the current list of candidates, and (3) to document that a small number of Jewish banking families operating out of the City of London have for generations held these wealth records with fortunes that are orders of magnitude above anything we might have imagined. I will address these points in reverse order, and deal with the current crop of wunderkind at the end.


I do not profess to be able to irrefutably document all the assertions made in this essay, nor to definitively substantiate all the inferences made. The topic is such that too much of the necessary legal evidence is irretrievably hidden from public view and accessibility, and we must in many cases rely on logic and circumstantial evidence to support our assertions and inferences. While the proofs are not as complete as one would desire, this level of evidentiary support is often sufficient, especially when our cases follow an established pattern and we have such reasoning and evidence in bulk. The descriptions and evidence in this essay will serve at least to provide a reasonable basis for understanding and to “draw attention to some of the great forces which have been molding our world”. The figures presented in this essay are not meant as precise calculations, but to impress upon readers the magnitude of the numbers and amounts with which we are dealing.


The Power of Compound Interest


Much of this essay is primarily dependent on only one simple thesis: that those with enormous wealth do not leave it idle but put it to a constant good use; the money is always at work. It is lent out to finance wars and colonisation, to purchase legitimate businesses, to establish control of governments and national economies, and more.


As to interest rates for long-term accumulation, we tend to think of historical interest rates as being very low, perhaps only 1% or 2%, but that was seldom the case. The reason Abraham Lincoln resorted to printing his “Greenbacks” as currency was because Rothschild demanded a 24% interest rate to fund the Union in the US civil war. There are many other such examples, as war financing in particular carried high interest rates. Dutch perpetual bonds issued by Jews were at rates of 10% and 12% in the 1500s and 1600s; Genoa issued much of its debt at 9% in the 1600s. I have used a rate of 5% for the compound interest calculations in this essay, a selection that is admittedly arbitrary but that appears reasonable and conservative in the overall context. The accompanying charts from the Bank of England appear to justify this choice.[1] [2]




Some Background on Corporations


A great many of the world’s largest corporations are owned and controlled by Jews, many of these by the select few in the City of London, but also very many outside this small group. The world’s major oil companies are controlled by Jewish interests, as are the major pharmaceutical companies, many of the weapons manufacturers and the world’s airlines, a preponderant amount of the world’s shipping capacity, and many other industries that might not normally come to mind. It is impossible to obtain access to all the information required to even hazard a guess at the value of the corporate asset ownership of these people, but consider that virtually all of the media in the West, and a great deal of the prime media outlets in the rest of the world, including movies and book publishing, are owned or controlled by Jews. There are international companies worth in total many trillions of dollars that are entirely Jewish; Nestle, Sanofi, Monsanto, being a few among hundreds such. We cannot easily know what part of this reverts to our handful of Jewish bankers in the City of London, how much of that was financed by, and is controlled from, that center, but it isn’t negligible.


Things are not always what they seem. Many of the world’s large fortunes were financed by Rothschild or others from that inner circle and thus there is a hidden ownership that will never be revealed. Trolling through historical records, we sometimes discover that a very wealthy man left an estate of only a few million dollars. It isn’t a secret although apparently not widely-known, that one of the Rothschilds financed Rockefeller’s creation of Standard Oil, and did the same with Andrew Carnegie’s steel empire and the Harriman railroad fortune in the US, among others. The financing was usually done through J. P. Morgan, who was a Rothschild agent for all of his career, and in fact Morgan’s banking interests themselves were much more European Jewish than they were American. It is worthy to bring this to the attention of readers since it appears that much of the wealth of the famous American and European families may not have been really theirs but belonged instead to the ultimate Jewish financiers in the background. Today, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, Starbucks, and many others are in this category, firms that could not possibly have attained their extent of market control without both heavy financing and intense planning originating elsewhere.


…as few as 400 companies, and perhaps even as few as 250 companies, own outright or at least have control of, more than 40% of all the value listed on all stock exchanges everywhere.


A number of studies have been done on interlocking corporate ownership and control, with consistent conclusions that as few as 400 companies, and perhaps even as few as 250 companies, own outright or at least have control of, more than 40% of all the value listed on all stock exchanges everywhere.[3] [4] [5] But behind those 400 or 250 companies is that same number of men controlling those companies. Even though most large corporations are listed as public, with sometimes hundreds of millions of shares outstanding, we cannot know where the true control lies. Increasingly, many of the shares are held by proxies like Blackrock or Blackstone or other investment groups, and we have no information on share classifications or other restrictions on voting and control.


Nor does the general public have information on interlocking directors who have absolute day to day control, including over all financial decisions. More importantly, it isn’t necessary to own a plurality of shares if you control the Board of Directors or if they are reading from the same script. These people can empty a company’s treasury to pay unlimited dividends tax-free through a tax haven, and do so without even attracting unrest from the common shareholders who seldom have much understanding of these matters.


Many European banks fall into this category, most of these Jewish-owned and tightly-held. The few dozens of Europe’s largest banks like HSBC, BNP Paribas, Lloyd’s, have a market cap in the trillions and an asset base of over €30 trillion. The major North American banks, like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, again owned by Jews, have a market cap of well over $1.5 trillion and assets to match. Plus, we have literally hundreds of Jewish-owned banks in Switzerland and other countries that appear on no list anywhere.


Many of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies are owned by Jews, with a combined market cap in the trillions, and there is no way to place a value on Lloyd’s of London, a worldwide insurance platform that is virtually priceless. Then there are the oil companies; Royal Dutch Shell alone has a market cap of over $200 billion, and there are many of these, Jewish-controlled, sufficient to control the world’s price of oil as we will see.


The two major FMCG [Fast Moving Consumer Goods] companies, Unilever and P&G, both Jewish, have a combined market cap of over half a trillion dollars. Internet-related firms like Google, Meta, Amazon, Dell, Oracle, again all Jewish, have a combined market cap of nearly $5 trillion. The world’s fashion houses and jewelry firms, mostly Jewish-owned or controlled, firms like Swarovski, YSL, LVMH, Cartier, Hermès, Estee Lauder, L’Oréal, have a market cap of more than $1 trillion, and there are hundreds of jewelry firms, diamond cutters and merchants, gold dealers, operating behind the scenes that are also owned by Jews and worth a combined trillions of dollars.


The major armaments and weapons manufacturers, which have always had a high percentage of Jewish ownership and control, again have a market cap in the vicinity of $1 trillion. The world’s major food companies, again mostly owned by Jews, is another example. Nestlé, an entirely Jewish company, owns more than 2,000 food brands with a market cap of about 1/3 of a trillion dollars by itself. Pepsico is the second-largest food company in the world, owning hundreds of major brands, and many others like Kraft Heinz, Mondelez, Danone, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Starbucks, have a combined market cap of at least $1.5 trillion. The world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are all Jewish-owned, with a combined market cap of around $4 trillion.


The main North American media companies (all owned by Jews) have a market cap of over $1 trillion, with larger numbers for the European media that are also largely Jewish-owned and virtually all Jewish-controlled. And this ignores their media holdings in Latin America, Asia and Africa. And there are literally hundreds of Jewish-owned companies that don’t fit easily into the above categories, including everything from H&R Block to Mattel and Hasbro, Monsanto, Ben and Jerry’s. The list is almost endless. Collectively, their value and influence are enormous.


The Real Power: Family Dynasties


When we read of a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, we tend to think in simple terms of someone starting a company with a good idea and over a lifetime building a huge enterprise that today is worth many billions. But this reasoning is simplistic because we are confining our thoughts to only one generation. The people with whom we are concerned here, are family dynasties that have been accumulating their fortunes for perhaps ten or even twenty generations. With the Rothschilds, Sassoons, and so many others, we are going back to the 1600s and 1700s, with family dynasties that have expanded enormously over the centuries and maintained control over their increasingly vast wealth through avoidance of inheritance taxes, rigid intermarriage, and shared intentions.


The greatest of all family dynasties are hidden from view, expunged from the media, deleted from the history books, and almost never attract public attention. All of these are Jewish – Rothschild, Sassoon, Sebag-Montefiori, Warburg, Lehman, Goldman, and so many names you may have never heard of. Here is a listing of a few of the Jewish bankers, representing perhaps only 25% of them, most having begun banking, financing and industrial operations in the early to mid-1800s, so an average of nearly 200 years, and many resulting in Jewish family dynasties that continue to this day, entirely out of the public eye.


Rothschild, Sassoon, Warburg, Moses Montefiori, Sebag-Montefiori, Kadoorie, Lehman, Israel Moses Seif, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, Salomon, Schiff, Joseph Hambro, J. Henry Schroder, Samuel Montagu, Emile and Isaac Péreire, Lazard Brothers, Speyer brothers, Seligman brothers, Stern brothers, Barnato Brothers, Ernest Oppenheimer, Abraham Oppenheim, Carl Fuerstenberg, Jacob Goldschmidt, Oskar Wassermann, Hirsch, Raphael Jonathan Bischoffsheim, Hambro, Isaac Glückstadt, Levy Martin, Markus Rubin, Goldsmid, Rosenthal, A. Dunkelsbueler, Eugen Gutmann, Herbert Gutman, Wagg and Co, Mèdici family, Speyer, Speyer-Elissen, Emile Erlanger, S. Japhet, Ernest Cassel, Carl Meyer, Achille Fould, Luigi Luzzatti, Wertheimer and Gompertz, Lippman.[6] [7] [8]


I have a graphic on my computer that displays the holdings of the Rothschild dynasty, displayed rather like an organisation chart with small boxes indicating holdings and lines everywhere indicating ownership and control. It is so large that to print it in the smallest readable type would require a sheet of paper half a meter in size. Rothschild recently created a new bank just to manage his land holdings confiscated from poor countries. It is difficult to obtain hard information because so much of this is done through no-name banks, agents, related companies, and run through innumerable tax havens. Rothschild owns, among other things, Sanofi Pharma with a capitalisation of $125 billion, the Economist, and IHS which is the largest mobile tower operator in Africa.[9]


Anglo American was founded by Ernest Oppenheimer, a German Jew. Headquartered in the City of London, this is one of the 250 largest companies in the world, producing gold, diamonds, other metals, and nearly half of all the world’s platinum. Their subsidiaries and investments are too many to list. When Ernest died, he was succeeded by his son Harry, who also became chairman of De Beers, so you can see how the families integrate and rationalise their holdings.


The Jewish Wallenbergs in Sweden have been in business for 200 years, where today they own most large Swedish industrial groups like Enskilda Bank, Ericsson, Electrolux, ABB, SAAB, SAS Group, SKF, Atlas Copco, and Nasdaq. As far back as 50 years ago, the Wallenberg family businesses employed 40% of Sweden’s industrial workforce and represented 40% of the total worth of the Stockholm stock market. The market capitalisation of only ten of their companies is nearly $350 billion, and much has been buried in trusts and hidden in tax havens. Swarovski, with their fake “crystal” is another 150-year-old Jewish dynasty.


For this essay, I will ignore much of the past history of these Jewish families and begin from the early 1800s, but it should be noted that these Khazar “family fortunes” began hundreds of years before this. We had the (Jewish) Dutch Tulip bubble, the (Jewish) South Seas bubble, the (Jewish) British and Dutch East India Companies and many similar. There were the centuries of slave trading, of tax farming and so much more. I will omit all of that.


India was at one time almost certainly the richest nation in the world, with stocks of gold, silver and precious gems worthy of fable and legend. The British East India Company which was eventually led by one of the Rothschilds, was unquestionably the greatest criminal enterprise in the history of the world, and the vehicle used to loot India to the bones.


Sassoon ben Salih was the chief treasurer to the pashas of Baghdad.[10] Exposed in an immense fraud in the early 1800s that must have involved hundreds of billions in today’s dollars, he was lucky to escape with his life (and the money). He and his two sons David and Joseph fled to India where they teamed up with one of the Rothschilds and hatched their infernal plan to force Indian peasants to grow opium for sale in China.[11] From the early days, they already had the young Queen Victoria firmly in their grasp. She not only supported their efforts to the extent of allocating the British military as the Jews’ enforcers of the opium, giving David Sassoon the exclusive franchise for selling opium in all of China, seizing Hong Kong for his distribution base and giving him the charter to form the HSBC. To say that the British Royal Family profited heavily from this personally, would be an understatement of some magnitude. This is where we will begin our story.


From their wholesale looting of India and the thefts from Iraq, followed by growing and selling of opium in China, Rothschild and Sassoon were reliably estimated to have accumulated wealth of more than $5 billion each, by 1835. Actually, the calculated estimates I have seen were of $6 billion and $7 billion,[12]

 and these were my estimates as well. I reduced this to $5 billion to be conservative, but the totals are still staggering. $5 billion accumulated at only 5% for the intervening 185 years, accumulates to a total in 2022, of more than $40 trillion each for Rothschild and Sassoon. And there were at least a dozen or more Jewish banking families that were not so very far behind Rothschild and Sassoon, as well as many dozens more that were very wealthy but not in this same league. That $40 trillion may seem shocking and too fantastic to be real, but reserve your judgment until the end. As you will see, that $40 trillion is almost irrelevant in the overall picture.


Leger Entry: Rothschild: $40 trillion in today’s dollars


Leger Entry: Sassoon: $40 trillion in today’s dollars


(1) Slavery and Forced Labor


Jews have always been heavily involved in slave trading, including both the white slaves that depopulated Ireland and much of England and the more recent black slaves, but I will ignore that part of the past and deal only with the more recent events in China. Slave trading by these same richest Jews – Rothschild, Sassoon, Kadoorie and many others, stopped only because the First World War put an end to it. We haven’t precise numbers, but the historical record tells us that many millions of Chinese were kidnapped and sold as slave labor. Countless tens of thousands of Chinese were kidnapped and shipped as slave labor to North America to build the railroads and work the gold mines, to build the Panama Railway and the Panama Canal, to work the guano mines in Peru, and in many other instances. This is why we have Chinese all over the world; even today the population of Panama is more than 10% Chinese because of this.


In many cases, the Chinese were not actually sold to others but used by the Jews as slave labor for their own projects. As late as 1904, Rothschild had around 65,000 Chinese kidnapped from Fujian Province to work his gold mines in South Africa.[13]

 When these same Jews financed the building of the North American railroads and the Panama Canal, for example, kidnapped Chinese were the supply of free (and disposable) labor. Harsh conditions resulting in tens of thousands of deaths were irrelevant because the supply was inexhaustible. As well, there is credible evidence that Easter Island was almost totally depopulated by these same Jews who kidnapped most of the people to work the guano mines in Peru. There are letters from officials in the UK demanding that these Jews return the Easter Islanders to their home.


At this distance in time, it isn’t possible to construct a comprehensive tally of the totals of Chinese slave laborers conscripted by these Jews for their projects, nor to estimate the “value” of all this slave labor, but it was certainly substantial and carried on in great volume from about 1800 to 1920 and, as I mentioned above, it was only the First World War that put a stop to it. I list this because it is an important contributing aspect to the accumulated wealth of these Jewish banking families, but I do not provide a leger entry for it.


I list [Slavery and Forced Labor] because it is an important contributing aspect to the accumulated wealth of these Jewish banking families, but I do not provide a leger entry for it.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(2) Diamonds


It’s not a secret that DeBeers controls the diamond production of South Africa, and also in Zaire, nor that DeBeers is a Rothschild company. Let’s not forget the origin and purpose of the Boer Wars. Diamond production statistics seem scattered, with South Africa claiming around 650 million carats of total production,[14] while Statista claims twice this amount. South Africa places a value on this production (at $100 per carat) at about $60 billion, but with no allowance for the compounding an average of $300 million per year over 150 years: (average of 3 million carats per year at $100 per carat). If we allow for compounding at 5%, this accumulates to about $10 trillion. To keep things simple, I have excluded all other countries from this calculation; the addition of these and other Rothschild and Jewish-owned production would at least double the total. It should also be noted that the Jewish enclave of Holland is still the center of the world’s diamond trade, the great majority of which is firmly in Jewish hands.


Leger Entry: $10 trillion in today’s dollars


(3) Gold


It is difficult to find comprehensive and reliable statistics on the actual annual production of gold from the Rothschild-controlled mines, but production apparently reached more than 1,000 tonnes per year 50 years ago. With 32,000 ounces in a tonne of gold, and gold selling at $1,700 an ounce, that represents many billions of dollars per year, compounded at 5% for nearly 150 years, about ten times the value of the diamond production listed above. The picture is clouded by fluctuations in both production amounts and gold prices, so definitive results are impossible to calculate.[15]

 I have assumed what I believe is a conservative estimate of only twice the diamond production and value.


Leger Entry: $20 trillion in today’s dollars


(4) Canals: Panama and the Suez


It is universally-known that the US built the Panama Canal – after “liberating” the Province of Panama from Columbia, but not so widely-known that it was Jewish money that paid for the canal.[16]

 We can reasonably assume that the profits from the canal for about 120 years would have accrued to those who financed it. The Suez Canal was also built with Jewish money and existed as a privately-held corporation. However, since the revenues from these two amount to only a few mere billions of dollars per year, I will omit them from the totals.


…since the revenues from these two amount to only a few mere billions of dollars per year, I will omit them from the totals.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(5) Cash Management


It isn’t widely-known but, as part of America’s Monroe Doctrine, the US used not only its powerful bullying “diplomacy” but also the CIA and the full force of its military to arrange for a few Jewish bankers (and the US FED) to obtain the position of “investment managers” of all the cash assets and central bank holdings of the countries under its control. This included Latin America, but also countries like the Philippines and the 50+ countries where the US overthrew a government and installed a compliant dictatorship.


The scheme was simple. These nations were forced to turn over all their liquid assets to the Jewish bankers in the US who would “prudently manage” all that cash for the benefit of these smaller nations. In practice, the Jewish bankers invested the money in New York real estate and profited in the billions while paying those nations 3% on their money. This practice was coupled with a bad American habit of invading, then forcing open and emptying, the vaults of the central banks of these same nations of all their gold. These practices are sufficiently documented to withstand challenge and, having existed for about 150 years, I think we could reasonably attach a total compounded to today of at least $1 trillion dollars, but the historical records are insufficient and so I make no leger entry for this item.


…we could reasonably attach a total compounded to today of at least $1 trillion dollars, but the historical records are insufficient and so I make no leger entry for this item.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(6) Germany’s Hyperinflation


It is widely accepted today that Germany was set up for this precise circumstance from the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles and the corresponding restrictions enacted by Jews to prevent Germany’s recovery. Regardless, the inflation rate was so extreme that money became literally worthless, permitting the Jewish bankers to buy up much of Germany for virtually nothing. This was one of the deep resentments harbored by Hitler toward the Jews, knowing they were behind the treaty and other restrictions that could have had only the bankruptcy and subjugation of Germany as the one possible purpose. We needn’t go into details here, but it was Hitler’s eviction of the Jews from Germany’s banking system and taking over the country’s central bank that resulted in the “miracle” of Germany’s economic recovery which, unfortunately, was not to last. There is no way to estimate the value of the looting of Germany that took place at this time, and I attribute no definitive value to it although the present value would surely be in the many trillions of dollars, all to the benefit of these same few bankers.


There is no way to estimate the value of the looting of Germany that took place at this time, and I attribute no definitive value to it although the present value would surely be in the many trillions of dollars, all to the benefit of these same few bankers.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(7) Central Banks


European Jewish banking families, led by the Rothschilds, own or control the central banks of at least 30 nations, including the FED in the US. There are several very nasty results of this ownership, one of which is that these nations cannot print their own money but must borrow it from the (privately-owned) central banks – and pay interest on it. This is of enormous magnitude. Until the late 1970s, Canada owned its own central bank and paid little to no interest to foreigners. But then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (Justin Trudeau’s father) committed an astonishing act of treason – on his own account, without even the knowledge of his own cabinet or Parliament – and committed Canada to foregoing its financial birthright to print its own currency and from then on borrowing from the European Jewish bankers. The result is that in the past 30 or 40 years little Canada has paid these bankers more than $1.1 trillion in interest for borrowing its own money.[17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] You might especially want to watch item 22, a video of Canada’s former Cabinet Minister commenting on Banking in America.


But Rothschild and a handful of other Jewish banking families have owned the central banks of the European nations, and others including the US FED, for well over 100 years. If little Canada has paid more than $1 trillion in interest in a relatively short time, the governments of countries like England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Africa, have paid much more during the past century. As one example, Italy’s debt is several times that of Canada, and many other countries are in the same position.[23]

 I have no accurate record of total interest the US has paid to the FED, but its current debt is more than $13 trillion – an amount which will never be paid off.


Working from Canada as a baseline, and counting only 30 countries, an excessively conservative estimate would be $30 trillion paid out in interest to these bankers. If we then allow for only 100 years, we can multiply this by more than three times and arrive at around $100 trillion paid in interest – entirely without need or justification. And this doesn’t allow for the US FED which could increase the total by half again. It should also be noted that those 50+ nations where the US military and CIA overthrew a government, the Jewish bankers were right behind them to take over ownership of all those central banks. In every case where information has escaped – Iraq, Libya, South Africa, the Balkans, this has been their priority and simple logic dictates that it would be very high on their list in every country where they had access. I have not included this item in my estimates. Considering all of the above, my leger entry is arguably conservative by 75% or more, but there is insufficient detail. My estimate below makes no allowance for the compounding of interest for even 100 years; to do so would multiply the total to a truly astronomical figure, and yet the real-world situation is that this amount would indeed be compounded, and for more than 100 years, to the many hundreds of trillions.


…my leger entry is arguably conservative by 75% or more…


Leger Entry: $100 trillion in today’s dollars


(8) Recessions and Depressions


One of the nastier advantages of the foreign ownership of a country’s central bank is that the Jews have total control over those economies.[24]

 Since they control both the money supply and the interest rates, they have easily the power to whipsaw economies and profit immensely at every cycle. They do it the same way every time – by lowering interest rates to zero or nearly so, while hugely inflating the money supply, thereby creating large bubbles in debt, in the stock and housing markets, and so on. Then, they severely contract the money supply and all credit while simultaneously raising interest rates, thus bankrupting countless thousands of banks, businesses and families, and buying up for pennies on the dollar every manner of assets when the blood is running in the streets. After accomplishing their task of relieving a nation of a significant portion of its assets, they again expand the money supply and open the credit taps while reducing interest rates to give economies time to recover, then rinse and repeat. It is not a secret that all such recessions have been deliberately inflicted on Western economies by these Jewish bankers for the past 200 years or more.


The 1929 Great Depression was one such, with euphoria based on the Jewish owners of the FED expanding an almost unlimited money supply and easy credit with low interest rates, building a huge bubble which was then burst. Thousands of banks, tens of thousands of companies, and millions of families, all went bankrupt, with all those assets mostly flowing eventually to the Jewish owners of the US FED and their closest friends. This was done many times prior to 1929, and has been done many times since. The bitterly savage recession in 1983 was similarly created by the US FED – on orders from the City of London, with Volcker even boasting openly about what he was doing. The 2008 housing and financial crisis in the US was identical, and in no way accidental. It was so bad that an executive of Goldman Sachs said at the time, “Things will never return to normal after what they have done.”


The collapsing of the industrial economies in 2022 is the same. A sudden and deliberately-contrived “energy shortage”, created in large part by the sabotage of Nordstream II, a reduction in the money supply, and the stiff raising of interest rates “to combat inflation” (which was entirely self-induced), and soon blood will be once again running in the streets. And an almost unlimited number of industrial corporations, especially in Germany but also in the weaker European nations, will be facing bankruptcy and takeovers, the news of which will never reach the public thanks to the almost-total media control by these same people.


There is no accurate way to definitively calculate the looting that takes place during these contrived “recessions”. 1929 was certainly in the trillions of dollars, as was 1983, which were perhaps the two worst, but the others weren’t so far behind. 2008 was also in this category, the housing losses alone being in the trillions, which I have included elsewhere. Given the lack of detailed data, I won’t try to isolate and estimate the financial result of each contrived financial recession, and will ignore the smaller ones, but that still leaves us with 1929 and 1983 being worth a very conservative $3 trillion each. It seems unreasonable for our purposes to not compound these two amounts with interest for the 90 years and 40 years respectively, but the totals become fantastic and almost incomprehensibly large, and thus very difficult to accept as rational. At 5%, $3 trillion in 90 years (since 1929) will accumulate to $240 trillion, and even over 40 years (1983) will become $21 trillion.


“You will at once retire one-third of your circulation and call in one-half of your loans.” …The purpose is the immense transfer of wealth available in each such cycle…


Senator Robert Owen, a co-author of the Federal Reserve Act, testified before a Congressional Committee that the bank he owned received from the National Bankers’ Association the “Panic Circular of 1893.” It stated: “You will at once retire one-third of your circulation and call in one-half of your loans.” And that is how these central bankers create the recessions: an instant reduction of 35% or more in the nation’s money supply and a 50% reduction in total credit.[25] The inevitable result is the bankruptcies of thousands of corporations and banks, and an enormous plunge in stock market values and corporate assets of every description which are now available for pennies on the dollar. Wait ten years, and repeat. The purpose is the immense transfer of wealth available in each such cycle, and not only from small banks and corporations but from the general public as well, many of whom also lose everything they had, those assets eventually filtering up to the few oligarchy bankers who planned the events.


Leger Entry: $6 trillion in today’s dollars


(9) Looting the Oil Industry in 1983


As a detailed example, let’s look at the FED-induced 1983 recession and its effect on only the oil industry in North America. To begin, let’s assume we have an oil well with a constant steady production (which many are), but in this case of only one barrel per year for 40 years, with the oil price at $100 per barrel. That gives us a total value of $4,000. However, since $1 next year is worth less than $1 this year, we discount our future production at some interest rate, with this result in terms of value (if we want to sell our oil well):


  • 0% – $4,000
  • 3% – $2,500
  • 6% – $1,500
  • 10% – $1,000
  • 25% – $400


Immediately prior to the 1983 recession, The New York Times proclaimed that a sudden and inexplicable “oil glut” had arrived,[26] such that oil became nearly worthless, prices dropping from US$40 to less than $10 almost overnight. Of course, if the price of oil drops by 75%, the value of our oil well drops by 75% as well, so our $4,000 oil well is now worth only $1,000. But we had a double whammy, because the FED wasn’t idle during this period. After causing a massive burst of inflation in the 1970s to prepare for this eventual result, the FED suddenly felt a need to “fight inflation” by driving interest rates up to 20% and even 25%. The result was that oil wells were then selling at a discount of 25% on cash flow, and I know because at the time I was in the oil business and was buying and selling oil properties, some quite large, at this discount rate. This means that our $4,000 oil well, which was now worth only $1,000 due the collapse in the price of oil, was then hit with the FED’s interest rate sting, and was now worth only $100. And, with the blood running in the streets, this was when our Jewish Khazar bankers in the City of London sent in their agents to buy.


Then, the “oil glut” somehow miraculously evaporated and it seems we actually had a shortage, pushing the oil price back to its original $40, and quickly on its way to $100. And then, just as miraculously, inflation seemed to have been “tamed”, and interest rates declined from 25% back down to the 6% and 3% where they had been before. And our “$100 oil well” was back up to $2,500 and on its way to $5,000. And that means that a mere handful of people purchased producing oil and gas properties for almost pennies, and then watched their “investment” multiply by maybe 50 times. That’s not bad. There are few places where we can obtain a return of 5,000% on an investment in only a few years, and with no risk whatever. When you have the power to control the price of oil, and when you have the FED controlling interest rates, you can work miracles. There is no way to calculate accurate totals, but countless thousands of small and medium-sized oil companies either went bankrupt or were taken over, and the purchases in North America alone would have been in the trillions of dollars. I have ignored the rest of the world, and assumed a conservative $2 trillion for only North America, adjusted at a growth of 5% for 40 years from 1983.


Leger Entry: $14 trillion in today’s dollars


(10) Looting Americans 1975 to 2022


The situation is not different with the 2008 financial meltdown in the US. We had clearly deliberate attempts to inflate the housing market to almost atmospheric levels, with nearly zero interest rates and the removal of all restrictions and requirements – to the point where unemployed homeless people were buying $500,000 homes. This was again done with the full cooperation of the FED. Then, they simply collapsed the bubble, resulting in tens of millions of foreclosures. And again, when the blood was running in the streets, firms like Blackrock and their ilk were busy buying up these foreclosed homes at perhaps half price, as rental properties – often, to the same people who lost them. There is no accurate record of the total purchases, but the buying was almost frenzied. At one point, one agent in Florida for one “investment firm” alone, was bidding on more than 200 homes per week. With even conservative estimates, the transfer of housing assets alone from the American middle class to these same few people, would have been $7 or $8 trillion, all within two or three years.


It is a surprise to me that so few people seem to want to see such events as having been planned, and yet the evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable. There is no possibility that these events, and so many similar, could possibly have occurred “by accident”. There were simply too many threads all working together to accomplish this one result, and those threads could not possibly have been independent. And it is not possible that the US government itself was unaware of the eventual outcome. Economists working for the US government are not stupid, and so many private economists were describing the events and predicting the only possible outcome. The only thesis that fits all the facts is that the 2008 meltdown was planned and that the US government, so totally controlled from the City of London, knowingly permitted it to happen. Again, in summary, a relative handful of people profited to the tune of trillions of dollars in a few years, in this one enterprise alone.


“These establishment politicians and their appointed judges promulgated laws that permitted the top 1 percent to loot $54 trillion from the bottom 90 percent, from 1975 to 2022, at a rate of $2.5 trillion a year, according to a study by the RAND corporation.”


And it wasn’t only homes, and not only in 2008. In an article titled Destroyers of US Democracy[27]

, Chris Hedges quoted a RAND corporation report that stated: “These establishment politicians and their appointed judges promulgated laws that permitted the top 1 percent to loot $54 trillion from the bottom 90 percent, from 1975 to 2022, at a rate of $2.5 trillion a year, according to a study by the RAND corporation.”[28][29] For those who don’t know, RAND is a despicably Satanic corporation that spends most of its time on planning wars, designing torture regimes (Vietnam Phoenix, Guantanamo Bay, Baghram, Diego Garcia), and scheming for world political control. But the people at RAND do know how to calculate, especially considering they planned the methods for the looting they now boast about. Note that the euphemistically-named “top 1%” is not really the top 1% but a tiny group of Jewish bankers and industrialists, including the (Rothschild and other) owners of the US FED. A huge portion of this looting occurred in 2008 and subsequent years; I won’t bother accumulating this with interest.


Leger Entry: $54 trillion in today’s dollars


(11) The Great Gold Robbery – Part I – The US FED


In the early years after the creation of the Rothschild-owned FED, the US was still on a gold standard for its currency; new money could be issued by the FED only if it had at least 40% of that amount in gold. But, as the Jewish bankers have always done in every country, they issued paper currency far beyond the permitted limits, which was the prime cause of the 1929 Great Depression. By 1933, the FED had only about 6,000 metric tons of gold in its vaults, and was about 50,000 tonnes short for the paper currency it had issued. The public were aware generally of what was happening and, with concerns of US paper money becoming worthless, were spending the paper and hoarding the gold coins and bars, while small banks and companies were hoarding gold bullion. There was no way out of this trap. The FED needed a huge infusion of gold to prevent a collapse of the currency, but its owners had no intention of investing their own money to prevent the financial collapse of America. Their solution was to convince Roosevelt and Congress that the real problem was citizens preventing the economy from naturally prospering, by holding gold. On their advice, Roosevelt passed the famous 1602 provision which confiscated all the privately-held gold (in all forms) in the US, all citizens forced to turn over their gold to the FED, under penalty of a $10,000 fine plus a 10-year prison sentence. Note that the gold was not surrendered to the US Treasury Department, but to the privately-owned FED.




The gold was exchanged for paper money, meaning that the owners of the FED used the power of the US government to confiscate all the privately-held gold in the US, at only the cost of printing paper. According to available records, individual citizens surrendered nearly 3,000 metric tonnes of gold, mostly in coins. The amount of gold bars and bullion surrendered from the private sector is extremely difficult to determine accurately. All historical analyses focus on the gold coinage and ignore the bullion, yet this had to be by far the larger part since it was a standard clause in commercial contracts at the time that settlements would be made in gold and both companies and banks had to be in possession of large stocks of it. The historical studies go to great lengths to trace all the gold coinage produced, to estimate the amount remaining in circulation and thus the amount surrendered to the FED. It would seem the easier method would be to simply request of the FED the amount of coinage surrendered, but the FED apparently refuses to part with this information, and is dead silent on the matter of bars and bullion. My estimate for the bullion was around 6,000 or 7,000 tonnes as a minimum, for a total of about 10,000 tonnes, but Seagrave quotes credible sources claiming the FED purchased 18,000 tonnes so I will use that figure.


However, this was nowhere near sufficient to cover the 50,000-tonne shortfall, so the Jewish bankers – led by the Jew Morgenthau, who was then Secretary of the Treasury – devalued the US dollar by about 70% immediately after the gold had been confiscated, thus raising the gold price from $20 to $35, and substantially reducing the FED’s shortfall. But this was with the tragic result that Americans were not only cheated by the loss of their only real cash asset, but of the 70% loss in value. There were lawsuits of course, with the courts essentially determining that the government’s action was illegal and unconstitutional, but that citizens had no recourse.


…confiscate all the privately-held gold in America and to devalue by 70% the paper given to Americans in return for that gold. …taken from the people in the middle of the worst recession in living memory, surely one of the cruelest and most inhumane acts possible at the time.


In summary, to bail out the FED, Rothschild (or his colleagues) convinced Roosevelt to pass a law permitting Rothschild to confiscate all the privately-held gold in America and to devalue by 70% the paper given to Americans in return for that gold. Those 18,000 metric tonnes of gold had a value then of about $20 billion*, taken from the people in the middle of the worst recession in living memory, surely one of the cruelest and most inhumane acts possible at the time. A gold run on the Federal Reserve bank was imminent, and this entire act was simply to prevent the financial collapse of the FED – at the cost of further impoverishing the population and extending the Great Depression by years.[30] [31] [32] [33]


* 32,150 oz. per metric tonne @ $35/oz. (roughly $1 million per tonne) times 18,000 metric tonnes. Today, that gold is worth around $1,700 per oz., or about $50 million per tonne, times 18,000 tonnes = approximately $1 trillion.


Leger Entry: $1 trillion in today’s dollars


(12) US Silver Purchase Act of 1934



They didn’t stop there. The next year, 1934, President Roosevelt implemented yet another Executive Order, number 6814, The Silver Purchase Act, that specified the seizure of all silver in the US and a huge program to purchase silver on the open market at almost three times the then market price. From any rational standpoint, this action was bizarre. The US government did indeed nationalise the US silver stocks, but by purchasing that silver from Americans at the old price of $0.45. This action vacuumed up billions of scarce government funds at the depth of the Great Depression when most Americans were struggling to survive and avoid starvation and bankruptcy.[34]


Having accomplished this, Roosevelt then even more bizarrely enforced the second part of the act which directed the Treasury to purchase silver at a price of at least US$1.29 per ounce, which was nearly three times the then market price which American citizens received. The legislation primarily authorised the Treasury to purchase silver “from foreign countries” on the open market – on the New York Futures Exchange. But this Act was totally bizarre because such purchases had never occurred, nor would they. Not even a crazy person would spend money buying something at $1.29 when that commodity was widely available on world markets everywhere at $0.45. So, what really was driving this new policy?


To this time, China had been on a silver standard for its currency for hundreds of years, the only currency in the world fully backed by precious metal, and responsible for creating a solid and stable economic base, permitting China to escape altogether the Great Depression that was ravaging the rest of the world. The American silver policy of course dealt a devastating blow to this centuries-old stability because the Americans were not purchasing silver from foreign countries on the open market, but only in China through the American banks like Citibank, Morgan and Chase because they were immune to Chinese export regulations. These US agents offered Chinese three times the market price for their silver, naturally resulting in a flood of silver flowing into these banks and from there to be shipped to the US on American military vessels. I have seen statements by historians that China had about 1 billion ounces of silver which at the time was 1/3 of the world stocks, but that is clearly untrue since Shanghai alone was losing half a billion ounces a month, and Chinese banks that normally had their currency backed 60% with silver were down to about 4%.[35]



A careful reader should have noticed that the most important piece of this puzzle is missing. Let’s recap: (1) The US government bought up all the gold existing in private hands in the US, then gave all that gold free as a gift to Rothschild and the other Jewish owners of the FED. (2) The US government then bought all the silver in the US and also gave that to Rothschild’s FED as a gift. (3) It then instituted a policy of the US Treasury buying all the silver in China at three times the world market price and gifting all that silver to Rothschild’s FED. The part that’s missing is the money. This was in the middle of most severe depression in living memory, people were starving, the US government had no money and the currency as well as the FED were in danger of collapsing. How could Roosevelt afford to buy up all that precious metal and gift it to a few Jewish bankers? Easy. They lent him the money by printing paper, and collecting not only the principal but the interest. Roosevelt didn’t have the money to buy Rothschild a Christmas gift, so Rothschild lent Roosevelt the money – at interest, to buy his gift. And that’s how the US went $33 billion into debt 1n 1933.[37] It isn’t possible to accurately estimate the total value of the silver extracted from the US or China, so I make no leger entry here.


It isn’t possible to accurately estimate the total value of the silver extracted from the US or China, so I make no leger entry here.


Leger Entry: $0 billion in today’s dollars


It may occur to you to wonder why the Jewish bankers at the FED didn’t also try to buy up all the gold in China. They didn’t need to, because some of their closest friends were already on this path. See Citibank, below.


(13) Citibank – The Great Gold Robbery


The Chinese have always hoarded gold, individually, as security, and they were certainly doing so in 1902 when Citibank came into China on the verge of bankruptcy and needing a clever way to rebuild its asset base. Citi found it. The bank advertised throughout the nation the insecurity of keeping gold bars in a sock under the bed, and managed to convince at least 100 million Chinese to deposit their gold in Citibank’s vaults where it would be safe. After more than 40 years of this, when war clouds were gathering, Citi loaded literally dozens of US military vessels with all that Chinese gold and closed its doors without even saying good-bye. The gold, of course, would all have been turned over to the FED in return for paper. People today are still trying to recover their gold from Citibank. Since the documentation is irrefutable, US courts have permitted lawsuits, but on the stipulation that the claimants must appear in person at the trials. No problem, but the American consulates in China refuse to issue visas for these people to travel to the US. No travel visas, no court claims against Citibank, no recovery of Chinese gold. The gold was of course turned over to the US FED in return for paper.


There is much more to this story, since Citibank pulled the same stunt in perhaps a dozen countries. If it works in one place, it should work everywhere. At the same time, in 1902, that Citi (International Banking Corporation) registered itself in China, it also opened banking operations in Manila, Calcutta, Singapore, Yokohama, Brazil, Argentina, and in other countries. In Argentina, Citibank was so hated for these gold thefts that in 1927 a group of victimised “customers” retaliated by blowing up both Citibank’s headquarters and that of the Bank of Boston, and they so hated the US government (and Americans generally) for protecting Citibank that they also bombed the US Embassy and the Ford Motor company. Ignoring the thefts from all the other countries, the amount of gold stolen by Citibank (and Chase and Morgan) from Chinese citizens alone was in the tens of billions, spanning the period from 1902 to 1949, but it is almost impossible to calculate accurately, and I will make no leger entry for this.


…it is almost impossible to calculate accurately,

and I will make no leger entry for this.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(14) The Great Gold Robbery – Part 2 – The US FED


This is one of the most staggering frauds ever perpetrated

in the history of the world…


This is one of the most staggering frauds ever perpetrated in the history of the world, one that seems to have been expunged from all our history books, to the point where I doubt one person in a million has any knowledge of it. Like all good frauds, it was simple: From 1932 until the start of World War II, the US government and the Jewish media were extravagantly fear-mongering to the entire world that either Japan or Germany would be invading every nation and inevitably looting all their central and commercial banks. The solution offered was for all the banks in all the world’s nations to turn their entire gold reserves over to the US FED for safekeeping until the war was over. And they did. Every day, the New York Times faithfully recorded shipments of millions of dollars of gold from all these nations to the US. One NYT article claimed seven US naval destroyers laden with 125,000 metric tons of Chinese gold sailed to the US in 1938, one of many such. These “deposits” were evidenced by gold certificates issued by the US Treasury, although the gold actually went to the US FED.


full-size image here



However, there doesn’t appear to be even a single credible instance of any of this gold ever having been returned to its owners. In every case, the FED stated that the certificates proffered were either forgeries with obvious spelling and other errors, or that they simply “could not confirm the issuance of certificates” with those serial numbers, and refused to redeem them. A journalist at the Financial Times claimed:


“It has now reached a point where you can go into one of the big banks in New York, London or Zurich, give them half a metric ton of gold in return for a certificate of ownership, walk around the block for 10 minutes, re-enter the same bank, and they’ll deny ever seeing you before, and have you arrested for presenting them with a counterfeit certificate.”


But then some very strange events. A CIA aircraft was discovered crashed in the jungle of the Philippines, containing trillions of dollars of these same certificates, and clearly originals and not forgeries. Upon that discovery, with the attendant publicity and the surfacing of redemption claims for these certificates, the FED panicked, leading to something truly bizarre: the FED suddenly decided to remelt and recast its entire holding of gold for the stated purpose of “preferring to have all their gold ingots in the same shape”. No explanation was offered, but then none was really necessary. Remelting tens of thousands of tons of gold is a huge undertaking, complicated and very expensive, and would never be done for the foolish reason of changing the shape of the bars. Whatever the FED’s stated purpose, the main result was that remelted gold no longer contains its original markings, which meant there was no longer any way to identify the original source of that gold. And that meant no one could ever prove the gold held by the FED was the gold that was – in real terms – stolen – from nearly every country in the world.



One famous instance was the gold stocks from China’s central bank. When Chiang Kai-Shek lost the Chinese civil war and fled to Taiwan, his last act was to loot all the gold from the central bank of Mainland China and the commercial banks, and take the tonnes of bullion with him to Taiwan – under the protection of the Americans. To further their protection, the US convinced Chiang to let them take the gold to the US “for safekeeping” in case China attacked Taiwan and stole “his” gold. This bullion was never returned. In fact, long after her husband’s death, and until the day she died, Mme. Chiang was arguing, fighting, begging, and suing, the US government and the FED for the return of “her” gold. She failed, and the matter died. Taiwan today has no knowledge of this.


There does not appear to exist any unified record of all the gold shipments delivered to the US FED under this scheme, but it had to have been at least in the high tens if not hundreds of billions, and this occurred in the 1930s, nearly 90 years ago now. If we assume a conservative total collected worldwide of only five times that confiscated in the US alone, that gives us around 100,000 metric tonnes, at around $50 million per tonne at today’s prices, or about $5 trillion. All of this gold went into the pockets of the few Jewish bankers who own the US FED.



To be sure this is perfectly clear; Rothschild and other Jewish bankers concocted a scheme to literally steal all the gold stocks from all the central banks and commercial banks in all countries of the world. These Jews were at the time in the process of instigating a second World War, and used the fear of this to support their plan. They employed the full fear-mongering propaganda influence of the Jewish media combined with the extensive bullying power of the US White House and State Department as well as the coercive power of the US military, to coerce all the world’s central banks and every nation’s commercial banks to turn over their gold stocks to the US FED for “safe-keeping”. There was never any intention to return any of that gold after the war. It should be obvious that the US government was into this criminal atrocity right up to its neck, acting as the enforcer and bag-man for the Jews, collecting and delivering all this gold not to the US Treasury but to the FED, and thus of no benefit whatever to the United States. The US government was simply obeying its master.



Leger Entry: $5 trillion in today’s dollars


How Much Gold is There in the World?


Warren Buffett says about 175,000 tonnes, but his estimate is worthless and few people agree with him, and in fact his estimate comes from the Jewish source of Thompson Reuters[38]

 and should be discounted on principle. Estimates range from this level to one by the Gold Standard Institute of more than 2.5 million tonnes. Part of the problem is that gold has been mined for millennia and nobody knows how much is out there. The identical problem exists in estimates of the total gold supply in various nations at various points in history. Shills for the US FED attempt to minimise the effects of their worldwide gold theft in the 1930s by grossly understating the amount of gold bullion in the US at that time, and have done the same for most other countries. We also have the problem in reverse where, according to accounts by some Jewish so-called “historians”, the Nazis looted from the Jews alone ten times the total volume of gold existing in those countries.


An Important Aside: the US FED


In 2013, there were media reports that were quickly buried and censored in the US, though not in Europe, about Germany’s quest to repatriate its gold holdings from the US FED. The German government had been storing about half of its gold supply in the NYC FED vaults. Germany’s central bank decided to bring home all its gold, but the FED refused the request, claiming such a move would be impossible, stating it would need until 2020 to be able to accomplish the transfer. The German government then asked to visit the FED vaults to inventory the gold and determine its actual existence, but the FED refused to permit Germany to examine its own gold. The reasons given were “security” and “no room for visitors”. Upon determined insistence at this strange turn of events, Germany did finally send some staff to the FED, who were permitted only into the vault’s anteroom where they were shown 5 or 6 gold bars as “representative of their holdings”, but were permitted to view nothing else. German officials returned a second time, with even more determination, at which time the FED apparently opened only one of 9 vaults and permitted the Germans look at the stack of gold from a considerable distance, but were not permitted to either enter or touch. After repeated insistence, Germany did recover a small portion of its gold holdings, but that was shipped from France’s central bank – owned by the same Jews who own the FED.


Speculation has been brewing for many years that the FED doesn’t actually have much gold, or even any gold, that it has either sold it off, lent it out, or used it as collateral for borrowings. There are repeated claims today that the gold supposedly being stored on behalf of many nations, doesn’t actually exist. Nobody, other than FED staff, have actually been permitted inside the vaults to see or inventory any of the gold, and there is no evidence that the gold actually exists.


Even worse, the situation is the same with the supposed gold depository at Fort Knox, the storage location of what is supposed to be the entire gold holdings of the US Treasury. Most people believe Ft. Knox is a government vault but, while it is built on government land, it is managed by the FED and the entire contents are the property of the FED, not of the US Treasury. It has been true since the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 that the contents of Fort Knox have belonged to the FED but guarded by the US military. And nobody knows what is there.


The last audit, and the last public visit, was in 1953, just after Eisenhower took office. No outside experts were allowed during that audit, and the audit team tested only about 5% of gold there. There hasn’t been even an inventory, much less a comprehensive audit of Fort Knox in 70 years. In 1974 six Congressmen, one Senator and the press were allowed to enter Fort Knox to see for themselves if the gold was there or not. The tour showed that there was something in Fort Knox that looked like gold, but it sparked even more controversies. Only a small fraction of the gold was made available for viewing, and one Congressman published a report saying the gold bars held in the fort were less heavy than expected. During recent years, several US politicians have claimed that there is a high chance that neither Fort Knox nor the FED have any gold, and have demanded a full and public inventory and testing, but the FED have resolutely refused.


Given the near certainty of the US FED and Treasury having little gold, there has been much speculation about the location of the world’s gold holdings which exist at the FED on paper but not in reality. I do not know where the gold is, but if I had to guess, I would guess it is all sitting deep in the mountains in Switzerland, in the many hundreds of tunnels drilled deep into the rock underneath the new headquarters of the BIS – the Bank for International Settlements, which is in turn also owned by the same Rothschild who owns the FED and various other European Central Banks.


(15) The Spoils of War


This is a topic that seldom if ever comes to our attention – with the notable exception of the persistent stories about Germans confiscating art and other treasures from Jews. But the historical truth is rather quite different, and with much evidence that it is Jews who have done much or even most of the looting during wartime. We have been treated to about 85 years of non-stop accusations about Germans having looted Jews during two World Wars, but there has almost never been presented any credible evidence of this, and on examination the stories of Germans looting from Jews are in the same category as the tubs full of eyeballs and the melting of Jewish fat to make glycerin for explosives. No doubt some looting takes place by all sides during all wars but, as we shall see, it is the Jews who appear to have done most of the looting, covering their crimes through their control of the mass media.


As one recent example, Iraq has been accurately described as “a cradle of civilisation”. One result is that, prior to the American invasion, Iraq was full to the brim of archaeological artifacts, art treasures, scrolls and other items accumulated over the course of centuries, many of great financial value but also of immense historical significance. All have disappeared. American troops looted most of the country, with reports that all Iraqi museums today are completely empty. Valuables and historical artifacts were stolen not only from museums and libraries, but also from private homes. Iraq was looted in totality. Published estimates claimed that at least 200,000 items of art and culture, many of which were of inestimable value to the history of the world, were stolen from Iraqi museums in Baghdad, Mosul, and other cities. The US government claims these were only a few rogue actions of which it disapproved, but the facts tell us otherwise, and indeed many of these items have appeared in other museums and private Jewish collections – in Israel, among other places. There is no way to place a value on this, but the magnitude is considerable and this is only one of many such situations.


The Soviet Union insists that the US and various Jews still hold priceless collections of stolen Soviet art, seized by the Jews when they fled Russia after their failed revolution. The US and the Jews naturally dismissed this claim, but then were caught in a lie when researchers uncovered documents proving the US had indeed kept a huge amount of art treasures – which had by then disappeared into private collections by the usual group of suspects. There were also documented reports that at the end of the Second World War, the US military emptied a train of 24 cars filled with gold, silver and various expensive German art objects estimated to be worth many billions at the time, items the Germans were trying to protect from Jewish and Allied looting. As well, an additional many billions in gold disappeared from the Reichsbank at about the same time, and have never been accounted for.


The details of European treasure thefts are murky and very complicated, with claims and counterclaims, being easy and tempting to dismiss treasure-hunting stories about Germany as exaggerated tales of war. However, for the last 70 years we have been inundated with tales of the Germans looting precious metals and invaluable works of art throughout Europe, most particularly from the Jews, but there is a whole lot more to the story than this. For one thing, after the Jews completed their Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, they looted the entire country, beginning with all the gold in the central bank which was shipped to the US as payment to Jacob Schiff for financing the revolution. But Russia was looted of much more than gold, the relatively well-off middle class owning billions in precious metals, artifacts and invaluable works of art, as well as virtually the entire holdings of the Romanovs – the Russian Royal Family. Most of this was removed from the country, much of it to Germany and Austria, when the Bolshevik Jews fled Russia. Much of this looted treasure and gold would have almost certainly found its way entirely into the hands of the Jews in the City of London. And substantial documentation does exist to evidence claims that the US and the Jews did indeed loot Germany severely at the end of both wars. Given the facts of Operation Paperclip, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.


But in terms of looting and destruction, there was something far worse, two of the greatest acts of cultural genocide in the history of the world were both perpetrated by the Khazar Jews, and both in China, another piece of history they have managed to completely bury. The one that concerns us here is the looting and burning of China’s Summer Palace, the Yuanmingyuan, which contained more than ten million of the finest and most valuable historical treasures and scholarly works gathered in one place from 5,000 years of Chinese history.


The Jews decided to punish China for refusing their opium, so Rothschild and Sassoon obtained Queen Victoria’s permission and a commitment for the use of her troops to loot and destroy the entire complex[39]

 to, in their words, “open a wound that would never heal”. The complex was so vast (eight times the size of the Vatican City) it required 7,500 soldiers nearly three weeks to loot and burn it. What could not be looted was destroyed, and the entire massive palace burned to the ground. This wanton theft and utter destruction of one of the world’s greatest collections of historical treasure was engineered by the Rothschilds and Sassoons in retaliation for Chinese resistance to their opium. Upon hearing the news, China’s emperor vomited blood and died soon after. Repeatedly, some of the most prized artifacts appear at auction today, always by Jewish sellers. You can understand why not everyone feels sympathy for the Jews if indeed the Germans did loot some of their artworks. In all likelihood, most of those had been looted by the Jews from someone else.


Since we cannot obtain the necessary detail to document the looting performed by the Jews in all their revolutions from Russia onward to Egypt, China, Iraq, Libya, nor for the looting done by the Americans in their behalf, and especially including Germany, I will make no entry for this but simply state it to register the magnitude and to emphasise that much of what has been stolen by these Jews is priceless.


I will make no entry for this but simply state it to register the magnitude and to emphasise that much of what has been stolen by these Jews is priceless.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(16) Japan’s Golden Lily


However, there is another matter of looting, this one involving Japan, that is a bit more sinister and in a league of its own in terms of victors claiming spoils of war. It seems that almost everyone is aware of the looting, mostly imaginary, committed by Germany, but almost no one seems aware of the vast catalogue of almost unbelievable looting committed by the Japanese. Japan indeed looted not only the central banks but every possible source of treasure during their sweep through China and across Asia. Gold, silver, jewels, works of art, anything and everything of value was looted, including from private homes, and shipped to Japan during the early stages of the invasion. This knowledge has been totally suppressed, never having entered the mass public mind, except for brief comments made in passing.


Few today are aware of the terms of Japan’s surrender to the US at the end of World War II. It is not widely known that when the Americans drafted the documents of Japan’s surrender, they specifically prohibited war reparations claims against Japan. Article 14(b) of the treaty stated:


“The Allied Powers waive all reparations claims of the Allied Powers, other claims of the Allied Powers and their nationals (my italics) arising out of any actions taken by Japan and its nationals in the course of the prosecution of the war, and claims of the Allied Powers for direct military costs of occupation”.


Then-US Secretary of State [note: first of the O.S.S., later the first civilian Director of the C.I.A., not Sec. of State!]  Allen Dulles bullied and coerced the other allies and all Asian countries to sign this surrender agreement. Only China and Russia refused to be bullied into signing.


But why the prevention of reparations? The US and the Jews used war reparations to strip Germany to the bones, leaving only the skeleton of the country. Japan was far worse than Germany in every way, so why the astonishing generosity toward Japan? The Japanese heavily looted all of Asia and shipped some of that loot home to Japan but, as the spoils of war were being looted increasingly farther from home, the Japanese began assembling and storing their loot in preparation for larger shipments later. Unfortunately, as the war progressed, Japan began losing control of the shipping lanes and transfer to Japan was no longer a safe option. Operating under an incorrect assumption that the US would permit them to keep the Philippines in exchange for a cease-fire, the Japanese elected to bury most of that looted gold and other assets in the Philippines. There exists today ample documentation that Japanese officers created dozens of deep storage depots in caves or excavated underground areas, filled them with the looted treasure and destroyed the entrances with explosives. It also appears to be true that all the individuals who worked on the transport, excavation and storage of all this loot were buried inside the caverns, apparently leaving only three or perhaps four people with knowledge of either the fact of storage or the locations. This was Japan’s Golden Lily project.[40] [41] [42] [43] [44]


There has emerged substantial and irrefutable evidence that the Americans had learned of Golden Lily and had captured and tortured one of those individuals, who revealed the existence and locations of at least some of the sites. Since Japan could hardly make a claim to this loot after the war, and since the hidden billions were now essentially orphans, they were available for the Americans (and the Jews) to quietly spirit away. The problem was that this was a huge crime, even in American minds, since it was clearly a theft from friends rather than enemies, who would want their property returned. The Americans found the perfect solution – the provision for forfeiture of reparations in the treaty of Japan’s surrender would in fact mean these nations – and their nationals – renounced their claims to all treasure looted by Japan, thus serving to make the Americans’ actions “legal”, provided only that all parties signed the treaty. And all parties, save China and Russia were indeed bullied into signing.


General MacArthur, in charge of the occupation, reported finding “great hoards of gold, silver, precious stones, foreign postage stamps, engraving plates and . . . currency not legal in Japan”. There was also a US Army document containing a statement referring to “undeclared caches of these treasures [which are] known to exist”. The American occupation forces had apparently discovered at least some of Japan’s Golden Lily sites, containing billions in gold and other valuables. This much is without question, and there is documentation that MacArthur actually toured some of these opened sites and evaluated the contents.


The Japanese looted every nation to the bones and, to the maximum extent possible, every citizen, and there is no question the value had to be in the trillions of dollars. Since we don’t know the number of sites discovered nor the proportion of precious metals in each site, I will use a conservative estimate of only $500 billion recovered. And, since there is no evidence any of this loot ever entered the US, much less recorded in the US Treasury, we can safely assume it was collected on behalf of the FED. We can use one of two measures here. The gold price at the time was about $35 an ounce, with current prices (2022) around $1,700, or about 50 times, for a present value of about $25 trillion. The other method is to compound the $500 billion at 5% for 72 years from the war’s end, giving us a present value of about $15 trillion. I will use the lower figure. I must note here that the actual amount recovered is potentially many times greater than I have assumed here. Seagrave’s ‘Gold Warriors’ tells the entire story in exhaustive detail,[45]

 and should be considered mandatory reading.


Leger Entry: $15 trillion in today’s dollars


(17) Treasure Island


In 1999, Edward Michaud produced an excellent historical essay titled, “Corregidor The Treasure Island of WWII”,[46] [47]  in which he detailed the looting of the Philippines. It wasn’t called looting at the time, but that’s what it was. When the Japanese invaded the Philippines, MacArthur was forced to evacuate and take refuge in the island of Corregidor, prior to which he did two things. He ordered all munitions and war materials destroyed so as not to leave them for the Japanese, and he collected and shipped off the entire wealth of the Philippines’ central bank and all personal wealth that could be collected from local citizens, “to be sent to the US for safe-keeping” and prevent the inevitable looting by the Japanese.


According to Michaud’s report, “The Government securities alone consisted of over 51 tons of gold bullion, 32 tons of silver bullion, 140 tons of silver pesos & centavos, and millions of paper Treasury Notes, bonds and corporate stocks. The civilian property … consisted of approximately two tons of gold bullion in various sized ingots, along with an unknown amount of precious stones and foreign currency. When orders were received to evacuate the city the many paper inventories and records were still incomplete, with many private citizens not even being given receipts for their valuables. Much of it was stored in sections of the large underground complex known as Malinta Tunnel. The remaining 51 tons of government gold bullion, consisting of 2,542 ingots of 42lbs each, (20 kilos), along with the balance of the paper currency & securities, were stowed in several of the interior laterals of the Navy Tunnel on the South side of the Malinta tunnel complex.”


Virtually all of this was loaded onto whatever vessels, large or small, were available, and the entire lot transferred to Corregidor, where it was eventually loaded onto US submarines and removed to the US. Anything not able to be shipped out in time was loaded onto surplus vessels which were towed out into deeper water and sunk, this amounting to hundreds of tonnes of precious metals, some of which may have been later recovered by the Japanese but which was also recovered by the Americans. The submarines were loaded during the night when the Japanese aircraft could not attack, submerging during the daylight hours for safety. Michaud thought this Philippine treasure was transported to the US Mint, but it almost certainly ended up at the FED since the mint was almost a non-entity producing only cheap metal coins. He ended his essay by stating, “At the end of the war this securities shipment, “or at least its monetary equivalent”, was subsequently transferred back to the Philippine Government”, but the claim is nonsense. I have seen no evidence to support it, and no one is in a position to make such a claim since no accurate inventory was done in the panic to evacuate before the Japanese arrived, and nobody actually knows what was taken. In any case, from the few facts available, I have seen nothing to support statements that this wealth was ever returned to the Philippines. This was by no means the only, or the last, such event during the Second World War.


In this calculation, I have made no allowance for the “hundreds of tonnes” of gold and silver not loaded into the submarines at the first effort, and have ignored the value of all treasure other than the 53 tonnes of gold and 175 tonnes of silver bullion. Again, a relatively paltry amount in relation to the other crimes.


Leger Entry: $3.3 billion in today’s dollars


(18) Seizure of German Industrial Assets


It appears to be not at all known, totally expunged from the world’s history, that the US government and military have acted as hired thieves for the Khazar Jewish mafia in the City of London for at least the past 85 years, and are still doing so today. I am able to present here only a very brief summary of many very long criminal stories, those with sufficient documentation to survive in a court of law.


This topic is much too large to cover here. I have detailed the seizures of WWI and WWII at length in an E-book which is heavily annotated with references that I have not supplied here.[48]

 I urge you to read Chapter Five to appreciate the magnitude of what was done. All German industrial – and even personal – assets worldwide, were seized by the US military, primarily on behalf of these Jewish bankers although the US itself and its domestic corporations also benefited handsomely. Again, the totals would have been well into the trillions of dollars – in 1915 and 1945, not accounting for more than 100 years and 75 years of profit accumulation, but the landscape is so vast it isn’t possible to even attempt a credible estimate, and thus no leger entry for this item.


(a) World War I Seizures


It doesn’t appear widely-known, but these same Jewish bankers, again using the US as their “enforcer” literally plundered all German industrial assets – worldwide – after both World Wars. The extent of this was unimaginable. As one example, the entire Bayer company was sold – to a Jewish agent – for the sum of $5 million, in an “auction” conducted on the front steps of the Bayer head office. Bayer was at the time one of the largest companies in the world, producing not only chemicals but a vast assortment of medications including Aspirin which was at the time the world’s most popular drug and most valuable patent. The Jewish lawyer Seymour J. Rubin wrote that it was “clear and compelling that for reasons of justice” a victor or a conqueror should confiscate all the property and assets of the vanquished.


And confiscate, they did. They seized not only all German corporate assets worldwide, but virtually all personal assets, with listings like “three horses”, “some cedar logs”, “a few carpets”, and of course bank accounts, precious metals, artworks. It was all illegal of course, but the US passed a law permitting themselves to do it. There was a special law that “anyone of German descent” who had been imprisoned for any reason was classified as an enemy alien and subject to a total property seizure, and so they tossed nearly every German into jail on any trumped-up charge, often for only two or three days, just long enough to classify them and seize their assets. This was one of the main purposes of the war; to strip an entire race of people of all their assets, patents and property, to put down a nation that was becoming too powerful and too disobedient to the Jews.


There is no way to credibly estimate the total value of all the WWI seizures. The personal property seized in the USs alone would accumulate to about $60 billion in today’s dollars, but this was only personal property in only one country, and by far the smallest part of the seizures. The total value of Germany’s worldwide corporate assets seized would today almost certainly amount to many trillions, but the detail isn’t available to calculate, so no leger entry.


…the detail isn’t available to calculate, so no leger entry.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(b) Operation Paperclip – WWII


This was without a doubt the second-most massive and far-reaching theft ever perpetrated in the history of the world, exceeded only by the Jews’ looting of India a century prior.


This was without a doubt the second-most massive and far-reaching theft ever perpetrated in the history of the world, exceeded only by the Jews’ looting of India a century prior. As with WWI, all of Germany’s worldwide assets were again confiscated, but this time with years of planning that began even before the war.[49]

 The Jews who controlled the US government at the time, had arranged for thousands of teams with tens of thousands of individuals often only meters behind the troops entering Germany at the end of the war, and they took literally everything. They came in waves, and what one wave didn’t take, the next one did. They emptied every corporate library, every research installation, every patent office, every factory, and simply seized everything. Even the Library of Congress had its own Foreign Mission which was to locate and confiscate all books and journals published in Germany that might possibly be of interest to any part of corporate or scientific America.


In one case the German Patent Office put some of its most secret patents down a sixteen-hundred-foot mine shaft, but the Americans found it and confiscated the entire contents as US “war reparations”. The value of the more than 800,000 German patents seized was estimated at more than $30 billion, which would be well over $1 trillion in today’s dollars. As I mentioned above, American-registered firms profited handsomely from this, but many of those “American-registered” firms were owned or controlled by Jews, and the European Jewish bankers and industrialists took ownership of everything including chemical firms like I. G. Farben, auto firms like Volkswagen, major aircraft companies like Dornier and Messerschmitt, pharmaceutical firms like Hoescht. And this brief listing doesn’t include the personal seizures of art, gold and silver, precious stones and other valuables. Once again, an entire nation of people was stripped to the very bones, but this time much more viciously than in WWI and, in this case, between 12 million and 15 million Germans were killed by various means before, during, and long after, the looting. Dead Germans tell no tales of their victimisation, but live Jews have been telling stories for 75 years about how they were looted by the Germans. The truth is rather different.


The looting of Germany after WWII was so vast and so extensive, that this one category cannot be permitted to remain without a leger entry. I am therefore making an entry of $10 trillion in today’s dollars, a figure I believe is easily defensible and excessively conservative.


Leger Entry: $10 trillion in today’s dollars


(19) Hijacking Countries with Oil Production


It doesn’t seem widely understood or appreciated that Iraq and Libya were literally hijacked by the European Jews using the US military as the enforcer. Both countries have been taken over, with puppet governments installed, with new Jewish privately-owned central banks and, at least in the case of Iraq, virtually all the commercial enterprises featuring “new owners”. In the case of Iraq, the Jewish bankers allocated to themselves 65% of Iraq’s oil – at no charge, leaving Iraq with the revenue from only 35% of its own oil production. Moreover, much of the oil exported from Iraq is not metered, so nobody actually knows how much of Iraq’s oil is literally stolen by this method. It is only the metered amount that is shared 65/35. In the case of Libya, all of the oil is confiscated by these same Jewish bankers, again with the US military having a permanent enforcement presence. I have covered this is detail in an earlier article which I urge you to read.[50]

 With Syria, they weren’t able to hijack the entire country due to Russia’s presence, but the US military did succeed in taking full control of Syria’s oil fields on behalf of these same bankers. Syria today, like Libya, receives no revenue from the sale of its own oil.


More than this, the Jewish mafia from the City of London has installed its own privately-owned central banks in Iraq and Libya and, by this means, will loot these two countries to the extent of trillions more. Also in Iraq, much or even most of all profitable commercial activity has been taken over by these same people. There is no data source to estimate the extent of looting from these secondary sources.


It is of immense importance to note that the hijacking of Iraq and Libya and of Syria’s oil fields were done entirely by the US military acting as The Banker’s Private Army.[51] The US government absorbed the entire cost of the wars – with trillions of dollars borrowed at interest from these same Jews, took all the battlefield casualties, and has since acted as the full-time military enforcer of the Jews’ “proprietorship” of these nations – at no benefit whatever to the United States. All of the money and political advantage have gone to the Khazar Jews in the City of London. The US government is simply doing its master’s bidding.


Average oil prices are notoriously difficult to calculate but, for the recent periods involved here, I have taken an inflation-adjusted average of $80 per barrel. Iraq’s production was historically around 3.0 million barrels per day, now up to 3.5 million, so around $300 million per day, $200 million of which is taken by the Jewish bankers in the City of London. Around $1.5 trillion so far. Libya’s production dropped to zero after the invasion but has since averaged about 1.5 million barrels per day, or about $450 billion to date. Syria has been producing 500,000 barrels per day, of which the Jewish bankers take all. Around $150 billion so far. Adding these three, gives us about $2 trillion so far, or about $3 trillion if we account for compound interest at 5%.


Leger Entry: $3 trillion in today’s dollars


(20) Privatisation, Part 1


There are some who believe that turning over government services or assets to private enterprise is a wise move because, as we are told, governments are bloated and inefficient, and private companies can almost inevitably be far more efficient. In real life, I have not been able to uncover even one instance where this mythical theory has proven true. Instead, private enterprise inevitably follows the same path – that of maximising profit by raising prices and cutting services. Even worse, it seems impossible to locate an example of privatisation that wasn’t clouded with corruption and payoffs on the part of legislatures and government officials. Examples are not difficult to find.


In the UK, our Jewish banker friends arranged the privatisation of British Rail, after which point they bled it dry and ran it into the ground so that the UK government had to take it back and rebuild it. After they had reconstructed the rail system and had it operating steadily and profitably, our Jewish bankers got another kick at the can and had it privatised again. The cost to the British public was in the high billions.


Still with the UK, these same bankers arranged (or bribed) for the privatisation of the Royal Mail. However, immediately prior to negotiating the selling price, the unions at the Royal Mail became suddenly embittered at their management and proposed a long-term all-out strike, thus kicking the foundations out from under the selling price and making the Royal Mail nearly worthless in view of the serious labor strife ahead. But then, magically, as the sale took place at a much-reduced price, the unions were suddenly quite happy again and no strike ever took place. More disheartening was that somehow, inexplicably, the selling price seemed to have included only the value of the mail delivery service and omitted entirely the billions of dollars of prime property owned by the Royal Mail in downtown London. An “inexplicable oversight” but, in a democracy, nobody is to blame.[52]


In Canada, in the province of Ontario, government officials sold off in a 99-year lease, the busiest highway in North America, for $2 billion. A few years later, the new owners sold off 10% of their investment to some friends for $10 billion, meaning that the government of Ontario sold off a $100-billion asset for $2 billion. Even worse, the new owners raised tolls so high that all motorists attempt to use other highways, creating such congestion that the province has no choice but to build new highways. Unfortunately, they are unable to do that since the terms of their initial sale prohibit the government from constructing new highways to “compete” with the old one, unless the new ones are also turned over to the “new owners”.


In the US, the prison system was costing $20 billion per year. After privatising only a portion of it, the same system is now costing American taxpayers more than $80 billion per year, with some of the prisons so inhuman in their conditions that courts are ordering them closed. And it isn’t only the prison system but the parole system and much more, all bleeding the nation. In all Western countries, these same Jewish bankers and their friends push incessantly for the privatisation of nearly anything where money could be made. They normally fire the majority of the staff to reduce costs, and also avoid all maintenance that isn’t critical. The theory, under these long-term “leases” is to cannibalise the asset itself so that at the end of the lease period when the asset is returned, its value is precisely zero. That is the theory of profit maximisation under privatisation.


In all Western countries, everything from airports to prisons to education to communications, transportation, and every manner of government services is slowly being “privatised”, producing literally trillions in profits for the new leaseholders, and slowly bankrupting the nations. This is such an enormous program involving so many countries, so many kinds of infrastructure, and so many types of government services, that any sensible estimate of the looting is impossible. I will therefore make no entry for it, but will state emphatically that the looting here – the transfer of sovereign assets into the hands of a few bankers – is in the tens of trillions of dollars.[53] [54]


This is such an enormous program involving so many countries, so many kinds of infrastructure, and so many types of government services, that any sensible estimate of the looting is impossible. I will therefore make no entry for it…


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(20) Privatisation, Part 2


More than this, there are at least hundreds, and more likely thousands, of undercurrents in this business of privatisation which is more often than not conducted as outright theft. It should be emphatically noted that the 50+ nations where the US overthrew a legitimate government and installed a compliant dictator, would have very quickly undergone the same “privatisation” process, with the US military and State Department specifying to the new dictator the portions of his country’s infrastructure to be seized. None of this would have been paid for, and these occasions have occurred in many other nations. As one example, it was initially reported in the NYT, then quickly suppressed everywhere that, after the destruction of Yugoslavia, George Soros and Madeleine Albright were given “ownership” of the entire communications infrastructure of Kosovo – stated as having a value of $800 million. It is likely that all of the former Yugoslavia suffered the same fate, but the news blanket is total and no information is permitted to leak. All of Iraq and Libya have suffered this same consequence, and so many other nations are in the same position. Without a world map of this so-called “privatisation”, we can never know the true total but it must be immense.[55]


Without a world map of this so-called “privatisation”, we can never know the true total but it must be immense.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(21) The World Bank and the IMF. Infrastructure and Debt


This category is a bit easier than the one above. Typically, our Jewish bankers fund government loans privately or through the IMF or World Bank, and do so when US$ interest rates are at a low. They then push increasing debt on a country until it is past any sane level, then have the US FED raise interest rates and effectively place these nations into bankruptcy. Since the countries haven’t the cash to repay their loans, our Jewish bankers take infrastructure in lieu of payment. They will also take arable land, which is what has recently happened to Ukraine although the (Jewish-owned) media seem to have no knowledge of this. There was a recent media report that Rothschild had to form a new bank just to hold all the arable land that had been confiscated by these methods. The Khazar Jews are also after the water, the president of Nestle publicly claiming that “drinking water is not a right. It is a commodity and should be priced and sold like any other commodity”. A few years back, Jenna Bush, GW’s daughter, took over for a paltry sum the ownership of the largest water aquifer in South America – on behalf of her Jewish friends. There are countries where more than 70% of all infrastructure, including railways, airlines and airports, shipping ports, banking, arable land – and water – and much more are owned by these same Jewish bankers in the City of London.


A good current example is Greece.[56]

 The situation was so pitiful, and the bankers’ greed so powerful, that Greece was forced to place the country’s entire stock of infrastructure – everything – into a “privately-owned” Luxembourg trust that was “entirely outside the power or influence” of the Greek government. The value was about $3 trillion, and it is gone at whatever price the bankers choose to pay for its parts – if anything at all. I include only Greece in this account entry, and ignore the many dozens of other nations who were placed in this position as long ago as 100 years. The totals are most assuredly in the high tens of trillions, but we haven’t the detail on which to base an estimate.[57] [58] [59]


Leger Entry: $3 trillion in today’s dollars


(22) War Financing


It is no longer much of a secret that these same Jewish bankers have typically financed both sides of most, if not all, wars in recent history. The general consensus is that the war in Iraq cost the US around $2 trillion,[60]

 and Forbes claims the cost in Libya at $2 billion per day,[61]

 all of which was borrowed from the FED. We cannot know how much money has been borrowed from the Jewish bankers in the City of London to finance all the military conflicts in recent history, and thus we cannot put a price on the interest paid, but it is of utmost importance to realise that these totals are not small. As one indication of the real cost, the British Empire was at one time the ruler of the world, an empire on which the sun never set, and “Britannia ruled the waves” for a very long time. But the Jews pushed England into two wars nobody wanted and, at the end, Britain was bankrupt and begging the US for loans to stave off “a financial Dunkirk”. England borrowed all the money to finance its part in WWI, and lost 40% of its empire to repay those loans. WWII cost Britain the remainder of its empire and left the nation in actual bankruptcy. WWI cost Britain about $7 trillion in today’s dollars, and WWII was much worse. Again, we cannot know precisely how much money was borrowed from the Jewish bankers, nor the amount of interest paid, but the magnitude of both would have been considerable since the estimated cost to all countries was nearly $50 trillion in today’s dollars.[62] [63] [64] [65]


We know that when the Civil War was unleashed on the US, the London Rothschilds were backing the Union and the French Rothschilds were backing the South. Everyone made a fortune and by 1861 the US was $100 million in debt. But we haven’t information about the total of interest paid. We know that Rothschild (through Jacob Schiff) lent Japan $200 million in 1905 to finance their war with Russia. That would be about $60 billion in today’s dollars, and another set of Jewish bankers financed Russia to the same extent, both sides selling weaponry from Rothschild’s armament factories in Germany. In this case, we know the amounts borrowed but no information on the interest repayment amounts nor on the revenue and profit from selling the weapons of war. There simply isn’t sufficient public detail to determine the increases in wealth by these bankers from instigating and financing all those wars. The totals must be well into the trillions, but we haven’t a sound basis for estimation, so no leger entry.


As WWII approached, these same bankers not only pushed the US into the war but lent the Americans the money to pay for it. By the end of WWII, the US went from $33 billion to $285 billion in debt, all to help out our Jewish banker friends to launch and fight a war that no one but them wanted. It’s even worse than you imagine. These bankers needed other countries in the war, but didn’t want to lend them the money because their economies weren’t considered sufficiently risk-free, and this applied to England itself. The solution was to lend the money to the US, then push the Americans to make all those war loans, to keep the Jews happy not only by keeping all countries in the war, but by having the US effectively guarantee all their debt. Hence, the $285 billion debt which, for your comparison, would be about $12 trillion in today’s dollars. The debt has never been paid off; there are insufficient records available to document the total interest paid to the Jewish bankers in war financing, neither for the US nor for all the world’s nations, so this item receives no leger entry. In terms of magnitude, however, the amount again is most assuredly well into the tens of trillions in today’s dollars.


…there are insufficient records available to document the total interest paid to the Jewish bankers in war financing, neither for the US nor for all the world’s nations, so this item receives no leger entry.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars


(12) My Currency, But Your Problem


After the end of the Second War, the world’s major nations arranged what we call the “Gold Standard”, which meant that a country could not print more money than it actually had in gold reserves. This was intended to maintain stability and to avoid any excess printing of money which would lead to inflation and could destroy the international monetary system – as the Jews had done repeatedly in the past. In theory, all international debts were to be settled in gold, but in practice this was cumbersome and inconvenient. Since the US dollar existed in large volume and was – in theory – fully guaranteed to be exchangeable for gold at any time, all nations simply settled their accounts in US dollars. But the faith in doing so was predicated on the promise that any nation could, at any time, exchange its holdings of US dollars for real gold.


The system worked well enough for about 20 years, until by early 1971 the US was under enormous financial pressure from the huge sums it had borrowed to finance its military atrocity in Vietnam. The final straw came when France, not blind to what was happening and concerned about the ability of the US to maintain the dollar’s value, insisted on exchanging all its dollar holdings for gold, as per the agreement. The US gold supply was insufficient to comply, and the FED faced the very real possibility of all nations demanding an exchange. Faced with this pressure, the Jewish bankers unilaterally declared the world’s financial agreement null and void, forced the US withdrawal from its participation in the gold standard, and the FED refused to convert any nation’s foreign dollar holdings into gold. This left all the world’s countries holding countless trillions of US dollars that no longer had any fixed or guaranteed value, but that were sure to depreciate since the US was indeed printing enormous volumes of dollars to finance its Vietnam war. At the time, US Treasury Secretary John Connally told the world, “It’s our currency but it’s your problem”.


Since all nations had accumulated US dollars on good faith but now had no way to dispose of them, they had no choice but to continue using the same US dollar, now of indeterminate value, for all international transactions. This one act of Jewish predatory capitalism imposed a stunning financial penalty upon the world, devastating the values of other nations’ currency reserves. After reneging on the Gold Standard (the Bretton Woods Agreement), the FED continued to print huge volumes of money, sending the Western world into an intense inflationary spiral. From the date of the US default in 1971 to 1981 or 1982, the US dollar depreciated by more than 95%, representing an almost unimaginably huge transfer of wealth from the entire world to the Jews in the FED because all nations holding US dollars suffered that degree of loss in their foreign exchange reserves while US debts remained in heavily-depreciated US dollars, thereby repaying foreign debt at 5¢ on the dollar. In 1971, a fine home in the US cost only $25,000. By 1976, that same home was over $100,000, and by 1983 the price was about $250,000. These prices accurately represent the depreciation of the US dollar during that decade.


The benefit to our favorite Jewish bankers? Well, the gold price in 1971 when they killed the Gold Standard, was about $40 per ounce. Today, that gold is worth $1,700 per ounce. On the other hand, the paper currency that all other governments had to then accept in lieu of their gold, has depreciated by about 95% since that time. There is no accurate way to assess this. The accumulated financial damage to the national economies of the world is at least in the hundreds of trillions of dollars, if not in the thousands of trillions. The damage is so vast, so wide-ranging, and so all-inclusive, that it is impossible to even contemplate a measurement.


But let’s not lose the main point. It wasn’t the “US government” or the “US Treasury” that made this decision. Rather, it was made for them by Rothschild and the other Jewish owners of the FED and the City of London to maintain their gold holdings and protect their value. It was simply another bail-out for the Jewish bankers, in this case to the great cost of the entire world. If only we could place a number on the cost. But we cannot.


If only we could place a number on the cost. But we cannot.


Leger Entry: $0 trillion in today’s dollars




“The World’s Richest Man” Conspiracy


…the real wealth in the world has never come from corporate ownership, but from financing wars, from owning the central banks of nations, and from theft and criminal activity on a vast international scale.


As can be deduced from the above, the real wealth in the world has never come from corporate ownership, but from financing wars, from owning the central banks of nations, and from theft and criminal activity on a vast international scale. The large amount of Jewish corporate ownership today is not the beginning of the accumulation of wealth but merely the last step in the process. As is true with all organised crime, the trillions of dollars involved in corporate ownership noted at the beginning are merely from the reinvestment of criminal profits into legitimate enterprises.


It should be obvious from the above that people like Gates, Buffett and Bezos are not contenders for the title of the World’s Richest Man. Elon Musk with his supposed $200 billion barely qualifies as pocket change, with people like George Soros and his paltry billions not even qualifying as pocket lint. The media have lied to us for decades and sent us looking in all the wrong places. Jewish publications today have many articles on “The world’s richest Jews”[66] or “The most influential Jews”,[67] but these are all nonsense, listing individuals like Zuckerberg or Soros, or Sheldon Adelson at the peak. None of this is accidental; it is merely a way to distract attention from the real sources of money and power, and perhaps not surprising that every newspaper and magazine touching on this topic will follow the same pattern. What is surprising is that people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett participate in this charade when they must so clearly know the truth of their own positions. None of these men can be so naive or ignorant, which definitely implies a conspiracy of silence.


As an aside, most every man who builds something of substance has an almost genetic urge to pass it on to his offspring, to perhaps create even a small family dynasty that could continue in time. But has anyone noticed that it is only people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who have no such urge and are determined to just give it all away at the end? Why are there no Rothschilds on this list, no Sassoons, no Kadoories, no Goldman Saches? Is this terminal philanthropy a defect only of the goyim? We can reasonably assume this tendency results from pressure, and my suspicion is that this pressure would result from obligations due to financing. That means Gates and Buffett didn’t create their empires entirely on their own; my guess is they were provided with ideas, planning, much financing, and much bullying Jewish diplomacy to have accomplished what they did. The price to be paid is that you don’t take it with you when you go. One thing Jews don’t finance, is competition for themselves.


There is no defense against a determined Jewish onslaught.

These people operate as gangsters and have unlimited financing available

to take over an industry sector almost at will.


The foundation and building of large corporate fortunes is not normally a quick process. There are always exceptions of course, but generally things take time. The conventional wisdom, which has proven true time and again, is that “it takes the first generation to make it, and the second generation to make it really big.” The Jews, functioning as an organic unit, can short-circuit this process. Consider Indigo Books & Music, begun by the Jewess Heather Reisman only about 25 years ago, it resulted in the financial bankruptcy of Canada’s largest independent bookseller and the takeover or elimination of all other competitors who suddenly encountered “financial difficulties”. Today, Indigo is Canada’s only major English-language bookstore chain and the country’s largest book, gift, and specialty toy retailer with annual revenue of more than $1 billion. Jews control the book publishing industry and can ensure your bookstore has no stock if you refuse to sell out. They collectively control much of the financing and distribution and can force takeovers or bankruptcies. There is no defense against a determined Jewish onslaught. These people operate as gangsters and have unlimited financing available to take over an industry sector almost at will.


The important point is that the planning for these sector take-overs seldom originates with the public face of the operation. Instead, these are often connected parts of a worldwide long-term plan for control of these sectors. I covered some of this in a prior article titled ‘Today’s Jewish Corporate Heroes – Virgin Births All’,[68]  dealing with Google, Facebook and a few others. It is apparent that neither Zuckerberg nor the Google Twins were capable of creating almost instantly a world leader in their respective sectors. To accomplish such a result requires unlimited financing and the application of enormous amounts of financial and political pressure, plus determined planning and intense media support. This applies equally to others like Wikipedia, Amazon, Starbucks, and many others who seemed to come from almost nowhere to being world leaders in a very short time. The process has been the same in all cases, and it certainly applies today to the current “Richest Man in the World”, Elon Musk.


All you have to do is think. Using Elon Musk as an example, the man appeared to come from literally nowhere and yet suddenly “owns” the world’s largest auto manufacturer. Musk at the same time began an aggressive program of launching tens of thousands of communications satellites, and then SpaceX, “Elon Musk’s private spaceflight company”, the maker of the Starship, planning International Space Station missions, no less. Then we have Musk buying Twitter for $44 billion.


In the last 100 years, anyone attempting to create a new auto company and brand has met with disaster, but Musk apparently experienced not a hiccup with the Tesla that is suddenly a world favorite. This would have required perhaps ten years of planning and design, the planning of factories and production, the creation of supply lines, the testing and certification, and so much more, but with Tesla this apparently all occurred overnight in a vacuum. Are we to believe Elon Musk designed the Tesla? There is no evidence Musk has the ability to design even a dipstick, much less an entire car, so how did all this occur and what was the source of the background billions required to bring this project to fruition? Musk played no part in the creation of the Tesla. He just somehow showed up at the end, “owning” the company.


Similarly, the aggressive program of communication satellites that “Elon Musk” has launched; this as well would require many years of planning and design, to say nothing of arranging the launch facilities and obtaining the necessary thousands of paying customers. This again would require years and billions of dollars in financing but, like Bezos’ space flight program, this one suddenly appeared in full bloom, operating, launched, and ready to go. Who did the planning for this? It certainly wasn’t Musk, so who was behind it? And the money for all this came from where? “Musk’s” Tesla has never made a profit, so where would he obtain the billions for a pie-in-the-sky system of tens of thousands of communications satellites? Nothing like this can happen without a decade or more of intensive planning and an enormous investment, and obviously none of that came from Musk.


These would be enough challenge for any man, but then we had “Elon Musk” buying Twitter for $44 billion. How would that happen? We are told that Musk suddenly has wealth of – vaguely – $200 billion, with no detail, but presumably from stock holdings in “his” Tesla. But are we to assume that Musk has an extra $44 billion in loose cash sitting in the bank to purchase Twitter? That’s not possible, and Musk isn’t selling half his interest in Tesla shares to finance it, so what is the source of the money? The media confuse this by providing only a few sound bytes but no detail, and thus we have thoughts loosely in our minds that Musk is very wealthy and could somehow afford to purchase Twitter, but all we need to do is think to realise that is impossible.


The picture is clouded because the political ambitions of the Khazar Jews cannot be separated from their financial intentions.


The picture is clouded because the political ambitions of the Khazar Jews cannot be separated from their financial intentions. “Musk’s” satellite system is eventually to consist of 35,000 communication satellites – military, not civilian – some of which are already being used in Ukraine. The Khazar Jews in the City of London are desperate for World War III, but they have no military of their own and must depend on the US (as the Bankers’ Private Army) maintaining military supremacy. If it hasn’t already occurred to you, the reason for this development was that the Chinese proved they can shoot down US surveillance and communication satellites, thus presenting an existential threat to US warmongering with China and Russia. The solution is clever, and also obvious: you cannot shoot down 35,000 tiny communications satellites, thus maintaining US battlefield communication supremacy. The financing is interesting because normally the Jews push the US to make all these military investments, but the US no longer has the money for all these efforts and thus they had no choice but to finance this themselves – and channel it through Musk to disguise the origin. There is no other source for the financing of such a massive project. It is obvious the financing didn’t come from “Elon Musk”, since “his” Tesla still cannot turn a profit, so where would he obtain the money for satellite development? The Jewish bankers in the City of London are the only source.


This is the same as “Mark Zuckerberg” a few years ago buying and forming companies to manufacture military drones and high-altitude balloons, the latter because dear Mark wanted everyone in the world to have Internet access. Not quite. The high-altitude balloons were not for Internet access but for military communications with the drones that “Facebook” was manufacturing, drones carrying warheads that could communicate by means of the balloons if China destroyed all the US military communications satellites. So far as I could tell, nobody wondered why “Facebook” was manufacturing military drones and their communications systems. Again, not possible to push this cost onto the US military so the Jews in the City of London ran it through Facebook to disguise it as a civilian venture and hide the true source – and intention – from scrutiny.


Back to Tesla. lf you take the time to read Musk’s high-school level treatise on hyperloop transportation[69]

 or listen to his media blurbs, it’s obvious the man hasn’t the intelligence to have attained his position independently. It’s not apparent, at least not to me, that he knows anything about anything, and I would say the same for Zuckerberg and the Google twins. These people are merely fronts for someone who really does have all the money. And the plans. But we are supposed to believe that Elon “focus-on-my-cute-8-year-old-smile-and-my-adorable-3-year-old-sideways-looking-eyes-so-you-don’t-realise-how-stupid-I-am” Musk, is suddenly The Richest Man in The World from designing cars and satellites and space ships and heaven only knows what all. What rubbish.


That latter point deserves attention. Do you see Warren Buffett posing with a stupid smile and adorable sideways-looking eyes to seduce all the mothers into encouraging their daughters to buy his company shares? What kind of a man, apparently the CEO of trillion-dollar international companies, behaves in such a foolish fashion? A mental dwarf with serious emotional problems, no one else.


Similar arguments are true for Zuckerberg, Bezos, the Google Twins and others. None have the knowledge or ability, nor the enormous financing to do the things they are supposedly doing. Neither their fortunes nor their abilities can possibly be real. It is easier to accept a Bill Gates, starting with a small Microsoft and building over 40 years into a $50 billion prize, but to pretend that an Elon Musk who, out of the clear blue sky, goes from sleeping in his car and eating leaves from trees, suddenly is designing and producing electric autos and military communications satellites and space vehicles and so much more, is too ridiculous a prospect to bother refuting.


Some claim that Elon Musk is not a Jew. Elon (אֵילוֹן), or Alon (אַלוֹן) is a Hebrew masculine name that would not occur on a list of Gentile names. Musk attended Jewish schools in South Africa. His mother, Maye Haldeman, is Jewish but listed as “Canadian”, which is hardly an ethnic group. There are Jewish family and other relations (Elon’s brother married Jen Lewin), and more. Musk’s connections with Israel and powerful Jews have a long history, Tesla’s closet relationship with Israeli tech spanning many years and its self-driving technology is 100% Jewish, originating from the Israeli company Mobileye. Musk has close and high-level contacts in Israel, having met with Netanyahu (at his private residence) on more than one occasion.


In was in the news very recently that Evelyn de Rothschild died at an old age.[70]

 The NYT wrote a thoroughly fictional obituary notable primarily for the astonishing lies, as the NYT does for every Jewish criminal who departs this world. You might care to read the NYT’s loving treatise on Madeline Albright to refresh your memory of the criminal insanity of the NYT’s editors. According to them, this Rothschild “Initially showing little promise, he eventually joined the family firm and rose to chairman, wielding vast influence in Britain’s financial and political affairs.” That part is certainly true. The man had banks, investment banks, investment subsidiaries and much more in about 30 countries, and there was no question of his “vast influence in Britain’s financial and political affairs”, since he was the primary man involved in Margaret Thatcher’s selling off all the UK assets to Jewish bankers. But then the NYT told us that Evelyn de Rothschild was worth maybe a paltry $2 billion.


So, Evelyn de Rothschild, the scion and proprietor of the greatest criminal banking dynasty in the history of the world, one with assets harvested from hundreds of years of looting and plundering, a man owning literally hundreds of banks and financial companies all over the world was so dull, so slow and dim-witted, that even a little shit like Zuckerberg could come from nowhere and in only a few years be worth ten times as much. As Buddy Holly was so fond of telling us, “That’ll be the day.”


So, who really are the richest men in the world? Well, who has been financing both sides of every war for the past 300 years? Starbucks? Who has been looting South Africa of all its gold and diamonds for the past 150 years? The President of Victoria’s Secret Underpants? Is it Mark Zuckerberg stealing trillions of Iraq oil every year? I have no doubt that Jeff Bezos is a criminal, but it wasn’t Bezos who engineered the theft of all the gold from all the world’s banks in the 1930s. Who owns as many as 75 or 80 of the central banks of the world’s nations? Some goyim from Kansas?


I am told there are 13 families in control of the entire worldwide clan, operating from the City of London. The leaders in this list are unquestionably Rothschilds, probably beginning with Jacob Rothschild, “The King of the Jews”, followed by his kin. The list would most likely include a Sassoon, a Warburg, a Goldman, a Moses Seif, Kuhn, Loeb, Salomon, a Sebag-Montefiori, with this group sharing total assets in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. We can only guess about the others, but we can be very certain that neither Bill Gates nor Warren Buffett have ever been on this list, and Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos can be dismissed with deserved contempt.


The purpose of this essay was threefold: (1) to bring to the attention of readers the existence of a long-standing conspiracy about the identification of “The Richest Man in the World”, (2) to dismiss from contention the current list of candidates, and (3) to document that a small number of Jewish banking families operating out of the City of London have for generations held these wealth records with fortunes that are orders of magnitude above anything we might have imagined. I trust this has been accomplished to the satisfaction of readers.




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The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families (Parts 1 & 2)






Alan Greenspan - Jew

James Wolfensohn - Jew

Henry Kissinger- Jew

Stanley Fischer - Jew

Paul Wolfowitz - Jew


Head of European central bank is a Jew (Christine Lagarde).

An Accident of Faith and Love



Head of World bank is a Jew (David Malpass).



Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, the largest money-management firm in the world is a Jew (Larry Fink).



Senior chairman of Goldman Sachs is a Jew (Lloyd Blankfein).



Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a Jew (Jamie Dimon).

Jamie Dimon: ‘As Strong as the Rock of Gibraltar’


He also married a Jew (pg 9).


denied here:


Dimon also worked at Jewish Goldman Sachs. His his father was a friend of the Jewish banker and former chief executive and chairman of Citigroup Sanford I. Weill for whom who Dimon actually worked in his early career.

28 s - 50 s [at 17m 43s is when he says he married a Jew]



Chairman and CEO of The Blackstone Group, an investment management is a Jew (Stephen A. Schwarzman).



Chief Financial Officer of BNY Mellon, the world's largest custodian bank and asset servicing company is a Jew (Emily Portney).




Chairman of UBS, a multinational investment bank & it maintains a presence in all major financial centres as the largest Swiss banking institution and the largest private bank in the world is a Jew (Axel A. Weber).



Emancipation of Jews and the subsequent establishment of central banks pattern in the 19th century and early 20th century.

https://gab.com/Muhareb1/posts/106753537621447982 (see also scrolling sidebar at right)



Click here to download the history and evidence.




Century of Enslavement

The History of the Federal Reserve

by James Corbett, Corbett Reports, July 6, 2014

transcript: https://www.corbettreport.com/federalreserve/

download mp4: https://www.corbettreport.com/mp4/centuryofenslavement.mp4

repeatedly disappeared by YouTube: https://www.bitchute.com/video/zwdCl18pslkC/




The U.S. Federal Bank Reserve’s Jewish Origins


while at the same time insisting the facts are an antisemitic canard

Jewish “Control” of the Federal Reserve: A Classic Anti-Semitic Myth



Father Coughlin speaks against the Federal Reserve








When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America


Chapter 4—Usury





          From the beginning of their tenure in Europe (and elsewhere), many Jews were merchants. This provided a base as they began expanding into money lending activities, including usury. Usury is defined most simply as money lending for profit. In medieval times it was universally condemned as a heinous and immoral act by the Christian church. The act of usury was deemed a mortal sin, and its practitioner's path of greed was understood to end in eternal damnation in Hell. The idea of profiteering from someone else’s' need -- possibly desperate -- for money was believed by medieval Christianity to be the antithesis of compassion, generosity, and charity. Christ was upheld as an example of poverty, non-materialism, and abstinence. Common wisdom asserted that those who had surplus money to lend in the first place were obsessed with greed and avarice and needed no more -- certainly by usury -- for their coffers. And making money for doing absolutely nothing (except having the money available) went against Christian medieval understandings of decency, justice, honest work, and morality. In essence, usury was perceived as a crass system of exponential exploitation by which the already wealthy could get increasingly wealthier for little more than the fact of their wealth in the first place. (In the nineteenth century, notes Abram Leon, Karl Marx argued that "usury centralized money wealth, where the means of production are disjointed. It does not alter the modes of production but attaches itself to it as a parasite, and makes it miserable. It sucks blood, kills its nerve and compels production to proceed under even more disheartening conditions." [LEON, p. 150]


         As George Eaton Simpson and J. Milton Yinger observed:


         "The church's condemnation of usury made sense in the relatively

         self-sufficient, largely barter economy in which a large proportion

         of the population lived, even down to the eighteenth century. Under

         those circumstances, a person borrows money only when he has

         suffered some unusual loss -- long illness of the breadwinner, loss

         of crops, a destructive fire. To charge interest in such a situation

         is to kick a man when he is down. To the great majority of people,

         this continued to be the perspective on interest-taking:  it was robbery;

         money was unproductive and yet one had to pay for its use."

         [SIMPSON/YINGER, p. 295]


         The vast gap between Christian and Jewish moral perspectives, per materialist self-aggrandizement, is evidenced everywhere in their respective traditions. In the Christian New Testament, for instance, Jesus enjoined values of humility and modesty to his followers, teaching that "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven." [LUKE 18-25] Jewish religious tradition stands in drastic opposition. The [Talmudic] Mishnah, for instance, proclaims, "Who is rich? He who enjoys his wealth." Likewise, there is no equivilant in Jewish mainstream tradition to Christian vows of poverty and material abstinence,  [SHAPIRO, p. 12] as epitimized in recent times by Mother Teresa. As the Talmud says: "Poverty in the home is more painful than fifty lashes." [KOTKIN, p. 46]


          "Judaism is a this-world religion," says Joshua Halberstam, "and making money is considered a natural human endeavor. Unlike Christianity, Judaism never considered poverty a virtue; the idea that the meek shall inherit the earth is a New Testament doctrine, not a Jewish one." [HALBERSTAM, p. 25]  "Judaism does not consider poverty noble," says Maurice Lamm, "... The Jew prays for parnassah, a respectable income." [LAMM, p. 108] As famed sociologist Max Weber wrote, "Pharisaic [i.e., rabbinic] Judaism was also far from rejecting wealth or from thinking that it be dangerous, or that its unqualified enjoyment endangers salvation. Wealth was, indeed, considered prerequisite to certain priestly functions." [POLL, S., 1969, p. vii]


         The Jews were not forbidden in medieval Europe to become usurers. Because they refused to convert en masse to the dominant religious faith and, to Christian belief, be spiritually saved, Jews were considered outsiders. Whatever its continuously decried immoral atmosphere, usury was an economic opportunity and the Jewish community gravitated to it. In historical perspective, this niche they were afforded was a great economic privilege and a springboard for Jewish economic expansion to our own day. (In the Islamic world too, where usury was religiously prohibited to Muslims, Jews again gravitated towards that generally regarded repugnant activity).  Of course there were, religious and legal injunctions or not, small numbers of Christian usurers too. But Jews had a distinct advantage in that they could be completely open in their profit-making activities.  "The picture of the Jew," says Jacob Katz,  "waiting at home for the Gentile to come to borrow money or pay a debt is a realistic one ... [but] many Jews also had also to call at the house of the Gentile to offer their services as traders or money-lenders." [KATZ, Ex, p. 38]



medieval Jewish usurers



         Christian usurers, who were despised at least as much by their co-religionists as Jews, usually had to be more discrete in their dealings. The gravity in which all usurers were violently hated by the general European population may be measured in the following passage by Jacques Le Goff:


             "The persecution and slaughter of Italian usurers, in particular in

             France during the late thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, were

             phenomena as frequent and widespread as pogroms against the Jews,

             with the one difference that the pogroms were prompted by religious

             motives as well as the hatred of wealthy moneylenders of a different

             faith."  [LEGOFF]


            "Italians and Hugenots," adds Alan Edelstein, "were expelled from France for economic reasons, and the same factors caused Germans in Novgorod to wall themselves for protection from Russian mobs." [EDELSTEIN, p. 23]


         The exploitive nature of Jewish usury invariably alienated the Christian populace. The Cortes of Portugal, for instance, complained in 1361 that Jewish usury was becoming "an unbearable yoke upon the population." [LEON, p. 165] Guido Kisch, in a probable understatement, notes that "the continual complaints against Jewish moneylenders, coming from all classes of the medieval population, particularly in the 14th and 15th centuries, necessarily made the Jew an unpopular figure." [KISCH, p. 328] Usurious Jews who did no physical labor, who were segregated in their own communities, who did not serve in the local military, and who were agents of the hated aristocracy, were commonly accused of parasitism by local non-Jewish populaces. "Jewish money lending," says Salo Baron, "[was a] lucrative business ... For the most part, the accepted rate ranged between 33 and 43 per cent, although sometimes they went up to double and treble those percentages, or more ... When the European economy entered a period of deceleration in the late thirteenth century, further aggravated by recurrent famine and pestilence, such exorbitant charges, though economically doubly justified because of the increased risks, created widespread hostility." [BARON, EHoJ, p. 45] Money lending was not usually for a borrower's business expenses or expansion, but for subsistence survival. [MACDONALD, p. 263] We are talking about desperate people who often enough stood to perish from their web of increasing debt.


         "It was not luxury needs," says Abram Leon, "but the direct distress which forced the peasant or the artisan to borrow from the Jewish usurer. They pawned their working tools which were often indispensable to assure their livelihood. It is easy to understand the hatred that the man of the people must have felt for the Jew in whom he saw the direct cause of his ruin ...  [LEON, p. 171] In this role as petty usurers exploiting the people, [Jews] were often victims of bloody uprisings..."  [LEON, p. 83] [uprisings that were] "first and foremost efforts to destroy the letters of credit which were in [Jewish] possession." [LEON, p. 171]


         In 1431, for instance, armed peasants demanded that the city of Worms surrender its Jews to them, "in view of the fact that they had ruined [the peasants] and taken away their last shirt." [LEON, p. 172]


         Usury was in fact considered immoral by Jews too. The great Jewish theologian, Maimonides, wrote "why is [usury] called nesek  [biting]? Because he who takes it bites his fellow, causes pain to him, and eats his flesh." [MINKIN, p. 362]  Usury was forbidden to Jews, as well as Christians, in the Old Testament. (The Islamic Quran also expressly states its prohibition of "interest.")  But there was a qualifier. Jews conjured a double moral standard; usury upon others in their own community was prohibited, but usury upon non-Jews was acceptable. The Torah states that one cannot practice usury upon a brother, but can to a stranger. [DEUTERONOMY, 23:20]  Who is a brother and who is a stranger? "Brother," in Jewish religious teachings means "Jew." "Stranger" is anyone else.


         St. Ambrose (339-397), the bishop of Milan and writer whose works influenced later medieval Christian thinking, "considered lending to a stranger a legitimate hostile act against an enemy." [BARON, p. 53]  St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), a well-known Christian theologian of his time, sounded an idealized, universalized Christian ethic about the Deutoronomic double standard:


                 "The Jews were forbidden to take usury from their brethren,

                  i.e., from other Jews. By this we are given to understand

                  that to take usury from another man is simply evil, because

                  we ought to treat every man as our neighbor and brother...”

                  [NELSON, p. 14]


         "All Jewish converts [to Christianity] of early sixteenth century Germany," says R. Po-Chia Hsia, "attacked the practice of Jewish money lending." One convert, Johannes Pffeferkorn, argued that profits from usury was the main reason that Jews remained Jews, that they were reluctant to become Christians and do "honest work." Another, Anton Margaritha, argued that such "honest work by Jews would humble them." [HSIA, p. 172] (Conversely, in England, the Jewish "monopoly of usury brought them such wealth that some Christians undoubtedly went over to Judaism in order to participate in the Jewish monopoly in lending.") [LEON, p. 140, quoting BRENTANO]


              A double standard ethic was endemic to traditional Jewish teachings. The Old Testament laws were for the benefit of Jews, and it always aggravated relations with their non-Jewish neighbors.  The medieval Christian world held open doors to Jewish converts to the purported universality of their own faith, but most Jews opted for their own perception of themselves as an elite group -- God's special Chosen People -- despite the inevitable hazards that such a self-perception engendered from the surrounding non-Jewish communities. The old adage to avoid trouble, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," was studiously dismissed by Jews to the extreme. They were even permitted talmudic (religiously-founded) self-governance by Christian authorities and were only called to the greater laws of the state for extraordinary transgressions. This situation provided Jews the uninhibited capacity to act within favorable, double-standard, self-aggrandizing laws created for themselves against the wider society. As Jacob Katz notes:


                  "The belief that Jewish law was of divine origin, whereas Gentile

                  law was purely a human invention, linked any evaluation with

                  with the most fundamental theological tenet of Judaism. The moral

                  conduct of the Jew towards Gentiles, if it was not to be

                  determined solely by expediency and prudence, could have been

                  influenced only by principles derived exclusively from Jewish

                  sources." [KATZ, Ex, p. 59]


         Israeli professor Ehud Sprinzak notes traditional Jewish perspective on the surrounding Gentile "law of the land" in Eastern Europe:


           "Everyone knew everybody in the [Jewish community], and there was

            no need for official code or written law. The only formal law was the

            Torah and its halakhic interpretation as understood by the local rabbi

            ... It was a basis communal conduct ... ('You help me, and I'll

            you') ... The attitude towards the formal law of the land was suspicion

            ... One has to survive it, not respect it. The art of Jewish survival within

            the ghetto included an elaborate system of using, avoiding, and

            sidestepping the [Gentile] law." [SPRINZAK, Elite, p. 178]


        Or, as James Yaffe puts it:


          "The feeling of separation ... leads to a special Orthodox morality.

          Ultimately because the moral value of every act is determined by

          halakhah, by Jewish law, they develop a rather cavalier attitude

          toward 'gentile' law. For example, a tiny minority of Hasidim [in

          America today] engage in jewelry smuggling. In the shtetl [Jewish

          Eastern European village] this was a traditional trade. Nobody looked

          upon it as a crime, because nobody recognized the existence of

          national borders; the only borders that mattered were those that

          divided the Jewish from the gentile world." [YAFFE, J., 1968, p.



           The combination of insular self-governance, their languages of Hebrew and/or Yiddish, and self-imposed isolation, also inferred (and was in fact understood by Jews to be) a Jewish "sub-nationality" within the broader Christian state. This too was much resented by the indigenous European populace. It was a politically volatile situation. Each faith, the majority Christian and minority Judaic, was entrenched in its respective belief system, each implicitly hostile to the other, with the only significant intercourse between them being the world of commerce, a field in which Jews were rapidly building, despite their small numbers -- through trade and the hated usury -- a profound advantage.


            In this context of mutual hostility, Jacob Katz paraphrases the sociologist Max Weber with regards to the Jewish community's "extreme" use of its moral double standard in its treatment of non-Jews, commercially or otherwise:


                  "[While it is a] universal phenomena... [that] members of any

                  cohesive social unit observe ... different moral standards among

                  themselves from those observed by it in relation to strangers,

                  [the sociologist Max Weber] was right in depicting the medieval

                  Jewish community as an extreme case in point..." [KATZ p. 56]


         Bearing in mind that the only interaction Jews really had with Christians in this era was in the realm of commerce, this double standard -- ethically treating Jews one way, and Gentiles the other -- is again highlighted by Katz:


                 "No moral teaching could change the realities of religious rivalry,

                  social segregation, and the plurality of legal systems. All these

                  must have encouraged a double standard of behavior. Those who

                  were reluctant to be guided by the higher morality had the letter of

                  the law on their  side." [KATZ, p. 61]


           For the Jewish part, Katz's referral to "the letter of the law" is their sacred Talmud, and other Jewish teachings which "are far from forming the elements of a universalistic ethic. They took social duality for granted," [KATZ, Ex, p. 63] which is a delicate way of saying that Jewish religious teachings were commonly interpreted to sanction the exploitation of non-Jews.


        It is hard to miss the intention of the Talmud, or misinterpret its noble meaning, or "pilpul" it into something other than what it is, when it says:


            "Rabbi Shemeul says advantage may be taken of the mistakes of a

            Gentile. He once bought a gold plate as a copper one of a Gentile for

            four zouzim, and then cheated him out of one zouzim in the bargain.

            Rav Cahana purchased a hundred and twenty vessels of wine from a

            Gentile for a hundred zouzim, and swindled him in the payment out of

            one of the hundred, and that while the Gentile assured him that he

            confidently trusted his honesty. Rava once went shares with a Gentile

            and bought a tree, which was cut up into logs. This done, he bade, his

            servants to go pick out the largest logs, but to be sure to take no more

            than the proper number, because the Gentile knew how many there

            were. As Rav Ashi was walking abroad one day he saw some grapes

            growing in a roadside vineyard, and sent his servant to see whom they

            belonged to. 'If they belong to a Gentile,' he said, 'bring some here to

            me, but if they belong to an Israelite, do not meddle with them.' The

            owner, who happened to be in the vineyard, overheard the Rabbi's

            order and called out, 'What? Is it lawful to rob a Gentile?' 'Oh, no,' said

            the Rabbi evasively, 'a Gentile might sell, but an Israelite would not.'"

            [HARRIS, p. 182, BAVA KAMA, Fol. 113, col. 2]


            This is to be found in Jewish religious texts. Likewise, this:


          "When an Israelite and a Gentile have a lawsuit before them, if they canst,

           acquit the former according to the laws of Israel, and tell the latter such

           is our laws; if they cannot get him off in accordance with Gentile law, do

           so, and say to the plaintiff such is your law; but if he cannot be

           acquitted according to either law, then bring forward adroit pretext and

           secure his acquittal. These are the words of Rabbi Ishmael. Rabbi

           Akiva says, 'No false pretext should be brought forward, because if

           found out, the name of God would be blasphemed, but if there be no

           fear of that, then it may be adduced.'" [HARRIS, p. 31, BAVA KAMA,

           Fol. 113 col. 1]


         "The economic behavior of the Jew," wrote the great sociologist Max Weber, "simply moved in the direction of the least resistance which was permitted them by [their] legalistic ethical norms. This means in practice that the acquisitive drive, which is found in varying degrees in all groups and nations, was here directed primarily to trade with strangers [i.e., non-Jews], who were usually regarded as enemies." [WEBER, p. 254]


         In medieval Poland, "the limitations upon non-Jews [by Jewish law and culture] were ... stringent," notes Bernard Weinryb,


         "Being outsiders in the Jewish community they were subject to

         all the prescriptions applying to foreigners. Thus Jewish middlemen

         and agents were forbidden to put one non-Jewish businessman in

         contact with another or to bring a non-Jewish consumer into a

         non-Jewish store. Many warnings were issued to such agents against

         showing non-Jews 'how to do business' or divulging Jewish business

         secrets to him ... Jews were forbidden to rent a room to a non-Jew ...

         Another area controlled by the Jewish community was rents and

         leaseholds. In time ... monopolistic tendencies increased among the

         Jews ... The fact remained that the monopolistic-exclusion principles

         were also an integral part of the Jewish way of life and could thus not

         be regarded as a constant anti-Semitic factor directly solely against

         themselves." [WEINRYB, p. 159]


          In an overview of Polish history, another Jewish scholar, Eva Hoffman, notes


         "that the Jews had their views of the people among whom they lived we

         we cannot doubt, but their ordinary opinions, ideas, and preconceptions

         are largely inaccessible to us, since almost no secular Jewish literature

         is extant for the early period. We do know, however, that Jews had

         their exclusionism and monopolistic practices, prohibiting rights of

         residence to outsiders in their quarters, and strictly guarded certain

         business practices and 'secrets' from non-Jews ... We can take it

         for granted, moreover, that fierce religious disapproval traveled

         both ways [between Jews and Poles] ... At the same time, unlike

         other minority groups, Jews had no wish to assimilate, to take on

         the coloring of the surrounding culture, to become like the other."

         [HOFFMAN, E., 1997, p. 45]


         Strict adherence to Jewish laws and values by even the most corrupt of Jewry was typical of the Jewish underclass of Europe's Middle Ages who found in their religious beliefs sanction for their predations on Gentiles. "Despite all their depravity," says Mordechai Breuer, "members of the Jewish robber bands lived as Jews and generally adhered to traditional Jewish lifestyles and customs. As a rule, they did not undertake any expedition on the Sabbath [Saturday] and kept the dietary laws." [BREUER, in MAYER, p. 249]


        "Jewish bandits stole almost exclusively from Christians," notes Otto Ulbrichtl, "No breaking into houses of Court Jews or representatives of the Jewish community or synagogues (in contrast to the many burglarized churches) were reported." [ULBRICHT, p. 62]


         Florike Egmond's historical work about organized crime in the Netherlands (1650-1800) notes the following:


         "[There was] picking pockets, the theft of textiles and gold or

         silver, and church robbery with its concomitant violence against

         priests and clergy. None of these was the exclusive domain of

         Jews, who were involved in various other subcategories of theft

         and burglary as well, but in these particular offences Jews were

         especially prominent ... [EGMOND, p. 108] ... Some Jewish

         groups specialized in church robbery ... From 1680 to 1795

         the robbery of churches and priests and clergy was the nearly

         exclusive domain of Jews ... [EGMOND, p. 109] ... Jews robbed

         not only Roman Catholic priests but Protestant ones too. It

         looks rather as if most Christian thieves stayed away from all

         churches, while Jewish thieves selected churches for more

         reasons that just convenience." [EGMOND, p. 110]


         In pre-Holocaust Poland and Russia, notes Yiddish expert Abraham Brumberg, Jewish thieves, pimps, and prostitutes developed a rich folklore of hundreds of songs, mostly in this tenor:


           "I go into the street

            I open a door

            I spot a fur coat

            I invite it to go with me." [LESTER, p. 36]


          Such a worldview that callously preys upon surrounding Gentile society was apparently not considered to be incongruous with the fundamental tenets of Judaism. As Brumberg notes, 'Many who subscribed to these [thieving] values considered themselves God-fearing and had their own synagogues." [LESTER, p. 36]  [This we shall run across again]


         There is a tradition of Yiddish criminal songs in Eastern Europe:


         "The two large cities of Warsaw and Odessa 'boasted' of a strong Jewish

         underworld which lived by its own laws,and the songs in this category

         are varied and vivid, revealing the sentiments of the criminal world in the Pale

         (area of Czarist Russia where Jews were permitted to live). In many ways,

         these songs are similar to those of the non-Jewish world on themes that dealt

         with the life and pursuits of housebreakers, pickpocketes, hijackers,

         counterfeiters, extortionists, gangsters, pimps and even murderers. These

         are genuine folk songs, products of anonymous singers, actual persons who

         daily evaded the police, faced the hostility of the respectable community,

         quarreled and brawled among themselves, experienced the dangers and

         pleasures of their 'chosen profession.'" [RUBIN, R., 1979]


         In 1939 Chaim Kaplan, a German-born Jew, noted the Jewish émigrés at the Russian-Polish border where 2,000 Jews were given a monetary advance by the Soviet government for a work project in the Soviet hinterlands: "To our shame, only 800 returned to accept the work and take the journey -- the rest disappeared without a trace. They simply expressed their gratitude to the Soviet government, which had extended its protection and opened its borders to them, with trickery. There were also incidents of stealing from private people. Polish-born Jews are rather high-handed in matters of 'yours' and 'mine,' and if they don't actually steal, they 'take' ... There can be no atonement for such shameful behavior. It reflects on the character of an entire people." [KAPLAN, C., p. 90]


         Jews were popularly perceived in medieval (and even up to modern Europe) as either ostentatiously wealthy parvenus or predatory small time thieves, with considerable moral overlap between them. Both groups were significant players in local economies with the Jewish upper-class and underclass often linked in economic exploitation of the non-Jewish communities around them. "From Court Jews to peddler," says Jonathan Israel, "those divergent groupings penetrated and depended on each other economically, as well as in religion and commercial life. It would be idle to deny that there was exploitation as well as collaboration and interdependence, but such exploitation existed on all levels and operated in all ways." [ULBRICHT, p. 59]


           One of the privileges that Jews often sought and acquired from European aristocracies in the Middle Ages was the right to demand full payment from aggrieved owners when stolen objects found their way into Jewish hands for sale. This caused deep resentment amongst the Gentile population; it was often charged that this policy paved the way for lucrative Jewish "fencing" operations where stolen goods could regularly find their ways to Jewish shops and hiding spots in the their community. [BARON EHOJ, p. 42] These Jewish agents of receivership were called in Hebrew ba'al ha-davar, literally meaning ‘wire pullers,’ figuratively meaning "Masters of the Affair." [BREUER, p. 249]


         Florike Egmond notes the same kinds of Jewish fencing operations in the eighteenth century in the Netherlands:


          "Two equally salient characteristics of Jewish organized crime

          [were] its near monopoly on the buying and selling of stolen goods

          and the central importance of towns to all its activities ... [EGMOND,

          p. 115] ... The near monopoly of Jews in the fencing business indirectly

          contributed to the prominence of other Jews in organized crime ...

          [EGMOND, p. 116] ... The period between about 1740 and 1765 can

          be regarded as the phase of expansion of Jewish crime. After that

          Jewish involvement in organized crime continued at a consistently high

          level." [EGMOND, p. 119]


         Although based in urban areas, Jewish bands were highly mobile and also preyed on those in the countryside. "Jews involved in organized crime in the Netherlands," adds Egmond, "were often active in retail trade ... Extensive travelling also meant numerous contacts with other Jewish peddler." [EGMOND, p. 123] Eventually, common self-protective interests brought some Jewish, Gypsy and Christian criminals together. Egmond notes, however, that "most Christians who joined Jewish bands, whether they acted as occasional assistants or as experienced members" were always considered "outsiders." [EGMOND, p. 145] In the case of one crime ring, the "Great Dutch Band," a band of mixed ethnicity, it was formed by Moyse Jacob "who played a central role in bringing together the various criminal circuits of the Dutch Republic within a more permanent organizational structure." [EGMOND, p. 148]  In the Great Dutch Band's first (Brabant) "branch," two-thirds of its sixty members were Jews; in its second branch (the Meerssen Band), two-thirds of its sixty members were also Jewish; and 16 of 25 people were Jewish in the Band's third expression. In the fourth, Jews were a quarter of the group. "The first [branch]," notes Egmond, "set the pattern with respect to criminal specialization, leadership, and forms of organization. All the principal commanders had been instructed (and probably selected) by Moyse Jacob himself." They were also all Jewish. [EGMOND, p. 149]


          In a volume about Polish peasant society, William Thomas and Florian Znaiecki note that


         "The Jewish shopkeeper in a [Polish] peasant village is usually also

          a liquor dealer without license, a banker lending money at usury,

          often also a receiver of stolen goods and (near the border) a

          contrabandist. The peasant needs, and fears, him, but at the same

          time despises him always and hates him often. The activities of

          those country shop keepers is the source of whatever anti-Semitism

          there is in the peasant masses. We have seen in the documents the

          methods by which the shopkeeper teaches the peasant boy smoking,

          drinking, and finally stealing; the connection established in youth

          lasts sometimes into maturity, almost every gang of peasant thieves

          or robbers centers around some Jewish receiver's place, where the

          spoils are brought and new campaigns planned. Gangs composed

          exclusively of Jews are frequent in towns, rare in the country; usually

          Jews manage only the commercial side of the questions, leaving robbing

          or transporting of contraband to peasants." [THOMAS/ZNAIECKI, p.



         Jewish itinerants (perhaps 10% of the Jewish population in Germany in the Middle Ages), as well as Jewish thieves, and robbers were common in European life. Evidence of Christian criminals' linkage to the Jewish economic underworld is reflected in the fact that "some 20%" of the vernacular for illicit activity in the jargon of non-Jewish criminals contained words and terms derived from Yiddish and Hebrew. [BREUER, p. 248]


           Oklahoma professor Stan Nadel notes the reason for the spreading of Yiddish criminal terms into the English language across the world:


         "It seems that [the Yiddish word] gonef (sometimes gonnoff, hence the false

          etymology) entered American and English slang via what is known as thieves' cant.

          One of the traditional occupations for Jews in Europe and America was as

          pawnbrokers. That is an occupation which ttends to bridge the border between the

          criminal and business worlds. At the margin, the line between pawnbroker

          and fence (handler of stolen goods) is often obscured and some Jews played

          an important part in the criminalized underground of large cities ... I had

          assumed [the term gonef] moved into American English from German Jewish

          immigrants in New York (like [famous Jewish criminal] Mrs. Mandelbaum)

          until I learned it was also present in 18th century London thieves' cant. Then

          I was told by a specialist on the 18th century London underworld that Jewish

          fences played a key role in linking the London underworld with markets in

          Amsterdam (he says they claimed they could fence anything, including the

          crown jewels), and that this is the source of Yiddish loan words in English

          thieves cant." [NADEL, S., 6-18-98]


             But, as we will increasingly find, it was not only the Jewish vagabonds, unscrupulous shopkeepers, or exploitive upper strata Court Jews who played the role of swindler with the Gentiles. No less an authority than Heinrich Graetz, one of the greatest Jewish historians whose History of the Jews was a pioneer work, had this to say, generally, about the Jews in Poland. It was a mainstream ethic


               "to twist a phrase out of its meaning, to use all the tricks of the clever

                 advocate, to play upon words, and to condemn what they did not

                know ... Such were the characteristics of the Polish Jew. ... Honesty

                and right thinking he lost as completely as simplicity and truthfulness.

                He made himself master of all the gymnastics of the Schools (of

                religious interpretations) and applied them to obtain advantage over

                any one less cunning than himself. He took a delight in cheating and

                overreaching which gave him a sort of joy of victory. But his own

                people he could not treat in this way: they were as knowing as he. It

                was the non-Jew, to his loss, that felt the consequences of the

                Talmudically trained mind of Polish Jew." [GRAETZ, v.10, p. 62,



          Israeli professor Jay Goren recalls the Jacob-Esau tradition, where Jacob, the Jewish cheater/deceiver, is heroized in Jewish tradition, noting:


           "As we may recall, Jacob the tent dweller, who used his head,

            outsmarted Esau, the skilled hunter, who uses his hands, and cheated

            Esau out of his inheritance, Isaac's blessing. The blessing was the

            birthright of Esau by virtue of his being the firstborn child. In Jewish

            tradition, Jacob came to symbolize the Jews and Esau the Gentiles.

            Thus, an image of contrasting roles were formed whereby the Jews

            were supposed to use their heads and the Gentiles their muscles."

            [GOREN, p. 135]


         The Israeli author Israel Shahak in 1994 argued that Orthodox Judaism is, in its very construct, motivated by "a combination of hypocrisy and the profit motive." Even in Israel today, secular Jews look with disdain upon the Orthodox religious community for its "duplicity and venality." "It is actually true," Shahak writes, "that the Jewish religious establishment does have a strong tendency to chicanery and graft due to the corrupting influence of the Orthodox Jewish religion." [SHAHAK, p. 48] [See Jewish drug money laundering, later chapter]


         The great German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, echos Graetz and Shahak in his own observations of the Jewish community:


              "[The Jews], living among us, or at least the greatest number of them,

               have through their usurious spirit ... received the not unfounded

               reputation as deceivers ... They do not seek civil honor, but rather

               wish to compensate their loss by profitably outwitting the very people

               among whom they find protection ... We may suppose that their

               dispersion throughout the world, with their unity in religion and

               language, must not be attributed to a curse that had been afflicted

               upon this people. On the contrary, the dispersion must be considered

               a blessing, especially since the wealth of the Jews, if we think of them

               as individuals, apparently exceeds per capita that of any other nation

               at the present time. [KANT, p. 101-102]


         A well-known French Jewish socialist (and later Zionist), Bernard Lazare, addressed this issue of Jewish morality in 1894:


         "The moral charge of the anti-Semite [is that] the Jew is more dishonest

          than the Christian; he is entirely unscrupulous, a stranger to loyalty and

          candor. Is this charge well founded? It was true and is true in all those

          countries where the Jew is kept outside of society; where he receives

          only the traditional Talmudic education.... The Talmud and anti-Judaic

          legislation [in Gentile societies] united to corrupt the Jew to his very

          depths. Impelled by his teachers on the one hand, by hostile forces on

          the other, by many social causes besides, to the exclusive occupation

          of commerce and usury, the Jew became degraded. The pursuit of

          wealth ceaselessly prosecuted, debauched him, weakened the voice of

          conscience within him, taught him habits of fraud." [LAZARE, p. 164]


         This ethic was of course brought by Jews, particularly from Eastern Europe, to America. As Jewish commentator James Yaffe notes: "The Lower East Side [the turn-of-the-century Jewish section of Manhattan] pushcart peddler who prided himself on his honesty wouldn't hesitate to sell damaged goods to the gentile housewife." [YAFFE, J., 1968, p. 68] Max Weber notes this quality in Jewish identity through history, referring to it as "the dualistic nature of [Judaism’s] in-group and out-group moralities." [POLL, S., 1969, p. v]


        As Mary Antin, a Jewish immigrant to the United States from Russia, once observed in her autobiography, The Promised Land:


         "[Jewish merchants and money lenders] preyed upon [Christians], and our

         shopkeepers gave false measure. People who want to defend the Jews ought

         never to deny this. Yes, I say, we cheated the Gentiles whenever we dared,

         because it was the only thing to do ... Is not that the code of war? Encamped

         in the midst of the enemy, we could practice no other. A Jew could hardly

         exist in business unless he developed a dual conscience, which allowed him

         to do to the Gentile what he would call a sin against a fellow Jew." [TRAXEL,

         D., 1998, p. 29]


         Many modern Jewish apologists refute such exposure and criticism of traditional Jewish double standard of morality.  As we have seen, when caught in the act of deceit there are religious texts that recommend explaining it quickly somehow away. Jules Carlebach, for example, argues that a "dual morality" -- if, in his view, it ever existed -- was no big deal; he likens the Jewish medieval communities in Europe to "independent political states," saying:


            "If an independent political state adopted legislation which is intended

             to further the interests of its citizens, but which has no parallel

             provisions in neighboring states, then it is both logical and essential

             to create a dual system." [CARLEBACH, p. 224]


          Jews had always closed ranks as a completely "foreign" body in mainstream Christian society. While some Jewish religious teachings certainly supported the notion that they should live in obedience with the laws of the host country they lived in, this was largely expedient and prudent for their own survival.  Less supportive Jewish texts included prayers that anticipated  the downfall of surrounding non-Jewish society. During Arab-Christian hostilities, for instance, Jews appealed to God to drain them both in war. They had a prayer, notes Salo Baron, "composed in the geonic period which was unheard of in any other period of Jewish history in the dispersion: 'Be it Thy will, O Lord, that the Kings should wage war on one another.'" [BARON, ASOC&REL, p. 186]


         Jewish communities in Europe, as insular self-entities always searching for their own best interests, had been known to betray non-Jewish lands in which they lived. Both Hebrew and Yiddish were Jewish languages that were impenetrable to most non-Jews. (For centuries rabbinical dictate even forbade the teaching of Hebrew to Gentiles). These "secret" languages tended to heighten non-Jewish suspicions of them. The Muslim invasion of Christian Spain was aided by the Spanish Jewish community who expected better treatment under Islamic rule. The French city of Bordeaux was believed by some to have been betrayed by Jews in 848 to invading Normans; the same charge was made against Jews for the fall of the French town of (Visigothic) Arles to Catholics. Poles charged Jews with abetting invading Swedes in the 17th century. [HAGEN, p. 23]  In the 12th century, Byzantine Jews aided invading Turks (Constantinople was breached with help from -- and through -- the Jewish quarter); in the 17th century Spanish and Portugese Jews intrigued with the Dutch. [MACDONALD, p. 64-65] On the other hand, in the early 1800s, when Napoleon invaded the Pale of Russia, "the pattern of German-Jewish behavior during the Napoleonic invasion was largely repeated in Russia." [SACHAR, p. 79] The Jews, in other words, did nothing, laid low, and waited to see who was victorious. "With the exception of the Jewish community of Lithuania," says Howard Sachar, "the citizens of the Pale were not obliged to commit themselves until the war was won." [SACHAR, p. 79]


         The Italian ambassador to Poland, Eugenio Reale, in 1946 wrote an analysis of the "Jewish question" in Poland:


           "In effect, Polish Jews together with German Jews held a monopoly

           over all exports and imports of goods between Germany and Russia.

           Certain branches of manufacture in Poland were also under their control,

           particularly the textile industry in Lodz. It is of little wonder, then, that

           the Jews often manifested their true, undeniably existing feelings of

           solidarity with the Prussians. In Pomerania, during the 1848

           insurrections, groups of Jews greeted the insurgents with shouts

           such as: 'We do not want Poland, we are Prussians.' Almost a half

           century later, during the Warsaw manifestations in favor of Polish

           autonomy in the Russian sphere, the Jews took a similar position against

           the demonstrators, shouting, "Why should Poland exist? Down with

           Poland! Down with the white eagle [the symbol of Poland]."

           [PIOTROWSKI, p. 46]


         In Morocco under French rule, notes Nahum Goldmann, "the Jews were on such poor terms with the Arabs that they were nearly all pro-French -- which brought them the hatred of those who aspired to independence." In Algeria, also bucking under French colonialism, Jews "even had automatic French citizenship, unlike the non-Jews." [GOLDMANN, N., 1978, p. 48] Even in 1996, notes the American Jewish Yearbook, "Between 800 and 900 Jews were known to be living in Bosnia-Herzegovnia ... During the [civil] war, about 300 people who before the fighting had not declared themselves as Jewish joined the Jewish community, presenting written documentation such as marriage or birth certificates. Before the war, these people had declared themselves as 'Yugoslavs.' Some of them remained in Bosnia-Herzegovinia while others went to Israel." [SINGER/SELDIN, 1997, p. 378]


          The Jewish Diaspora community in Europe has been formally called to task by Christian authorities a number of times in history, including two momentous occasions to find out exactly what the Jews in their midst believed and where they morally, politically, socially, and religiously stood with regards to Gentiles. One of the most important accounts of such an occasion was in France in the year 1240.  A Jewish apostate named Donin, Christianized to Nicholas de Rupella, well versed in Hebrew as a Talmudic scholar, claimed to Church officials that there were many elements in the Jewish teachings that were threatening to non-Jews. A public disputation was held between Donin and Rabbi Yehiel ben Joseph of Paris and as Jeremy Cohen notes about Hebrew records of the event: "Some modern writers have labeled the Hebrew protocol [of the disputation] a prime example of literary polemic, using well-known forensic motifs to reinforce popular Jewish belief rather than actually reporting what occurred." [COHEN, J., 1982, p. 66]


           Jacob Katz notes the infamous line in the Talmud that came up for public examination, stating "The best among Gentiles should be slain." One can imagine that such a directive in Jewish religious texts, whatever its complex historical context as a part of intra-Jewish argument, exposed to Church leaders in Medieval society by a Jewish apostate, was not an easy one for the rabbis to explain away. Even Katz passes on its essential content, simply alluding to "whatever its meaning may be..." [KATZ, p. 108] M. K. Harris, in his book on Talmudic literature, adds an addenda to this opinion to "kill the best of the Gentiles." "Modern editions," notes Harris, "qualify this by adding 'in time of war.'" [HARRIS, p. 191]


             The intention of the Church inquiry was, of course, to squeeze out of Jewish religious texts the most self-condemnatory sounding material. Hence, some of what Katz calls the Talmud's apparent "picture of extreme hostility on the part of the Jews towards their Christian neighbors" seemed nothing less than indicting:


               'You have permitted [Jews] to shed the blood of Gentiles.' 'It is

               permitted to steal and plunder the Gentile's possessions and (it is

               allowed) to cheat him.' 'Concerning the lost property of a Gentile,

               you say that it is forbidden to return it to him.' The Gentile is

               suspected by the Jew of practicing fornication, adultery, and

               sodomy. The Jew is not allowed to make the Gentile any gift,

               nor is he even permitted to say, "How handsome this Gentile is;'

               it is permitted to you to curse and to despise idolatry'; and we

               are as despised in your eyes as locusts and flies.'" [KATZ, p. 107]


           The way the rabbis weaseled out of the grim possibility of extremely serious repercussions for the Jewish community was to argue that such lines -- although they truly exist in Jewish sacred texts -- applied to Gentiles of antiquity, yes, but that Christians were now an exception. This position, says Katz, was "no more than an ad hoc device to be used in the course of controversy.  There is no indication in the Talmud or in the later halakhic   sources that such a view was ever held, or even proposed, by an individual halakhist. In fact, evidence to the contrary exists." [KATZ, p. 110] Rabbis even tried to convince Christian interrogators that insults and degradations in the Talmud directed towards Jesus of Nazareth referred to a different Jesus because it was a common name! [POPPER, p. 10] As Rabbi Yehiel ben Joseph said in defense of the Talmudic texts that defamed Christ, "Not every Louis born in France is the king of France. Has it not happened that two men were born in the same city, had the same name, and died in the same manner? There are many such cases." [COHEN, J., 1982, p. 70] "The Jesus of the Talmud," notes scholar Jeremy Cohen, "... is mentioned as condemned to wallow eternally in boiling excrement ... When forced to admit that one talmudic passage mentioning the crimes of Jesus and his execution did indeed apply to the Christian Jesus, Yehiel still emphasized that the Talmud was not responsible for maintaining this opinion among Jews." [COHEN, J., 1982, p. 71]


           The Jewish representatives also took great pains to distance themselves from traditional prayers that asked, as the apostate noted, for the end of the "unrighteous kingdom."  Did this mean the surrounding society in which the Jews currently lived? It did. This has always meant to Jews "the whole secular world and its entire political edifice" [KATZ, p. 112], but the Jewish defenders managed to convince their inquirers that the prayers alluded to the ancient powers of Biblical eras.


           This formal inquiry evinced a renewed suspicion by the Church towards Jews, as well as an outside steerage of the Judaic faith -- for their own safety -- towards liberalization. "The Paris disputation," says Katz, "marks a transition, from the comparative tolerance of the Catholic Church towards the Jewish faith to the harassing practice of scrutinizing and censuring Jewish customs and tenets. The same event assisted, or even compelled, the Jews to take a further step towards the idea of religious tolerance." [KATZ, p. 113]


          In 1806 a second group of Jewish community leaders were forced to again face a formal inquiry into their belief system by the greater society in which they lived. This convening again occurred in France, but this time it was at Napoleon's insistence. The Jewish "Assembly of Notables," and later an even more influential assemblage of Jewish leaders, the Sanhedrin, was presented with twelve written questions, upon whose answers their fate -- as a community -- was understood to rest.  With the rise of the European nation states, conflicts between them, and with continued Jewish self-conception as a kind of sub national entity, Napoleon sought to confront the affluent and powerful parts of the Jewish community as to their ultimate political loyalties and allegiances.


          Questions included:


             *  In the eyes of the Jews, are Frenchmen considered as brethren? Or are they considered strangers?


              *In either case, what line of conduct does their law prescribe towards Frenchmen not of their religion?


               * Do Jews born in France, and treated by the laws as French citizens, consider France as their country? Are they bound to defend it? Are they bound to obey the laws and to conform to the dispositions of the civil courts?


               * Can a Jewess marry a Christian, and a Jew a Christian woman? Or does the law allow the Jews to intermarry only among themselves?


               * Does Jewish law encourage Jews to practice usury among their own community?


          The Jewish notables replied, after extended consultations, with an affirmation of Jewish loyalty to France and the brotherhood of all French citizens, complete with careful, cautioned, diplomatic explanation for all such replies. Napoleon's emissary, Count Mole, 'was struck by what appeared to him to be evasive references: now to Moses, now to the Talmud, now to practical Jewish usage. He was particularly suspicious of the answer on usury ... [but] Napoleon ... declared himself satisfied." [SACHAR, p. 48] The Jewish answers to Napoleon -- the compromises of both orthodox and secularly assimilated Jewish leaders -- are, in retrospect, considered also by historians to have been largely evasive. The gulf between those who represented traditional Jewish teachings and the growing numbers of secularized Jews was great, but both -- traditional and assimilative -- HAD to figure out ways to give Napoleon the answers he wanted. This gulf is reflected in Jacob Katz's view that


                    "Even learned Jews sincerely maintained that Judaism had

                    always taught universalistic ethics only. When the 'scientific'

                    anti-Semites of the 1880's discovered and published the

                    extracts from ancient Jewish authorities on which earlier anti-

                    Semitism had been based, the general Jewish public was not

                    only outraged but genuinely astonished ... Jewish leaders and

                    scholars reconciled the contemporary views with the ancient

                    authorities by resorting to apologetics." [KATZ, p. 196]


         Robert Goldenberg notes the long tradition of Jewish evasiveness when it comes to explaining the Talmud to non-Jews:


         "[In the Middle Ages] Christians too studied the Talmud -- often with

         the help of apostate Jews -- and would then quote rabbinic authority

         in support of their own claims. Jews thus had to develop a double

         attitude toward the nonlegal aspect of the Talmud: when it was useful

         to them they cited it to refute the Christians' claims, but when it

         weakened their position they felt free to repudiate it." [GOLDENBERG,

         R., 1984, p. 164-165]


         In our day, Jewish apologists, propagandists, and populists continue to proliferate, reaching back into rabbinical law to recreate a romantic vision of the historical record of Jewish morality towards others. "The fact that the Jews in general," proclaims Nachum Gidal, in a polemic against Christianity, "were very ethical in their religion, family, and daily life was of little significance for the Christian community." [GIDAL, p. 12] "At all times and in all places," claims Meir Tamari, both a Talmudic scholar and the chief economist of the Bank of Israel, "Jews were encouraged, especially in the economic field, to go beyond the letter of the law and to that which was more merciful than required, even though the rabbinical authorities could not naturally enforce such kindness." [TAMARI, p.]


         Or, as Jacob Neusner rhapsodizes:


         "It is ethical for a Jew to guide the frail old lady across a busy street,

         it is also ethical for a Boy Scout to do so. And so being Jewish and

         being a Boy Scout functionally are pretty much the same thing."


         [NEUSNER, J., 1972, p. 75]





Jews instigate fratricidal wars for profit and power



All Wars are Banker Wars

by Michael Rivero


repeatedly disappeared by (((YouTube))) • https://www.bitchute.com/video/RLQ1MZ88Ysue/






from private central banks to world wars



“Certain authors have asserted that the war of 1914 was in reality a Jewish and Masonic war, perhaps provoked, and in any case utilized by them, for the accomplishment of their aims, and that they were in fact the great gainers by the peace of Versailles, by the fall of European monarchies, the demoralization of Europe, the destruction of Catholic Austria, the transfer to Jewish hands of financial supremacy.”

Freemasonry and Judaism: The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon de Poncins, ISBN 978-1617590443, p. 77.



The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Parts 1 & 2

by Thomas Dalton




The Jewish Century

transcript here: http://ungraindesable.the-savoisien.com/public/English_section/Ursula_Haverbeck__-_The_Hooton_Plan_and_the_Migrant_Crisis.pdf

video here:





The latest weapon • Central Bank Digital Currency

the number of the Beast?


While truly anonymous cryptocurrencies (for example, Monero (XMR) and Z-cash (ZEC), but most certainly not pseudo-anonymous Bitcoin (BTC)), are tools potentially useful to break the chokehold of the banksters, Satan’s usurers are already buttressing hegemony of their Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC).  They are positioning to transition to a cashless digital system of total control/total surveillance of every financial transaction, a perhaps metaphorical “number of the Beast” (Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:18) serving their Apocalyptic depopulation agenda (war, famine, pestilence, and death).


The Banking Digital Arms Race


disappeared by YouTube https://youtu.be/KhYLxk4Z1F4




special applications


Sometimes we are forced to quote the rabbis: A Short History of US Credit Defaults



What is stolen by force, deception, seduction, and fraud is not owned by the looters. That loot should be repatriated to the original owners.





reject Jewish control with Christian economics Distributism!



Distributism seeks the widest possible ownership of private property:



Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum novarum



Pope Pius XI’s encyclical Quadragesimo anno



Capitalism and Catholic Economics

by John Sharpe, Angelus Magazine, October & November 2002

Part 1 http://www.angelusonline.org/index.php?section=articles&subsection=print_article&article_id=2159

Part 2 http://www.angelusonline.org/index.php?section=articles&subsection=show_article&article_id=2167

download Parts 1 & 2 here: http://judaism.is/assets/capitalism-and-catholic-economics-by-john-sharpe.pdf


A Catechism of the Social Reign of Christ the King

by Thomas A. Droleskey



The Distributist Review



Low Wages and Easy Speeches

by Thomas Storck



Justice & Charity

by Reverend Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen D.D.

ISBN-13 978-1505108866



Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective on the Role of Government, Taxes, Health Care, Deficits, and More

by John Medaille



Collusion of Big Business and Big Government

by Phillip Campbell



What Is Capitalism and Where Did It Start?

by Joseph Pearce



Socialism, Capitalism, and Materialism • Catholic Social Teaching

by Thomas Storck






























































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On the penetration of the Church!



The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

by Michael Hoffman,

ISBN 978-0990954729

available at https://www.amazon.com/dp/0990954722



“The Socialist saw plainly the rights of the Society; the Anarchist saw plainly the rights of the Individual. How therefore were these to be reconciled? The Church stepped in at that crucial point and answered, By the Family—whether domestic or Religious. For in the Family you have both claims recognized: there is authority and yet there is liberty. For the union of the Family lies in Love; and Love is the only reconciliation of authority and liberty.”

—Fr. Robert Hugh Benson

Dawn of All, Chap. 2


“Both capitalism and socialism are opposite sins against property. Capitalism emphasizes private rights to property without any social responsibility to the common good; socialism emphasizes the social use of property, to the forgetfulness of personal rights. The true solution is one in which the rights to property are personal, but the responsibility is social. A man is free on the inside because he can call his soul his own; he is free on the outside because he can call his property his own.”

—Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Crisis in History, 1952


Jewish usury and libertarianism:


Money Manipulation and Social Order

by Fr. Denis Fahey, C.S.S.p.

download here


Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury

by Dr. E. Michael Jones,

ISBN 978-0929891149,

available at



Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not

by Michael Hoffman,

ISBN 978-0970378491,

available at



The Church and the Usurers: Unprofitable Lending for the Modern Economy

by Prof. Brian McCall,

ISBN 978-1932589641,

available at



The Church and the Libertarian: A Defense of the Catholic Church’s Teaching on Man, Economy, and State by Christopher A. Ferrara, J.D.

ASIN B004UI30P0,

available at http://www.amazon.com/The-Church-Libertarian-Catholic-Teaching/dp/B004UI30P0


The Scholastic Analysis of Usury

by Fr. John T. Noonan, Jr.

Harvard University Press; First edition (January 1, 1957)

download here.


Catholicism, Protestantism, and Capitalism by Amintore Fanfani

download here



They just happen to be…


Head of European central bank is a Jew (Christine Lagarde) https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/an-accident-of-faith-and-love/


Head of World bank is a Jew (David Malpass) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Malpass


Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, the largest money-management firm in the world is a Jew (Larry Fink) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Fink


Senior chairman of Goldman Sachs is a Jew (Lloyd Blankfein) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloyd_Blankfein


Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a Jew (Jamie Dimon) https://archive.ph/bZoNd#selection-491.0-491.82 He also married a Jew (pg 9). https://www.economicclub.org/sites/default/files/transcripts/Final%20Transcript%200912%20Jamie%20Dimon%20JFedit%20Gold.pdf

http://jewishornot.blogspot.com/2012/05/is-jamie-dimon-jewish.html He also worked at Jewish Goldman Sachs, & his father was a friend of the Jewish banker & former chief executive and chairman of Citigroup Sanford I. Weill who Dimon actually worked with in his early career. See timestamp 17m 43s is when he says he married a Jew:



Chairman and CEO of The Blackstone Group, an investment management is a Jew (Stephen A. Schwarzman) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_A._Schwarzman


Chief Financial Officer of BNY Mellon, the world's largest custodian bank and asset servicing company is a Jew (Emily Portney) https://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=portney



Chairman of UBS, a multinational investment bank & it maintains a presence in all major financial centres as the largest Swiss banking institution and the largest private bank in the world is a Jew (Axel A. Weber) https://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=weber




“Emancipation” led to Jewish financial hegemony


Emancipation of Jews and the subsequent establishment of central banks pattern in the 19th century and early 20th century. https://gab.com/Muhareb1/posts/106753537621447982




1651 was the end of the English Civil War.

In mid 1650s Jews were allowed to resettle in England after being banished for almost 4 centuries, the so called ''Glorious Revolution takes place in England from 1688 to 1689 in which the usurper William of Orange who was heavily financed by Jewish bankers, most notably Antonio Lopez Suasso, a Portuguese Jew. He takes over the throne from King James II of England in 1689.

Bank of England established in 1694.




1783. End of the American Revolution (was led by freemasons and financed by Jews such as Haym Salomon)

Resulted in Jewish Emancipation

First Bank of the United States(1791)- Failed to operate as a central bank because of the American Publics awareness of the dangers of a central bank.




1799, End of the French Revolution, a Judeo-Freemasonic revolution.

Resulted in Jewish Emancipation.

Bank of France established in 1800.




Conquest of Netherlands by Napoleon led to the implementation of French laws in the Netherlands in 1796. This meant equal rights to Jews.

Central bank of the Netherlands established in 1814.





1830, Belgian Revolution

Resulted in Jewish Emancipation due to the Belgian constitution being inspired by the French constitution.

Central Bank of Belgium established in 1850.




1829, End of the Greek War of Independence.

Jewish emancipation in 1830.

Central Bank of Greece established in 1841.




29 November 1847, End of Sonderbund War, transforming Switzerland into a federal state.

1866, Jews received emancipation.

Swiss National Bank established in 1906.




1848-1871, Italian unification (Risorgimento) was a liberal movement that strived to unite Italy, this movement was responsible for the Revolutions of 1848 in the Italian states and the First Italian War of Independence which eventually lead to the establishment of Kingdom of Italy.

Kingdom of Italy was established in 1861.

Jewish Emancipation happened in Italy in 1861.

Bank of Italy was established in 1893.




Maximilian I gets installed as the emperor of Mexico by the French in 1864 during the Second French intervention in Mexico (1861-1867). The same year Maximilian becomes emperor, he invites Jews living in France, Belgium and Austria-Hungary to settle in Mexico. The same year he also introduces the practice of private banking in Mexico.

In 1865, Jews get emancipated in Mexico.




First short-lived emancipation of Jews in Hungary during the 1848-1849 Hungary Revolution. Jews played a major role in this revolution. Jews joined the Hungarian to fight the Austrian Empire, est of 20,000 Jews fought on the side of the revolutionaries.

They also provided funds for the revolutionaries with silver, gold, armor, provisions, clothes, food and medical supplies..

Jews was emancipated in July 28, 1849 in Hungary and became full citizens of Hungary.

This same government that emancipated the Jews also commissioned the Hungarian Commercial Bank of Pest as the central bank. Jews emancipation was removed when the rebellion in Hungary was crushed but they regained it in 1867.




Franz Joseph, the emperor of Austrian Empire from 1848 to 1916 was very much liked by the Jews and enjoyed a period of prosperity beginning with the start of his reign. In 1849 the emperor canceled the prohibition against Jews organizing within the community, and in 1852 new regulations of the Jewish community were set.


The end of Austro-Prussian War led to the weakening of the Austrian Empire as the result of the war led to the exclusion of Austria from Germany and Austria losing Lombardy to Sardinia. Austrian Empire feeling the need to regain their strength decided to unite with the Kingdom of Hungary leading to the creation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1867 with a dual monarchy ruling the empire. In the same year, Jews formally received full equal rights both in Austria and Hungary.


The existing central bank transformed into a institute in which Austria and Hungary had equal shares, leading to the creation the Austro-Hungarian central bank in 1878. This bank became the central bank for both empire.




Serbia gains independence as a result of the Russo-Turkish war (1877-1878).

Jews gain emancipation in Serbia through the Treaty of Berlin (1878).

Central bank of Serbia founded in 1884.




Romania gains its independence from the Ottoman Empire due to the Russo-Turkish War.

Jews gain emancipation in Romania through the Treaty of Berlin (1878).

Central bank of Romania established in 1880.




Nation-state Bulgaria was formed due to the Treaty of Berlin which ended the Russo-Turkish war.

Through the same treaty, Jews were given emancipation in 1878.

Central bank of Bulgaria established in 1879.


North German Confederation (1867-1870):


North German Confederation was a German federal state that was established as a result of the Austro-Prussian war of 1866. North German Constitution gave equal rights for the different religious denominations, i.e., Jewish emancipation.




The victory of Prussia in the Schleswig-Holstein War of 1864, Austro-Prussian War of 1866 and the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 helped to contribute to the unification of all German states into a single unit in 1871. Bismarck was the key figure responsible for the unification. Jewish banker and Rothschild agent, Gerson von Bleichröder served Bismarck at several crucial points during the period of time that Bismarck was the chief minister to the Prussian king. Bleichröder helped finance his war effort and also according to his wiki;


''Rothschild gave the name of Gerson Bleichröder, who took over Bismarck's private banking transactions as well as the transfer of credits and/or placing of loans on behalf of the Prussian state and the German Empire. Thus, Bleichröder became intimately involved with not only Bismarck but also with the inner dynamics of the unification of Germany''


Unification of Germany happened in 1871. Jewish emancipation happened that same year as the North German Constitution which granted citizenship to Jews was implemented on all German territories.

Central bank of Germany established in 1876.




During the turmoil of World War I, the February Revolution led by Jews overthrew the Tsar and thus Jews were granted emancipation in all of Russia. Later that year when the Bolshevik, led by Jews, took over Russia. The Bolsheviks seized control of the State Bank building in Petrograd which was the Russia's central bank and took control of the bank and all of its operation and was renamed to The People's Bank of the RSFSR.



A reminder to Catholics A just war requires: (1) just authority,(2) a just cause, and(3) a rightful intention. As a last resort only the necessary amount of force may be used until the just cause is accomplished—no disproportionate force, “scorched earth,” perpetual war, or atrocities against non-combatants. Summa Theologiae: War (Secunda Secundae Partis, Question 40)http://www.newadvent.org/summa/3040.htmSaint Thomas Aquinas, O.P.1225-1274 A.D.


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“For it is the day of the vengeance of the Lord, the year of recompenses of the judgment of Sion.”

Isaias 34:8